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Beginners Guide To Hypnokink | How It Works & How To Do It


Have you ever been so deeply entrenched in passion with someone, so vulnerable, so awash with desire that you admit one of your deepest, darkest fantasies?

The one that you keep packed up, away from everyone in the darkest corner of your brain. You get such a rush out of finally admitting it - knowing you could get judged but you just don’t care. Blood pumping, palms sweating, brain intoxicated with passion, this intense feeling can linger for days and make us bond to our partner more than ever.

The goal of hypnokink, or erotic hypnosis, is the capture that type of moment and make it accessible through suggestion, persuasion and relaxation.

What Is Hypnokink?

A common fear that many of us have is sharing our kinks, fetishes, and sexual preferences with our partner. We know that open communication would make our sex life so much better but... it's scary.

It’s hard to let your brain become immersed in sexual pleasure with all the pressure of deadlines and daily life.

Hypnokink can help you meditate on pleasure, quiet unwanted thoughts, and become more open with your partner, which can increase confidence and closeness.

Hypnokink can also be a fetish itself, with the subject giving consent to be “mindfucked” to explore a taboo, be controlled, or to perform certain acts.

Hypnokink is sometimes referred to as erotic hypnosis, “hypno”, or just plain hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis helps partners arrive at a sexual goal through the use of hypnosis. Whether that is mental (a state of bliss) or physical (e.g. a powerful, no touch orgasm)

what is hypnokink

Misconceptions About Hypnokink 

The misconceptions around hypnokink can be discrediting to those who practice it. It is not practiced by a mad hatter with a shiny pocket watch making you “horny, very horny.”

You cannot be forced into becoming someone’s sex slave through hypnosis (although the fantasy can be kind of hot…).

Just like listening to a meditation to quit smoking won’t make you quit smoking in itself, but the suggestion of it makes you more likely to do it, IF you were already wanting it. In reality, hypnokink is a tool, like a guided meditation where the goal is sexual. 

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How Does Hypnokink Work?

how does hypnokink work

Hypnokink is all about relaxation, suggestibility, persuasion and loss of inhibitions. It’s important to note that even under hypnosis, no one can make you do something you don’t want to do. Erotic hypnosis is a tool to amplify what’s already there - it cannot force you to do anything. 

You will simply awake out of your hypnotic state if you’re highly opposed to the hypnotist’s suggestions - and any reputable hypnotist will not take advantage of you in your altered state.

If you don’t trust your hypnotist completely, it’s important to find a new one, as your apprehension will keep you from becoming entranced. 

The subject will discuss with the chosen hypnotist what they would like to get out of the session. They could have a fetish that causes them some shame and they want to feel more confident about it, or explore it deeper without their own nagging, judgmental thoughts. 

Maybe they want to be hypnotized to please the hypnotist and to have the hypnotist take a dominant role. If both parties are experienced with hypnosis, they can even try to induce a hands free orgasm. (Yes, it can happen!) 

Hypnokink, like all kinks, requires open communication, trust, and good chemistry. It can take some time to find a hypnotist who can be successful in reaching your individualised goals.

Furthermore, the subject may have times when they are less suggestible and unable to be hypnotised. Stress, fatigue, hunger, discomfort or thirst can be huge deterrents from achieving erotic hypnosis. Even if full erotic trance is not achieved, the conscious relaxation and meditation still has benefits. Practice and familiarity between the hypnotist and the subject will ensure greater results over time, if they have a good relationship. 

After your session is over, your hypnotist will walk you through some aftercare processes. This can include gentle touch, offering water or food, doing grounding exercises, and discussing the hypnosis. This is the best time to plan for the next session as the positives and negatives of the session are still fresh in your mind. Be honest with your hypnotist - they are not mind readers and will be able to help you indulge your hypnosis kink much better with your feedback.

Can You Orgasm From Hypnosis?

You absolutely can orgasm from hypnosis!

This type of orgasm is somewhat elusive, but with enough practice, you can learn to orgasm hands free.

