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101: Kegel Balls Explained – Size, Weight and Workouts


I’m sure we can all agree, when it comes to your health, keeping physically fit is at the top of the list.

And people spend A LOT of time, effort, and money making sure they are keeping on top of it. 

Just getting to the gym regularly isn't the whole picture though.

Because when it comes to our ‘overall’ health there is one area that often gets overlooked.

Our OWN sexual health.

Whether it’s due to misinformation or just plain embarrassment (for some reason) when it comes to our own sexual health this seems to take a back seat. 

However, your sexual health is just as vital as your regular health, and there sure is nothing to feel ashamed about. Now, for us ladies, there is one type of product on the market that, although is classed as a sex toy, it’s also there to look after your sexual health too.

What Are Kegel Balls?

Simply put, Kegel Balls are sex aids that are used for training the vagina and pelvic floor. When inserted the user contracts and relaxes the muscles down below gaining more strength and control ‘down there’ than a performer at a ping pong show. 

(Actually very impressive if you’re ever in Thailand)

With regular Kegel Ball workouts, you can avoid problems with the bladder such as leakage, as well as tightening up that vagina for more intense orgasms and a greater sexual experience. Another common use is helping recover the trauma that the body endures after giving birth.

This not only helps women in the physical sense but also mentally knowing that they can do something to get their lady bits back in shape.

what are kegel balls?

Why Do You Need Kegel Balls?

Like with everything…Some people argue that you don’t even need a Kegel ball in the first place and that all the exercises can be done without them. Well, I’m no doctor but in my experience, although you may not need them for exercise, it definitely improves the effects when you use them.

In order for kegel exercises to be useful, you need to understand your body's requirements first. 

You need to know how much your body can take, and what type of exercise you need. You may need to take a doctor's advice to make sure you are doing it right.

When To Use Kegel Balls?

Be warned:

You CANNOT use kegel balls all the time as there are instances when you need to avoid the exercises to avoid discomfort and overexertion.

Such as:

  • If you have pelvic pain or infection
  • If you use a menstrual cup
  • If you are using IUD. (Intrauterine Device)
  • If you went through a surgery in the pelvic region

To make sure you’re safe using kegel balls, you need to pick the right weight, size, and training techniques.

First, you need to keep in mind that kegel balls need to be inserted inside your vagina for exercise. Once you insert it, the activity varies depending on why you are using them.

If you want to improve your sex life there are various training techniques. Similarly, if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor, the practice is different again.

So, you need to take your pick for the exercise technique before you purchase one product accordingly. Remember there is a correct procedure for preparing, inserting, practicing, removing and cleaning the ball. 

Any mistake is these steps can threaten your health. Hence the need to research well before starting to use kegel balls.

What To Look For When Buying Kegel Balls?

There are many types of kegel balls. The varieties come with sizes, weight, etc. One often overlooked rule of kegel balls is picking one with the right material.


Since it is going inside you, you need to pick a high-quality material such as glass, metal or silicon which has easy cleaning surfaces to stop any bacterial nastiness breeding.

(For a deep dive into Sex Toy Safety Click Here)

The problem with cheap materials is that they tend to break down easily which could cause problems with your body.

There are ways to avoid this: look for terms such as ‘body-safe’, or ‘medical grading’, etc. This indicates that the manufacturer has taken extra steps to ensure product quality and safety of the product.

Size Of The ‘Ball’

This is pretty straight forward...

Generally if you are just starting out you will use a large size kegel ball. (Obviously if its comfortable)

This is because it’ll stay in place easier as the muscles don't need to contract much to hold larger balls comparative to smaller ones putting less strain on the muscles. Over time as you become stronger, you can use smaller balls.

Weight Of The Ball

This, like the size, is essential for kegal balls to be worth it. It's about finding that right balance for YOUR body.

My advice, pick a kegel ball with less weight to start. The majority of kegel balls weigh less than half a pound. Once you start practicing, you’ll quickly notice progress and may need to replace it with a heavier ball to keep your training progressing. I personally can't tell you when to increase the weight...You’ll just know. 

Using Lubricants

This one is a double edged sword…

True...Using a bit of lube does help when putting the ball inside you, However, because it makes the ball slippery and harder to grip you will face problems during exercise as the muscle needs to work harder to get a grip on the ball.

