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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Sex Furniture – Beds Are Boring!


Choosing the right sex furniture comes down to size, what positions you like and durability. We believe the best piece is a wedge because it's the perfect balance of all those. But we’ve summarized everything you need to know below. So keep reading to find out what suits you.

Sex furniture will make a house a home. Especially if you like to host parties regularly. Or invite people around for some fun. 

It can be expensive though. We think of it more as an investment 😉

A good piece is something you’ll be proud to use and show your friends.

Towards the end of the article we look at what’s on offer. Some items are very imaginative. But first let’s go over the basics.

What Is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is anything that can complement or support sexual activity. Making it more enjoyable for everyone involved!

You can also refer it to as erotic or intimate furniture because it enhances intimacy by way of making secret sexual fantasies real. It also makes it easy to assume some sex positions, especially if you are disabled. 

Guide To Choosing Sex Furniture

There are quite a number of factors that you need to consider while planning to get the best sex furniture. Due to the nature of sex and many other factors, the best sex furniture should have the following features:

Meets Your Sexual Needs

People have unique preferred sexual positions. Hence the best furniture in this case will be determined by the shapes. If you love the doggy style, the best sex furniture for you is that which gives you better angles. A wedge is very good piece of furniture for this.

See the shape?

It’ll prop you up perfectly. Allowing you to stay in that position for longer. 

Think about what positions you enjoy the most. Then choose furniture that supports that position best. Those are the pieces you’ll enjoy the most. 

Appropriately Sized

Some of the best sex furniture are small sized. Making them easy to keep out of sight. Size also matters in terms of the height, weight and shape. You need to pick something that works for YOU during intercourse. 

The best examples of sex furniture that has a great size to pleasure ratio are ramps and wedges. 

Ramps are bigger in size and help support the entire back while executing the doggy style or the advanced high-rise doggy style. 

Wedges are better for the missionary position. Since they allow deeper for deeper penetration.


The best sex furniture has surfaces made of soft yet tough material which makes the surfaces durable. The Bow chair, for example, is one of the most durable sex furniture since it is made of carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components that make it bouncy.

Quick rule of thumb:

  • Choose something higher quality for investment pieces.
  • Choose something lower quality if you just want to experiment with the sensation.

Right material

Good sex furniture should fit your preferred mode of cleaning, be it wiping or using laundry machines. Additionally, if your sex furniture has covers, they should be removable.

Rough sex can be hard on the skin.

So choose furniture that is soft, comfortable, high-quality. 

The best sex furniture materials are waterproof. To protect against lube, and any other liquids.If it’s not waterproof then check to see if it has a liner underneath the covers. 

Ok so now we’ve covered the basics. Wedges and ramps are just the beginning. Let’s look at what else is on offer...

Different Types Of Sex Furniture

Sex chair / love chairs

Sex chairs can be discrete or loud.

There are loads of options on the market. Our favourite is the Tantra chair because of the design. It’s definitely something that stands out. It is a wonderful addition to high-status homes. 

Liberator make a chair called the “Esse” which is very similar. 

There are also simpler sex chair options like this position enhancer chair from Liberator.

Sex Swings

If you're not initiated with BDSM, you're probably pretty unsure why you'd want to pick up a sex swing. My vanilla friends always ask me questions about it like...

“Why do you need one”

“How do you use it” 

“Does it really make sex THAT much better”

Well, rest assure my curious friend... sex swings really take your sex life up a notch. 


Your basically having sex with 0 gravity (since you or your partner are suspended). Meaning you can put yourself in positions and STAY there. You can control their body, placement and weight. As things unfold in the bedroom. 

You can work the best spots until the pleasure is coursing through your entire body.

If you struggle with holding certain positions for long periods of time, then swings will help you. 

You don’t have to stay in awkward positions to feel good.  All those hard, difficult to reach positions become quite easy to maintain. 

The Steel Coffee Table

This Hammered Steel Coffee Table/ Cage is about as discreet as it gets!

It’ll last a long time and add a touch of class to any home.

Use it as a normal coffee table during the day.

Then, lock your partner in it at night 😉

The Fuck Bench

This is from Jim support. It's for people who adore doggy style. It is perfect for gay male couples. 

It comes in various styles such as the adjustable fuck bench, hanging adjustable fuck bench with head rest, and the fuck table. 

Whichever style you choose… you can customize it to meet your romping needs. Some suppliers such as Jim Support sell adjustable models at cheaper prices so apart from enjoy sex you also get to save your money. The fuck bench is available in different materials too. So it's easier to create something that suits you.

Bondage Table’s

This piece of furniture is a table that has windows that allow access to the nipples, genitals, and the face. The word bondage could be used since it is all about tying up a partner during sex. Thus, there are straps which can be used to tie up a female partner during sexual activity. Again this seems to be the best choice for those who love to fulfill their submission fantasies. It’s also very discreet since it can easily be kept out of sight.

Shower Assists

This is the best sex furniture for people who love getting cozy in the bathroom. If you would love to have sex with your partner in the bathroom, shower assists are the best option to try. The shower assists are available in various designs and you can therefore choose the best furniture that suits your needs from the available options. The shower assists are also very discreet pieces of furniture.

How To Use Sex Furniture

This depends on the piece of furniture you are using.

Ultimately... you NEED to stay safe!

Follow the manufacturers guidelines. If something feels unsafe, then don't do it.

Avoid contouring your body into positions that feel uncomfortable or painful. Be mindful of how long you are sitting/standing/fucking in the furniture as well. 


Most of the best sex furniture is very discreet. People don’t talk about them openly or show them off. Which is a shame. We think they are beautiful. Especially some of the more extravagant pieces.

Hopefully we’ve helped you choose your next piece of furniture.

If you are still on the fence then our recommendation is to start small. Experiment. See what you like. And build your collection accordingly.

Let us know how you got on in the comments 🙂

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