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What Is Medfet? Ultimate Guide To Medical Fetish, Toys & Tools


Medfet or Medical Fetishism is when scenarios, stories, and scenes played out for sexual gratification using a medical theme and equipment. The seed of these ‘fantasies’ could have been from, childhood memories, love of uniforms, or a chance meeting with an attractive nurse.

But thats just scratching the surface. To discover more about Medfet.. read on!

Medical Fetish What Is It?

“Doctor, Doctor, we need you immediately! We have a patient with acute nymphomania who needs a deep vaginal insertion, stat!”

Now, obviously, in a reputable medical facility, these would be words that would never be uttered. However, in many bedrooms worldwide, nasty nurses and devious doctors are roleplaying with their medical fetish, abbreviated MedFet.

So what is MedFet? According to Sheets Of San Francisco:

“Medical fetishism is a fascinatingly diverse form of fetish in which participants derive sexual pleasure from medical scenarios and/or interplay.  The reason that this fetish is so interesting is because a medical fetish is diverse as the healthcare and medical profession in general. Anything that involves health, wellness, and the need for a doctor or nurse could potentially play into medical fetishism.”

MedFet can be as simple as a doctor and patient roleplay, or as intricate as an enema, catheter, and needle play. There are many ways to try out the MedFet fetish, and many of the medical fetishes overlap with other BDSM practices. It can be a new twist on an old fetish and can be a great way to spice up your sex life.

What To Expect In A Medfet Medical Fetish Scene

A medical fetish scene can be as simple or intricate as you like and can be something that is built over time. A ton of equipment isn’t needed at first, if you’d just like to dip your toe into the fetish. This is kink after all!

As with most BDSM, the most important part of Medfet is to have open communication before, during, and after getting kinky. Limits should be discussed not only before the fun, but during the playtime as well to make sure everyone feels safe and is having fun.

medfet scene

Usually, one party will be the dominant partner, (Doctor, Nurse, etc.) and the other will be the patient. It’s important to start slow, maybe opting for less painful or intricate devices and activities, and rather using uniforms and simple implements to help tease your partner. 

After you get more comfortable in your new roles as caretaker and patient, you can slowly start to introduce more advanced tools and toys. It’s very important to be safe with medical devices, and to make sure you are comfortable with their sensations and use..

Medfet Safety

When using medical implements, or when getting into more extreme fetishes such as using enemas, needles, sounding, cervical, or prostate exams, it is extremely important to learn how to sanitize your equipment and use your equipment safely and efficiently. Although Medfet is an enthralling fetish, extreme care must be taken in order to keep it and not harmful to your partner.

Now, for some advice on how to have safe and sensual Medfet fun.

Always, always, always talk to your partner first

Discuss what is exciting for both of you while sober and of sound mind. Realize that what might sound sexy in fantasy could end up being scary, or underwhelming in reality and may need to be adjusted.  Flexibility is key, and a safe word is highly recommended. A safe word is a word that allows either party to stop or slow down the scene.

Begin with using simple Medfet accessories to set the tone

A white coat and stethoscope, scrubs, or a nurse’s outfit can be absolutely titillating. A bar cart covered in white paper with jars full of tongue depressors, alcohol swabs, band-aids, cotton balls, and cotton swabs can help set the tone as well. You could use a white sheet to cover your usual playspace to simulate a clinical setting.

All of these items are simple to use and can arouse your partner without delving into more extreme medical equipment that may take some training to use. Always make sure you are 100% sure of how to use a medical item safely before using it on your partner!

Follow proper cleanliness and sanitization techniques

You should be washing your equipment in hot water and also washing your hands and using single use gloves during insertion that do not touch anything else.  You should also have a clean and sanitized metal tray to set your insertable toys on before use. Many insertable medical toys are single use to ensure proper sanitization.

Consider medical training for more intense medical fetishes

Although using a blood pressure machine or thermometer will likely not cause your partner any harm, there are many more intense medical fetishes including drawing blood, needles, sounding, catheters and more. There are many highly reputable Medfet practitioners who offer classes on more advanced medical fetishes. Highly educate yourself with this type of play, and discuss the risks and side effects with your partner beforehand to make sure it is something you’d like to pursue.

Be sober

This is especially important with new partners or when exploring a new activity. Playing drunk or high is a recipe for disaster, as boundaries and emotions can become blurred. Even with a long-time partner, intoxicated sessions can have very negative consequences.