This practice can be tied in with tantra, breathing, and certain yoga techniques.

Hypnosis can be just one piece of the puzzle of hands free orgasm, and with the right hypnotist for you, it can happen.  

However, skepticism, distraction, frustration, and rushing the process will do nothing but delay your goal. Some people may learn to orgasm hands free fairly quickly, and for others it may never happen.

Incorporating meditation and mindfulness techniques into your daily routine can help prime your brain for a mind-blowing hypno orgasm.

Why Do People Like Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis, or hypnokink, is popular because it allows the subject to give up control, delve deeper into a fetish, or express themselves sexually in a way they wouldn’t typically.

In the BDSM world, the hypnotist (sometimes called a “hypnodom/me”) enjoys the power they get from giving suggestions to the sub to make them act a certain way.

The hypnotist can only incorporate suggestions that are already aligned with the subject’s goals and values, meaning if you wouldn’t entertain the thought of doing something in your normal state of mind, a hypnotist will not be able to suggest it while you’re in a hypnotic state. For example, if you are heterosexual, and a hypnotist tries to give you suggestions of being gay, the session would be unsuccessful. However, if you have a secret fetish for panties and you feel too shy to bring it up even though you want to, it may be exposed during hypnosis.

Hypnosis fetish can be incorporated into many other fetishes. Some men use hypno to become a “sissy slut”, and women can use it to become a “bimbo.” Some want to be hypnotized to become “little” (check out our article on DDLG fetish here).

Sometimes it’s hard to access fetishes or enjoy them fully due to the attitudes we have developed towards them and the fear of being judged. Hypnosis can be a great asset in getting to know ourselves better, and to ultimately reach self acceptance.

Erotic Hypnosis: How To Try It As The Subject 

Step 1 - What’s your goal?

The first step into trying erotic hypnosis is to figure out what would work best for you to reach your goals.

Are you more comfortable with a face-to-face session, webcam, phone, pre recorded clip? Each of these methods have its advantages and disadvantages. Before you even find an erotic hypnotist, you should write down your goals, your limits, and your triggers so you have them handy once you find your perfect match.

Step 2 - Do your research!

Once you’ve figured out how you would like to do your session, it’s time to find WHO offers those sessions.

Many erotic hypnotists will have a voice sample and their specialties listed on their website. You may have to spend some time finding someone who you click with, is reputable, and is in your price range.

Fetlife is a great place to start finding like minded individuals. Let the provider know your goals, limits, and triggers in a professional way to see if they are willing and able to accommodate you. Don’t rush the process, and trust your gut. If they seem unprofessional or unknowledgeable, look elsewhere. 

Step 3 - The Session

When you meet your hypnotist, it’s time to review your goals, limits, and triggers.

You can ask your hypnotist for an outline of the session if it’s your first time.

Make sure you have a comfortable place to conduct your session where you won’t be rushed or distracted. The more serene the environment, the better. Grab everything you may need for your session beforehand to prevent interruptions in your trance. You can ask your hypnotist what you may need before the session, or pick things you know will bring you comfort.

Step 4 - It’s Time!

Once your session begins, you may be nervous or excited. Let your therapist know if you’re having these thoughts so they can help you work past them to achieve a hypnotic state.

Try to relax and allow your hypnotist to take control of the session.

Do not get angry or impatient with yourself if you don’t feel like you’re doing it right - there is no right way. Make sure you are in a healthy, comfortable space during the session in order to achieve hypnosis. Enjoy your session - don’t have too many expectations if it's your first time with a provider. It may take a few sessions to achieve the results you are wanting.

Step 5 - Aftercare

After your session, your hypnotist should offer you aftercare.

Hypnosis can cause you to experience deep emotions and can cause mental and physical fatigue.

Talking with your hypnotist, drinking water, taking a warm bath, touching, or grounding yourself are good techniques for after a hypnosis session.

If you haven’t experienced the effects of hypnosis before, it’s probably a good idea to clear the rest of your day from major decisions and/or operating heavy machinery. Hypnosis can make some people feel “drunk” or “drugged” and it's important to give your brain plenty of time to recover.

