About Us

Hi there, Welcome to Escape Vanilla. 

Good sex should be free from Judgement. 

We're kinky.

We've created that safe space for you. Escape Vanilla is a place where we explore the best toys and tips. The goal is self exploration and powerful orgasms are a nice byproduct 😉

You’ve found us.

Which at this point means 2 things.


You’ve decided to Escape 'Vanilla'?


You're still a little confused about what that ACTUALLY means.

If its the latter, No problem, as I'm going to lay it out for you.

With Sex, we all have different tastes.

Whether it be Toys, Kink, “Wham-Bam Thank You Ma'am (Or Man)”... Or ANYTHING in between

Bottom line...What every gets YOU off is up to you. 

That being said, before we all go on our personal sexual adventure, at the very start, we all have something in common.

As no matter what tickles your fancy now...At one time or another,  we all started at the same level.

Here, we like to call this 'Vanilla'.

And you guessed it…We’re all about escaping it.

And If you want to do exactly the same, you're in the right place.

We’ve put together the most open, unbiased, 'open the up the box and have play' sex toy and advice site around.

All to give you little ‘poke’ in the right direction and have a lot of fun and giggles along the way.