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Best Sex Swing Positions Ultimate Guide


Using a sex swing can really hot things up when it comes to your sex life along with the sex swing positions you can try out. My personal favorite is the ‘Absolute Submission’ as it leaves me shaking with anticipation as I don’t know what's coming next.

You, I’m sure, will have your own ‘front runner’ so let’s find out which sex swing position it is...

Just so you know though, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to sex swings…

So, for those of you who are just getting on the horse, let's start with how do you use one exactly...

Now, take it from me, sex swings are A LOT of fun. They do however require a bit of skill to get the most out of them.When my partner and I (well, ‘ex’ partner actually )first tried to use a sex swing, there was a lot more aimless swinging and fumbling around than there was actual sex.

And honestly, we were a little disappointed at first. We had spent all of this money and time setting the damn thing up and for what?

Some lackluster humping and a lot of unsexy grunting…

I hope not. Which asks the question what SHOULD you feel when you are using a sex swing?

Well, for a start, you’re definitely going to feel the restraints, that’s for sure. If you’re not much into bondage, this may seem jarring at first, especially if you’re used to ‘getting busy’ in a bed. 

Once you get used to the restraints, you’ll probably become hyper-aware of the fact that you could fall at any minute. Of course, you won’t if your partner is there holding onto you, but those worries will still nag at the back of your mind. 

Like anything in life though, once you get moving around in your swing, you’ll start to become more comfortable while in it, and start to really appreciate how arousing it is to be suspended in midair, completely at the mercy of your partner. 

Before I explain how you go from awkwardly struggling, to a sex god, I’ll give you the low down on what a sex swing actually is…

And Ironically... 

A Sex Swing is Exactly What it Sounds Like (Sex swing positions...Not so much)

Simply, it’s a swing that you bolt to your ceiling that adds that little more spice to your sex life by being a position-enhancer.

(There are some free-standing swings as well, but for the most part, we’re going to focus on the former.)

People (like me) who enjoy using sex swings get incredibly aroused by how freeing it feels to seemingly, defy gravity. 

The weightless feeling you get on a swing allows you to focus completely on your partner screwing the life out of you. 

I put it down to the laser focus which seems to make every little sensation stronger and every little touch more arousing.

What if I’m New to Sex Swings & Sex Swing positions?

Well, my best piece of advice when delving into the world of ‘anti-gravity’ fun would be, maybe dip your toe in the water first...

That's why I'd definitely recommend going for a door swing since they’re a great way to try out a sex swing without going broke. And if you enjoy using your low-cost sex swing, then you can upgrade to one that’s more expensive and unlock some new, exciting positions.

Here's one from LoveHoney that is less than $50...

That didn't give us any real experience though.

So my advice to you…The best way to get the hang of a sex swing is to make like Tarzan.

Get in it and go!

Like I said earlier, it may feel awkward at first, (there was a lot of flailing), but it didn’t take long for us to start enjoying the benefits of zero-gravity sex.

Should I get a Door Swing or a Hanging One?

This completely depends on how new you are to using sex swings as well as whether or not you want 360-degree rotation. 

A door swing is more limited than a hanging one, but much less expensive. These have a bit less of a learning curve which is another reason I recommend them for when you are starting out.

Saying that there are still plenty of great positions you can try out with a door swing so it’s not like you’re settling by not getting a hanging swing.

If you’ve used a door swing before and you’re ready to upgrade, here’s a good hanging sex swing where you can try out a variety of different positions that just aren’t as easy to pull off (or even possible) without one.

Which leads us on nicely to all the positions you can get into.Let’s take a look, shall we…?

Best Sex Swing Positions

Zero-G Doggy

This is one of the easier positions on this list. If this is your first time this is the best position to start with. If you’re the one in the swing, just lay on your stomach and let your partner hold onto your hips as they screw you ever so sweetly. 

The most comfortable swing to have for this particular position is a hammock swing like this one. A hammock swing allows for maximum comfort while the person laying down is being penetrated.

The Weightless 69

To achieve this position, one person sits in the swing and leans back with their face between their partner’s legs. While you’re eating your partner out (or giving a blowjob), your partner will do the same. 

This position is pretty fun and will definitely give your back a good workout since you’re leaning back in the swing.

If the person in the swing doesn’t have something to brace their back on, laying down in mid air can really start to hurt your back and I usually have trouble staying in this position for long periods of time for that very reason. Sayin that, it doesn’t make the sex any less heavenly when you’re in the position.

Mind-Blowing Missionary

So my partner and I bought our sex swings in reverse order. We first purchased a hanging sex swing and then one for our door. We would’ve just stuck with 1 swing, but after a little research, we found a few positions that were easier to achieve with a door swing.

(If you’re using a door swing, chances are, you’re more likely to use this position first.)

The person sitting in the swing has their wrists and ankles bound while their partner has their way with them. While this sounds like a pretty simple position, it feels oh so amazing! 