Aftercare is very important

Especially after a highly stimulating or painful session, it’s extremely important that both partners nurture each other afterwards. It’s important to cuddle, communicate, and discuss how you are both feeling about what just happened. Talk about your likes, dislikes, thoughts, and feelings about the scene. This helps build the relationship between you and your partner and also helps increase pleasure in the future.

Have a basic first aid kit in case something does go wrong

Have your doctor’s number on hand, as well as ice in case of bruising, and dressing or gauze in case of bleeding. Make sure you know your partner's medical history, and be honest with medical staff if there is an emergency. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and they need all the facts in order to help you out.

Why Do People Have Medical Fetishes?

Medical fetishes are increasingly common according to Dr. Mark Griffiths 

“Although there is almost no empirical research on medical fetishism, it would appear that most fetishes – particularly when they are very specific and specialized – are rooted in early childhood experiences and most likely caused by behavioral conditioning processes.”

So where else can this fetish come from? 

There could be lots of potential sources for this fetish. Some people enjoy the feeling of being taken care of by a kind and gentle nurse. Others may love a devious doctor who runs painful experimental procedures on his willing but naive patient. 

Other  examples of seeds of this fetish is:

  • Some people just like the feeling of medical instruments on their bodies
  • Leftover doctor and nurse kink from playing as kids 
  • Sexual arousal when seeing the uniform
  • You saw a hot nurse or a doctor and you associate that with sexual desire and wanted to investigate more

No one knows the actual beginning of this fetish, and it can have many different triggers. However medical fetish is very common, and is nothing to feel ashamed about! It can be a really fun way to role play with your partner and bring out a wild side you have never explored before.

How To Satisfy Her Medical Fetish

  • Have your partner dress up as a sexy nurse, and allow her to examine you. Perhaps you have an erection that just won’t go away. Maybe you have a tongue that causes extreme orgasms and need an examination. Come up with a sexy ailment for your nurse to help you cure.
  • Your femme patient may need a whole body exam. Their breasts may need an examination to see if they are responding correctly to heat, cold, pain or pleasure. They may need to have their anal cavity examined and probed, or their vaginal canal. You can find speculums and toys for this purchase.
  • You may have a patient who needs some dental work. A dental dam to pry open the mouth while you do probing with different instruments (or your dick) can be very submissive, arousing, and sexy.
  • Maybe your nurse got caught stealing meds or having sex with her patients! A very stern doctor can find a punishment for his naughty nurse.
  • Or maybe your partner who is a mental health patient needs some help with her nymphomania. She may need to have a vibrating instrument to make her orgasm again and again - however, she could need to be restrained in the mental ward!
satisfy her medical fetish

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How To Satisfy His Medical Fetish

  • A very sexy nurse with long latex gloves may need to test the prostate’s response to different stimuli. Using different toys, you can give a prostate exam.
  • Perhaps your patient is complaining about being sluggish, and a devious doctor suggests a slow, sensual, tortuous enema to clean their partner out before a thorough medical exam.
  • Your partner is complaining of a slow urine stream. A very naughty nurse may suggest a sounding routine, slowly stretching the urethra larger with each session.
  • Maybe your mental health patient has a fetish that they can’t stop thinking about. Do you help them through exposure therapy to grow from their fetish? Or are you an evil therapist who will bring your patient into a deeper obsession with their fetish - but only when YOU control it?
  • Your patient may have premature ejaculation or erection problems. Perhaps they need a nurse to take control of their orgasm, edging them over and over and cruelly denying them.

The Best Medical Fetish Tools, Toys and Furniture

Magic Missile Vibrating Ribbed Silicone Male Prostate Massager

This ultra slim, ribbed prostate massager is perfect for beginners. Easy to insert with its tapered design, the curved and ribbed texture provides stimulating prostate massage.

It features 10 vibration functions to keep your patient guessing during their prostate exam. Made from high quality silicone, this product is easy to clean and sanitize. Using a water based lubricant is highly recommended before anal insertion.

Magic Missile Vibrating Ribbed Silicone Male Prostate Massager

Lovehoney Fantasy Doctor Goodbody Costume

Paging Doctor Goodbody! Don’t we all wish our doctors looked like this? This sexy doctor costume comes with a white lab coat, striped boxers, and a Sexual Healing Consultant badge. 

You’ll be sure to be making up all sorts of ailments when you see your partner in this erotic outfit. It will be sure to cause vaginal wetness, stiffening nipples, flushing of the face and rapid heartbeat. Time to call your insurance, because this uniform calls for an overnight visit!

Lovehoney Fantasy Doctor Goodbody Costume

Lovehoney Fantasy Flirty Nurse Costume

Of course, the ladies need to feel sexy too! Cause penile swelling and extended orgasms in this flattering and sensual naughty nurse costume. The zippered front allows you to give your patient a generous view while examining them, while the elasticated belt helps create an hourglass figure.

