About Us

We’ve put together some of the most open and unbiased BDSM / Kink advice around. 

All to give you little ‘poke’ in the right direction and have a lot of fun and giggles along the way.

We've created a safe space for you. 

Escape Vanilla is a place where we explore our own sexuality. Then share that with you.

The goal is self exploration and self expression. 

Escape Vanilla was founded by two Kinkster's Andy and Kendra... 

Meet Kendra. 

Hi, I’m Kendra and I proudly hold the title of “The Dirty One”. I’ve always been fascinated by sex and everything that goes with it. Seriously, even as a little girl, I was more curious than most. 

My fantasies were vivid. Not to get too graphic (this is the first time we’ve met) but I didn’t know how to feel about them.

Truth is… at the time I thought I was weird or there was something wrong with me. Like I was a pervert or something.

Thankfully, in my teenage years, the internet was born! I finally realized I wasn't alone. Once that weight was lifted off my shoulders all hell broke loose.

I’ve done it all. Seriously.

That’s why I started this site. I want to empower women everywhere to explore what excites them. FULLY!

There’s not a lot I haven’t tried so I urge you to try me.

Now let's introduce Andy...

Hi, I’m Andy.

I help men let go of guilt, shame and judgment. Especially when it comes to BDSM.

I believe...

We can all have a richer, more varied sex life if actually try and explore what we like. And learn how to communicate that with our partners. 

I’m straight (well, maybe a little queer) but I am open to exploring my sexuality in  “safe spaces”. 

I’m on a never-ending journey of exploring my sexuality. Always finding new things that surprise me and leave me awestruck.

That exploration is my passion. You’ll regularly catch me at kink clubs and sex parties trying new things 😉

I am a hedonist at heart. I love pleasure and feeling good. 

I understand that what I like might not be what you like. But it's all good. Remember, There’s no judgment here!