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THE Absolute 5 Best Glass & Stainless Steel Dildos – 2023


Most of my experience with dildos have been with those of the silicone or similarly plastic variety. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to check out the Best glass and stainless steel dildos specifically since they’re kinda cool!

Actually, come to think of it...

If you accidentally left one out on the side board, they could easily be mistaken for a bit of art or something you may pick up at IKEA. (I’ll let you test that theory next time your parents visit).

I know that a cool factor isn’t something that you usually consider when getting a dildo, but it doesn’t hurt to have some toys that offer more than just function.

And Ironically, talking about ‘Cool’.

Temperature plays its part in these pretty sex toys too...

The best glass and stainless steel dildo right now has to be the Lovehoney Textured Tentacle Dildo. The design is unique. Something that will definitely stand out in anyone's toy-box.

We review 5 dildos in depth later on. But before that, let's go over some background information!

But let’s look at a couple of things you might want to consider while shopping for one of these dildos.

Are Glass Dildo's Safe?

Yeah...I know what your thinking.

No matter how kinky and carried away you, sticking glass inside yourself has to be a contender for the dumbest move in the bedroom.

Well, not necessarily. 

Sure if your going to raid the kitchen cupboards and start shoving your grannies crystal glasses in all you sensitive orifices... Then yeah, a trip to A & E is defiantly on the cards. However, if its a glass dildo you're pretty safe.

You see, glass sex toys are made with borosilicate glass.  And instead of being hollow structures they're solid.  As well as giving them extra weight they are also and shatter resistant.

In fact theres a good chance your had your dinner cooked in the same material as your glass dildo as Borosilicate glass is the same type of glass used for oven dishes and other bakeware.

Check out our article on sex toy safety for more info on this.

(You'll never look at another casserole in the same way again)

So, the final word on this is that on the whole Glass dildos are safe, as long as you don't go crazy.


Are Glass & Stainless Dildos Expensive?

I’ve frequently gone on my spiel about how you should try to balance affordability and quality, so I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. 

I just figured I’d mention that stainless steel dildos are generally gonna cost you more than glass. But I suppose that’s true of any type of metal product compared to glass.

But glass products are gonna cost more than a silicone or plastic dildo due to its handmade nature. Glass dildos are hand blown and whenever you make something manually, that’s gonna cost more than a product that’s mass-produced in a factory.

Glass And Stainless Steel Dildos Appearance. (Sexy Little Things)

Like I mentioned earlier, I know most people aren’t considering the artistic merit of their sex toys while buying them (I mean, I do, but I’m a weirdo), but glass dildos, in particular, tend to be really pretty. 

I don’t know why glass dildos are the only sex toy trying to walk the line between art and sexuality but I want more pretty sex toys, dammit! I’m hooked!

As I mentioned before. if you want something you can cheekily put on a shelf and watch your guests marvel at how pretty it is, I’ve got a dildo you can check out down below.

glass dildos

Length..Any Difference From A Normal Dildo?

As per usual, when buying a dildo, you should have some idea what length you like the most. If you’re not sure, you should probably try to go shorter since dildos that are too small can cause some discomfort.

And we don’t want that, right?

Stainless Steel or Glass?

If you’re not sure which type of material you should try first, here are a couple of things to consider:

Stainless steel offers a more sleek and stylish look than glass which offers a pretty, artsy aesthetic. 

Stainless steel is also a bit heavier. 

This provides a nice weight while you’re masturbating or using the dildo during a couple's play. Just make sure you don’t drop it on your foot. That dildo’s gonna hurt like hell and that’s gonna put a bit of a damper on your mood.

I tend to use glass dildos more for temperature play than stainless steel. Any metals are really good at conducting heat which is great if you’re insulating wires, but it can be really easy to heat it up or cool it down a little too much. 

While glass isn’t a terrible conductor, it’s a bit better in terms of temperature play. I’ve noticed more people tend to use it more often than stainless steel for this reason.

If you’re looking for something to use during anal play, stainless steel dildos tend to be used more in that regard. I’m not completely sure why since I’ve seen a couple of dildos that look like regular dildos, but for the stainless steel dildos in this article, they’re made to be used for vaginal penetration as well as for anal play. 

Just make sure you use lube. (Don’t hurt yourself, please.)

Do You Like Temperature Play?

Speaking of temperature play, do you enjoy it? Do you think you might wanna try it? If your answer to either of those was yes, you’ll want to pick up a glass dildo.

If you’re not interested in temperature play, disregard this particular passage. You may go on to read the reviews.

Our Top 5 Glass and Stainless Steel Dildos

njoy Fun Wand

Here’s our first stainless steel dildo. Overall, I think this is a pretty good dildo I’d you’re new to anal play. The bulbs are a bit smaller and they go in pretty easily with a bit of lube. 

This dildo is great for hitting the G-spot so if you have a vagina, this is a great product for you! I think the biggest roadblock for beginners is the price. 

This is a pretty expensive toy and if you’re not too keen on spending a lot of money, this probably isn’t the toy for you. 

