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Best Sex Chair Ultimate Guide 2023


The Chair we came across is the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair. The build is incredibly sturdy and allows for a lot of rough play without having to worry about the thing breaking. 

What do you get a kinky partner who seems to have all the popular sex toys such as your Magic Wands, your Womanizers, or anything made by Lelo... ?

Well, for the person who has it all, it may be time to invest in some sex furniture

Diving into the world of sex furniture can seem a little daunting at first as there are so many different options making it nearly impossible to decide on just one piece.

Sex furniture has been around for hundreds of years!

One such advocate was King Edward the VII.  He was famous for his numerous rendezvous with the women of Paris and it is documented that in one of his favorite brothels, he kept this strange looking sex chair

While the jury’s still out on how, exactly, it works, the going theory is that the woman sits on the ‘top deck’ puts her feet in the stirrups, and King Edward VII positioned himself on the brass foot plates and they did what two consenting adults do. (Of course, that begs the question of what the bottom part is for, but we’re just going to assume it’s for decoration.) 

Now, sex furniture today is much more straightforward compared to this Victorian relic, so don’t fret! Generally, you can look at it and tell what you’re supposed to do. But there’s still so much sex furniture out there that it can be tricky figure out where to even begin picking a piece or two out. 

So today, I’m here to go over some of my favorite sex chairs and help you decide whether sex furniture is for you.

Top 8 Sex Chairs In 2022

What’s a Sex Chair? 

Simply put, it’s a chair, wedge, or couch-like object that makes sex more fun!

Sex chairs are versatile and great for pregnant women or people with mobility issues since they require less movement on the sitting partner’s end, however, even if you’re young and energetic, they’re still great.

A sex chair usually has two wide, elastic bands to support your butt and allow for penetration or oral from below. A sex couch (or wedge) on the other hand focuses more on playing with different angles while having sex. 

If your partner isn’t gymnast levels of flexible, it’s gonna be super hard for them to arch their back for a long period of time, but if you have a sex couch, they can lay comfortably while you ‘do the dirty’ to them. 

How Do You Use Sex Chairs?

My favorite way to use a sex chair is to let my partner sit on it and bounce up and down to their hearts content. The overall energetic nature of this position makes it a whole lot of fun for both of us.

If she feels like dominating me, however, I’ll sit under the chair while she sits in the queening position. But I usually have to use some kind of cushion under my head so I don’t start cramping after a while.

Here's a useful video I found on Facesitting/Queening...

A sex couch is a little more straight forward: let your partner get comfortable and start banging! 

The curvature on most sex couches or wedges allows for either vaginal penetration or anal so you don’t have to switch furniture when you switch positions, which really streamlines the whole process because when you’re in the middle of pounding someone, you don’t want to have to stop what you’re doing to switch to the sex ottoman. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Sex Chair

First, you should consider which positions you’re going to try out. A sex couch is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of positions while a sex chair is really only good for positions where the woman’s on top.

Next, you need to know how much space the chair will take up and whether or not you need to stash it away. 

Some sex chairs look like a piece of furniture and can be easily incorporated into your decor while others clearly look like something you’d have sex on. 

And if you’re planning on stashing your chair away, you need to make sure the chair is easily collapsible and that there’s enough space to store it. 

So, you’ve decided what type of sex chair you’re going to buy and where you’re going to put it. Now, let’s get onto the reviews:

best sex chair

Using a Sex Chair

Before using a sex chair, it is essential to ensure that it is sturdy and stable. Ensure all the bolts and screws are in place and tightened, and the chair is on a level surface. It is also crucial to communicate with your partner about what positions you want to try out and any specific needs or preferences you may have.

Here are some common positions that can be achieved using a sex chair:

1. Doggy Style: This position is ideal for deep penetration and allows for maximum stimulation. Have your partner kneel behind you while you rest your upper body on the chair, using the straps to stabilise yourself. Adjust the height of the chair to achieve the desired angle of penetration.

2. Missionary: The sex chair can make this classic position more comfortable by providing added support and elevation. Lie back on the chair with your legs spread wide, while your partner straddles you, using the chair's armrests for support.

3. Oral Sex: The sex chair can also be used for oral sex. Have your partner sit on the chair while you kneel in front of them, providing easy access to their genitals. The chair's height can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for both partners.

4. Cowgirl: This position is perfect for those who love being in control. Sit on the chair with your partner straddling you, facing away from you. Use the straps to adjust the angle and depth of penetration, providing maximum pleasure for both partners.

5. Standing: The sex chair can also be used to spice up a standing position. Have your partner stand behind you, while you sit on the chair and lean back against their body. This allows for deeper penetration and more control for the partner on top.

Tips for Using a Sex Chair

1. Take your time: Don't rush into trying out different positions on the sex chair. Take your time to explore and experiment with different angles and depths of penetration, and find what works best for you and your partner.

2. Use lubrication: Using lubrication can make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable for both partners. Make sure to choose a water-based lubricant that is safe to use with the sex chair.

3. Clean the sex chair: After use, make sure to clean the sex chair thoroughly using warm soapy water and a damp cloth. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and maintain the chair's longevity.

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Here’s a sex chair that’s great for solo play for you ladies as the LoveBotz Bangin Bench comes with a dildo mount so you can ride your favorite schlong. 

To use a dildo, just insert it through the hole in the leather strap and grind away! 

I love a little bit of pegging every so often, so I tried this chair out and it didn’t take long for me to understand why my partner loved it so much.

Now me and my partner even take turns using it. Many playful arguments have ensued ever since I started using this chair. 

I also noticed that the elastic has the perfect amount of resistance as well. It didn’t take too much force to reach the dildo, but there wasn’t too little resistance that I was falling on the floor.