So, in this case, I think less is more and you might have to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

Kegel Ball Workout

Ok, great. You’ve researched the perfect kegel ball, with the right material, size, and weight and they’ve made it to your house.

Now what...

What do you do once they’re in?

So, what you do depends entirely on why you’re using them in the first place.

If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor you’ll use targeted exercises that’ll strengthen and tone your muscles.

Here’s a routine you can start with:

  • Lie on your back and insert the balls. 
  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to lift and squeeze the balls.
  • Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then relax for another 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this step 5 times in a row to complete one set.
  • You can perform up to three sets a day
kegel ball workout

Once you’re comfortable with traditional Kegels or other pelvic floor exercises, consider adding weighted Kegel balls. 

These will enhance your workout by adding an extra challenge and give your vagina a vice like grip.

If you want to focus less on exercise and more on individual ‘sexploration’ Kegel balls typically aren’t used in the same way as traditional sex toys.

You could move them in and out of your vagina, this is definitely an option, however you may find that it’s more intense to leave them inside while rubbing your clitoris or exploring your erogenous zones as they’ll enhance the sensation.

Two Ways Kegel Balls Can Intensify Sex Play

While lying in bed, put your Kegel balls inside your vagina, and start to squeeze your pelvic muscles. 

As you become more aroused and self-lubricated, begin to explore your body and then grab your favorite vibrator and play with your clit. 

As you squeeze, rub your vibrator on your clitoris and around your vaginal opening to heighten pleasure.

For Partner Play

If you want to increase your sensitivity during vaginal sex, Kegel balls can help you and your partner heat things up.

You can insert them before you head out on your date (a la Anastasia Steele from from Fifty Shades) or make insertion the first part of an intense round of foreplay. 

The longer the balls are in, the more aroused you’ll be when it’s time for the main event.

(Remember, don't forget to pull the balls out before your partner — or another toy — slides in.)

Good Kegel Ball Hygiene (Sorry its a must I’m afraid)

As mentioned before good hygiene is a must when it comes to sex toys.  The balls need to be cleaned properly and often. If it is not cleaned, then using it can cause irritation, pH imbalance, UTI's, and more unwanted side effects.

Clean the balls along with the strings. You may think that the strings are not going inside, so it does not need much cleaning. But the strings can still pass on harmful particles which can cause further problems.Again, don’t let this put you off, just think about it like cleaning your teeth.

Escape Vanilla’s Top Kegel Ball Picks

So we’ve looked at kegal balls from every angle. But which one should you buy?

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered, here is a shortlist of quality kegel balls that you can buy right now.

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

This is the complete package with sets of balls in one bundle. One is a single ball which is perfect for beginners. 

The other two are double balls for more strenuous exercise with different features. One is a soft but heavy double ball, and the other is heavy and hard. After you get used to the sensation then you can pick the one that suits you best. These are made out of silicon that you can wash easily. 

All in all, they are very comfortable to use and also come with a string, so you have better control over it while practicing as you can pull them out at any time.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Lula have designed their kegel balls for both pleasure and usefulness. Each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable balls, with two different weights for variable sensations which means if you just want to buy once Lelo Luna is the way to go.

They also Gently and secretly vibrate in response to your body’s movements making them perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

You must have been hiding under a rock for the last decade if you hadn't heard of Fifty Shades Of Grey…

This novel and film sensation made a whole generation look at their own sex life and wondered what they may be missing.They were pretty fast to take advantage of their popularity by releasing their own sex toy line.

And with it, their Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls to add to your collection. With its remote control you can and indulge in 10 sensational patterns and 6 levels of intensity. This will add heightened pleasure and as your muscles squeeze around them you’ll also be doing wonders for your internal strength.

In Conclusion...

Kegel balls have proven to be both a great addition in the sex toy treasure trove for both health and taking those orgasm to another level.

Like with all toys they are very safe if you follow all the right guidelines above and keep yours squeaky clean.

I’d highly recommend getting a set before you feel you ‘need’ them as then you’ll be ahead of the game when the time comes when we inevitably start to loosen up ‘down there’ as we start to ‘mature’ shall we say. 

For me… The Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System would be my first choice solely on the fact as well as getting a pelvic floor session in, I'll also have the added pleasure of being aroused while doing it.

Who said workouts have to be boring eh.

==> Get more information on sex toys here.


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