The matching hat adds authenticity while the thigh skirting hem gives a flirty view. Prescribe some all night bed rest in your hot nurse outfit - the only thing you need is a stethoscope!

Lovehoney Fantasy Flirty Nurse Costume

Lube Tube Applicator Syringe (2 Pack)

Get all of the kink and none of the pain with these lube applicator syringes! The view of these sexy syringes will get your heart racing and craving an injection immediately! 

Mess free, easy-too-fill application tubes cause stress-free filling.

Get the exact amount of lube you need every time right where you need it. Suitable for anal or vaginal insertion. These syringe lube applicators are reusable with careful cleaning and sanitization and will give you a thrill every time!

Lube Tube Applicator Syringe (2 Pack)

BASICS Anal Douche 7.6 fl. Oz

This anal douche is for the more experienced fantasy nurse or doctor. The syringe shape is sure to arouse those with a medical fetish. Able to be filled with 3.4oz of lube, water, or any other liquid, this syringe can be used for cleansing even the tightest holes. 

Use once for cleansing the anal cavity, and again with lube to ensure comfortable anal penetration. This toy completely disassembles to allow for careful cleaning and sanitation before use. The doctor shall probe you now!

Colt Master Cleansing Syringe 3.4 fl oz

Black Nitrile Gloves

Be safe and sanitized with these black nitrile gloves. The black color is perfect for fetishes that can include bodily fluids and become dirty or stained. These black gloves give a chic and sensual look to your medical play.

These gloves are ambidextrous, powder-free, and textured to give a better grip. These gloves are non-sterile, however, they do provide protection against harmful bodily fluids. They are single use only and should be disposed of after use.

Black Taylor Reflex Hammer

This reflex hammer features a gorgeous metallic finish that adds realism to your medical fetish. It’s a great tool for beginners, as when used as recommended, is virtually harmless to your patient. 

It is easy to be cleaned and sanitized, and is a great tool for foreplay before delving into a more in depth examination. Set the scene with this reflex-startling tool!

Dental Forceps (Molt-Retractor)

Do you have a patient who is complaining about having a very deep throat? Perhaps he or she is worried about their lack of gag reflex. Or maybe you need to force them to take medication and they just aren’t cooperating.

This is the perfect toy to gently force open the mouth of your patient to be able to conduct a thorough exam. Stretching up to 2 ⅛”, your patient will be helpless to resist!

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

This authentic steel speculum is perfect for vaginal exploration. Featuring a curved rounded tip, insertion is painless. It has ridged points for no slippage, as well as user-friendly adjustable screws to open and shut the blades. 

This high quality speculum is fully sanitizable for safety. Add an air of an authentic gynecologist’s office with this steel vaginal speculum and take your medical fetish to the next level!

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum

Stainless Steel Sims Anal Speculum

This anal speculum is for those who are more advanced with their medical fetishes. Training is highly recommended before use as the anal tissues are very delicate. This stainless steel speculum is able to be fully sanitized. 

When spread to its maximum capacity, it measures 2” across. Complete a full proctologist exam with this advanced MedFet tool.

Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel

This 22 spoke wartenberg pinwheel is a suitable toy for beginners, and is less scary than it looks! Check your patient’s sensations by gently rolling this wheel over their most sensitive areas, slowly increasing the pressure and their heart rate! 

The easy grip handle ensures the most precision control. High quality stainless steel finish is able to be cleaned and sanitized, and won’t tarnish.

Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator 6mm

This urethral dilator is an advanced Medfet toy. Extremely versatile, the double ended design creates many different sensations. Autoclave safe, this stainless steel dilator is 100% safe for insertion. 

This toy can also be used for prostate stimulation for most men as well. This toy requires experience and training, so make sure you are comfortable with urethral dilation before adding this toy to your toy chest.

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator 6mm

Forceps With Rubber Tips

These forceps are another suitable toy for beginners. Featuring removable rubber tips, these forceps are made to grip. When the rubber tips are removed, they can be used as play piercing forceps. 

These forceps are great for nipple stimulation and are made from high quality stainless steel. Shaped like slightly rounded scissors, they measure about 7” long. Just the sight of these forceps will increase your blood pressure

This beginner-friendly toy is one that can make a big impact. Showing your patient just where you will have to do surgery can be extremely arousing.

Just seeing the marks on their skin can be a really sexy mind game - even if you don’t go any further. This purple color is suitable for all skin tones.


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