Sex Toys

Consider buying a new sex toy? Read out short guide to get more informed before you do. We also link to some of our best sex toy articles here. 

What The Sex Toy Is Made Of...

While most sex toys are made of silicone due to its none porous nature and it being easy to clean, you can occasionally find toys made out of metal or even a 'jelly' type material.

Each of the different materials are going to offer a different sensation. We outline why material is important for safety in this article.

A metal toy allows you to do a little bit of temperature play if that's something you're interested in. Silicone is generally really soft and feels nice to have inside of you or on you.

Jelly materials are usually less expensive than silicone and don't feel as soft. Granted, they're not going to feel uncomfortable, but you're not going to get as great of a feeling as you would if you used silicone.

When in doubt... Avoid Phthalates!

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How To Choose A Sex Toy

Vibrators are a the most popular sect of sex toys and as such, they come in many shapes and sizes like rabbits and butterflies. If you decide you want something that vibrates, you're going to want to consider a couple of things:

Intensity Of Vibrations

Some vibrators have super strong vibrations and some don't. You'll generally see in our sex toy reviews whether here's a general consensus on the intensity of the vibrations. 

Over time, you'll come to understand what type of vibrations your body prefers and you'll know whether you're more sensitive to vibrations. There is an ongoing debate on whether you can use your vibrator too much. So stay safe. 

Clitoral Vibrations Or No? 

Clit vibrators that emulate oral sex by stimulating your clitoris exclusively.

They'll provide not only a vibration but a sucking sensation as well. If you're a person with a clitoris and this sounds interesting to you, consider getting one of these.

Pussy pumps can be used with a clit vibrator to take it up another level!

Are You Taking It On Your Travels?

If you travel a lot and you want to bring a sex toy with you, consider getting something smaller that doesn't have a lot of wires.

Have You Considered Unique Sex Toys?

unique sex toys

There's a wide array of toys, for literally any and every kink and fetish. Dragon dildos like these are making the rounds. My theory is Game of Thrones made them more desirable than ever. 

If dragons aren't your thing, then perhaps Estim and Electro toys are just the jolt you need to spice things up. 

For those of you who want to use sex toys for health reasons... you should consider Kegel balls.

For some people regular sex toys just. don't. cut. it. They need something extra.