Not only that, we were both surprised by how well this chair takes girthy toys. We’re not one for skinny toys, so the fact that this mount can hold all of our thickest toys was a nice touch.

The one thing we DID both hate was how bad the instructions were! It made putting this thing together a pain, but saying that, once you understand how it’s assembled, it’s much easier to take it down and put it back up when you’re ready to use it.


  • Hole to insert dildo is big enough for girthy toys
  • Elastic has the perfect amount of resistance


  • The instructions are maddeningly bad!
Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Up next, we have Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutique Sex Chair. While it doesn’t come with a place to insert a dildo, it’s still lots of fun in the bedroom! 

The build is incredibly sturdy and allows for a lot of rough play without having to worry about the thing breaking.

One night, my girlfriend suggested we try incorporating some sex toys while using this chair and there was plenty of room to use them so I could still have my own fun. 

However, this chair doesn’t come apart easily so it’s hard to store it away. But like many other sex chairs, this one looks like a luggage rack, so if anyone asks any questions, we just use that excuse. 


  • Sturdy build allows for rough pounding
  • Chair gives plenty of room to use other toys while face-sitting


  • Hard to find a good place to store it away

Here’s another sex chair that comes with a dildo holder although I’d be aware there is a weight limit to the straps so if you are too heavy you’re in danger of hitting the floor like a sack of shit.

Now, my partner may not be a size 0, but neither is she a heavy woman which makes this chair all the more disappointing when using it.

Not to mention this was also a pain to put together. Although once we’d worked it out it was nice and sturdy so if you’re part of the small percentage of people who can use it, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on you.


  • Sturdy build


  • Weak elastic makes it unusable at times
  • Directions were hard to follow

I must admit: at first, sitting on a toilet seat feels a bit awkward given that there’s a person’s face underneath it. With that said, once you start using it, that feeling quickly fades. 

As a matter of fact, the toilet seat is the perfect piece of equipment for what this is used for. Because it rocks, it’s easy to stay on there for a long time without your legs going numb. And believe me, you’ll want to stay on there for quite some time. 

The rocking motion offers you the control you need to make sure the giver’s mouth is positioned exactly where you want. The build quality is fantastic; you’ll have no worries about it supporting you and making sure you don’t fall onto the person’s face below you. It allows for TOTAL relaxation.


  • Rocking motion allows for perfect positioning
  • Incredibly sturdy for total relaxation and peace of mind


  • Awkard mental block of sitting on a toilet seat above someone’s face (but this quickly disappears)

Let me begin this with a pro tip: the handles are best used for the giver to pull themselves closer to the receiver, not the other way around. 

With that said, the handles allow the receiver to squirm, wriggle, and writhe in pleasure without fear of falling off. 

The handles are great for both participants, but it’s still obvious who’s in charge here. The build quality is as high as it can be. And the 3 adjustable heights make the chair one size fits all, especially with the pillow (sold separately). It’s easy to break down and store when not in use, and it’s light enough and the chair bag (again, sold separately) is discreet enough to take to your partner’s place or your local dungeon.


  • Sturdy and comfortable for extended queening sessions
  • Easy and discreet to store when not in use


  • After using the rocker version, it’s easy to miss that extra maneuverability and control

But now, let's look at a sex chair that’s ticks a lot of boxes. The MISSTU Bouncing Stool is a much better option than the VIER Decadence. My partner really liked the handles since she could get a little more support while we were in the moment . Unlike other chairs on the list, this was super easy to assemble and was pretty lightweight.

One thing I should mention is that it’s a bit shorter than other chairs on this list. It was fine for my girlfriend since she’s on the shorter side, but anyone taller than 5’7” will probably find it a little more of a struggle.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight, so you can easily move it around


  • Not for taller people
Prelude Bench King Black Label

Now let’s move onto the couch-like sex chairs. This particular bench allows for some bondage or impact play without needing to stow it away. 

This is part of the reason I love Liberator’s furniture so much, because it looks like something you’d casually put in your house. Only people who know it’s sex furniture would realize what it is, which is super convenient when you have guests over.

This bench was specifically designed for bondage play and I absolutely love it when my partner ties me up and spanks me whenever I misbehave! It’s comfortable enough to not hurt my back, but restrictive enough that I can’t squirm around.


  • Comfortable material allows for long punishments
  • Beautiful-- yet functional-- design-- looks like real furniture


  • Really expensive
Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

 Unlike some of the other sex chairs on the list, this piece of furniture comes with two pieces so you can rearrange it for the perfect position.

You can also attach handcuffs for maximum BDSM fun. 

What I like best about this chair is that it comes with some positions you can use with this chair. My partner and I have tried many of these positions and they feel amazing! 

The different sections are tilted to lift the pelvis which makes it easier for me to get really deep inside my partner. 

The only little issue I found was that the pieces of this chair can slide around a bit. It’s not too much that they fall apart, but it’s a little jarring while you’re in the moment.


  • Soft material allows for extended play
  • Parts can be rearranged

  • Comes with several positions to try


  • Pieces can slide around

In Conclusion…

My favorite product would have to be the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair.

It’s such a fun piece of furniture (even if my partner and I have to share), and it supports either of our weights.

Even though I didn’t like the instructions, I still think this is a great piece of furniture regardless.

But if money is no object and you want something incredibly fancy, check out the Liberator Prelude Bench King. Yes, it costs as much as a super nice couch, but that price is well deserved.

It’s completely revolutionized my sex life between my partner and me. 

Whichever piece of furniture you decide to go with, know that sex between you and your partner won’t quite be the same ever again. 

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