How To Perform Erotic Hypnosis On Someone

Step 1 - Study!

So you want to perform erotic hypnosis?

Luckily for you, there are a ton of resources online dedicated to the fetish.

One of the best ways to learn is to find experienced erotic hypnotists and visit their websites, view their content, read their blogs, and reach out to them for advice. Many erotic hypnotists are happy to book a paid session with you to teach you some of their techniques. After studying for a while, you’ll start to notice what makes a hypnotist seem more experienced or amateur.

Step 2 - Talk it out

Once you find a partner who consents to be hypnotized, discuss with them what both of your goals are for the session. Talk about your past experience with hypnokink, and what you would like it to look like going forward. If you don’t have any experience, no worries, everyone starts somewhere! Make sure to take notes of any limits your partner may have - write them down if you need to.

Step 3 - Practice, practice, practice!

No one is perfect the first time they try erotic hypnosis, and you won’t be either! Don’t let the fear of being perfect stop you from trying. Encourage your subject to give you feedback so you can get better. You can have them show you types of sessions they found effective for them so you can incorporate some of those techniques. Also, realize that you will not always be in the mood to do hypnosis, and if you’re not feeling it, that's ok! Let your partner know you’re not up to that type of session and you can try again another day.

Step 4 - Broaden your horizons

One of the most powerful ways to indulge in hypnokink is incorporating another fetish into it.

Does your partner have another fetish that you can deepen while they are in hypnosis?

Maybe something they’ve mentioned before but have been too shy to explore.

Using the heightened sexual energy of another one of their fetishes can be a strong catalyst to hypnosis. Perhaps they want to be submissive to you while in a hypnotic state. Take some time to see what you would truly enjoy your partner to do while in trance. Remember, you won’t harm your partner as they will not do anything in hypnosis that they wouldn’t with a clear mind.

Step 5 - Aftercare

This is one of the most important steps in the session. Hypnosis can be very intense for the subject, as well as the hypnotist. It’s important you learn what makes the subject feel safe and mentally clear after the session. Leaving someone in a hypnotic state with no definitive end to the session can be detrimental to the subject’s mental health.  They have a level of trust in you, and it’s important to not break that trust. Make sure your subject is level headed, happy, and safe before you end your time with them.  You may require aftercare as well, so make sure you can give yourself some pampering time after your session to restore your energy.

Erotic Hypnosis Websites 

Erotic hypnosis actually has a pretty big following in different places around the internet. From erotic, teasing, spiraling videos, to forums talking about everything Hypnokink, you don’t have to go far to learn more about hypnosis. Searching on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media for the terms #hypno, #hypnokink, #hypnosis, etc. will open your eyes to how many people have this interest. Using these tools can be a great way to learn about and indulge your fetish.


The Erotic Hynosis Subreddit is the perfect place to ask and answer questions of all things hypnokink. Their sidebar links to other relevant subreddits that tackle more niche versions of the fetish. It’s a great place to start learning about hypnokink.


FetLife is the essential website for all things fetish. It’s like a kinky, anonymous Facebook. There are large communities on fetlife for all things hypno. Their forums, videos, and pictures are a great asset to anyone interested in hypnokink.


Hypnokink is a growing fetish that has many negative misconceptions. However, the reality is much different and enjoyable. Erotic hypnosis is a tool that can be used to lower inhibitions and reach a sexual goal. It can be useful to explore a taboo fetish without fear of shame, to obtain hands-free orgasm, or to give your partner full control of you by allowing them to make persuasive suggestions while you’re hypnotized.

It’s important to find a hypnotist who you are fully comfortable with, so you can fully communicate your goals for the session.  If you don’t get your desired results on your first session, keep working towards it! It can take time for erotic hypnosis to work to its full potential. Because of the rising interest in this fetish, there are more resources than ever before to learn about hypnokink - from online forums to social media. Remember to always be safe, communicate, and most importantly, have fun!


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