The zero-gravity aspect of the swing allows for you to achieve different angles that aren’t necessarily available while having actual missionary sex on a bed. 

(And who knows, you might even be able to hit the fabled G-spot first time.) 

Double Team

Why should only one person get to sit on a sex swing? 

For this position, your partner (with a penis or strapon) sits down and then you sit facing them and insert themselves inside you and let the swing sway or move in whatever way you like and watch as it brings you and your partner to an amazing orgasm.

The one thing I should mention is to make sure your swing can support both you and your partner’s weight. 

Pretty much every sex swing provides its maximum weight on the package or the item description online. Make sure everything is properly secured or there might be a trip to the Emergency Room on the cards.

Absolute Submission

Here’s a slight variation on the Mind-Blowing Missionary position. Find a swing that comes with wrist and ankle restraints, put on a blindfold and let your partner have their way with you. 

For me, absolute submission is so fucking hot because I love it when I have no idea whether my partner’s going to touch me tenderly or smack my ass. 

This position works best with a door swing since this is a more stationary position, however, that doesn’t make it any less satisfying. 

Any time I use this particular position with my partner, I’m left quivering with anticipation as I beg for them to let me cum. That’s some powerful shit right there, let me tell you. If you’re into dom/sub sex, this is definitely the position for you to try out!

Zero-G Oral

The beautiful thing about Zero-G Oral is the fact that not only are you at the mercy of your partner, they’re also able to use the swing to move you around and better explore your sensitive areas. 

Sex swings are position-enhancers and this position proves this fact thoroughly. 

Whenever I’ve had a bad day at work, it’s such a treat to be able to sit in our sex swing and let my partner eat me out. I do have to admit, however, that I began to have more “bad days” once we got a sex swing and sometimes I just say I’m upset so I can get some mind-blowing oral. 

(But let’s just keep that a secret from my partner, okay…)

Spin Me ‘Round Like a Record (Or Fidget Spinner…)

With this position, you sit on the swing with your butt sticking out over the strap and (after you apply some lube) lower yourself onto your partner’s penis or strapon. 

While they lay there and spin you around any way they please, you’re free to enjoy this truly unique sensation.

Seriously, I didn’t fully appreciate my sex swing until I tried this position out with my partner. I can confidently say that I have never felt anything as amazing as I did with this position!

I do feel like it’s important to mention that you’ll have to have a hanging swing that spins 360 degrees around. 


Much like the previous position, this requires your partner to sit on their back while you angle your pussy above their face. At this point, your partner will then begin to eat you out. 

The great thing about using a sex swing with this position is that you can begin to sway side to side or back and forth as quickly or slowly as you like to make your orgasm even more amazing!

If you or your partner is a guy, you can instead have them sit on the swing while you lick their balls. Like with face-sitting, your partner will then be able to adjust the swing to get different angles or coverage of their balls. 

Flying Solo

If you find yourself on your own then dont let that stop you because you can still use your sex swing. 

Whether you have a penis or a vagina use the leg straps to support your thighs and ankles while you rub one out! 

I personally like to use a door swing when I masturbate because I don’t have a partner who can provide some extra support. 

That, and I’m always super paranoid that I’m gonna fall back, smash my head open and end up some clickbait on reddit talking about how I was injured while using my sex swing. 

At least it would make an interesting talking point at parties though!

Sit up Straight, Soldier

I’ve never fancied being in the military but for this position I definitely stand for attention.

For this use the leg straps as footholds and stand in a squatting position in your swing. Hold onto the wrist restraints to further steady yourself. Your butt sticks out and allows for easy penetration from your partner and once inside you, your partner can then kiss you in your favorite places or use their free hands to explore all the different areas of your body. 

While I have to say this is one of the more advanced sex swing positions on this list, it’s still a great one to try out once you get the hang of it.

My partner loves this particular position because they can get a lot more intimate as they move all over my body.

(Just a note though, I would recommend you use a door swing like this for this particular position since you need some extra stability.)

Laid Back

And for the last position on the list...and probably the laziest!

All you have to do is lay down with your legs on your partner’s shoulders for easy penetration. 

I’ve also found this is a great position for deep-throating since your head and throat are perfectly 

aligned. All you have to do is tilt your head back while you’re laying down and shove that hard cock down your throat…

Okay, that was a little graphic, but regardless, this is a great position for oral as well as a great way to receive amazing penetration. 

In Conclusion…

There are a variety of different positions to try out regardless of whether you have a door swing or a hanging one. 

Ever since I bought my first sex swing, I haven’t regretted the purchase once. I love feeling like an erotic acrobat and getting to feel all of these different parts of my body touched and played with in new, exciting ways. 

If you’re on the fence about buying a new sex swing, I definitely think you should purchase one of the swings I mentioned above. 

I love using a sex swing to spice up my bedroom life and once you overcome the learning curve, you’re sure to have a whole lot of zero gravity fun!


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