A few spots down, there’s a glass dildo that’s a little more reasonably priced. There’s a stainless steel dildo below that doesn’t cost as much if you want to try something with a metallic texture.

But if price isn’t an issue for you, check this dildo out. It’s worth every penny!

njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo


  • Small bulb size makes this great for beginners
  • Good at hitting the G-Spot
  • Doesn’t cause any pain when lubed up


  • Expensive

Icicle No. Five

And here’s our first glass dildo. I was gonna make a comparison to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but I probably shouldn’t mix fairy tales and dildos so I’ll just say it’s ‘just right’. 

Good girth, good length, a good dildo all around!

If you’re into temperature play, this and the other glass dildos on this list are great candidates for the job. 

I especially like the ribbed shaft on this toy in particular. It adds an extra great sensation during penetration and it adds a little bit of color to this dildo.

I know that you’re probably clinging to the edge of your seat wondering if this was the pretty dildo I was talking about. It isn’t, but it looks really nice regardless. 

It’s just a bit too phallic to not attract attention. I mean, if you’ve got a house covered in dildos, it’ll fit right in, but I don’t so it stays in my toy box with my other sex toys.

Now I only have one con, but I’m kinda reaching a little. It could stand to be a bit more curved. It’s not that it’s not curved at all, but I personally like a little bit of curvature. 

But that’s just a personal preference...You most likely won’t have a problem with it at all.


  • Great for temperature play
  • Just the right size
  • Ribbed shaft adds extra pleasure


  • Needs to curve a little more

Alright. Pretty decor dildo is here! Yes. There is a dildo shaped like a tentacle. If you’re aware of hentai tropes, you’re probably raising an eyebrow. I kinda did too when I first saw this dildo, but it actually uses its design to its advantage. 

There are little ridges and other texture enhancing editions to really up the pleasure factor. It’s also curved really nicely to hit the G-spot which is always super nice.

I think my only complaint is that there’s this one hard to clean spot on the toy. It’s around the base where there are some sculpted suction cups. Between them, there’s this weird ridge that is really hard to reach. 

This area doesn’t go directly inside of you since it’s at the base of the dildo, but if you happen to get something in that ridge, it’s a bit of a pain to clean.

I also wish the toy as a whole was a tad bigger.

Lovehoney Tentacle Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

But on the whole, I think this is a wicked cool toy! It stands up on its own so when I mentioned that you could put it on a shelf and let your guests look at it, I wasn’t kidding. It also just subtly looks like a penis. 

Like, if you didn’t know it was a dildo, the closest you’d get to someone thinking it was would be if someone like me walked in and just said in their head “haha, that looks like a penis.” But keep in mind I laugh at lighting fixtures that look vaguely like tits. 

I have a dirty, dirty mind. But if anyone like that comes to your house, they’d probably like it regardless of the sinful thoughts in their mind. I mean, I like it. It looks really nice!


  • Interesting design
  • Has a pleasant texture
  • Curved to hit the G-spot nicely


  • Has one hard to clean spot
  • Could stand to be a little bigger

Lovehoney Heart Twist Textured Sensual Glass Anal Prober 5 Inch

This dildo has effects! Effects of the iridescent kind. I dunno about you, but iridescent is my favorite color because it’s all of the colors and I’m super indecisive about everything!

But aside from the pretty color, I really like the size of this dildo in particular. It’s small enough for people who aren’t too used to penetration but still feels nice if you’re more experienced. 

Lovehoney Heart Twist Textured Sensual Glass Anal Prober 5 Inch

I think it’s partly due to the fact that it’s not as thick as other dildos but still has a nice length. I find myself using this dildo occasionally and really like the feel it provides. 

If this dildo sounds like something you'd like to use, definitely check it out! It's pretty great.


  • Iridescent effect is so pretty
  • Smaller size is great for people who aren’t used to penetration


  • Doesn’t come with a bag to store it in

Master Series The Curvy Steel G-spot Dildo

Here's the last dildo on the list. While it looks like a set of anal beads (which it  kinda is), this is also a pretty great vaginal dildo, too! The beads are a really nice size. 

They're not too large or small which makes for pretty easy insertion. I also love the curve it has. It makes hitting the G-spot easier and creates great orgasms. 

I did run into some trouble while using it for an extended period of time. Because stainless steel dildos tend to be heavier, they can be a bit of a strain on your wrist. This'll cause a little bit of pain if you're not too careful. 

It's not dangerous, 'per se', it's just a little bit annoying. But I haven't had much of a problem with this too often. 

This dildo causes me to come pretty quickly. While I can't really speak for everyone, I don't think you'll have much of a problem if you don't generally spend a long time masturbating.


  • Creates great orgasms
  • "Beads" are a nice size
  • Has a nice curve to it


  • Weight will hurt your wrists after a while


If you’re looking for the best glass and stainless steel dildo out of all of these, I’d have to say the Lovehoney Textured Tentacle Dildo. While its unique design provides an amazing masturbation sesh, it's such a pretty design that you can use it as a piece of decor in your home! 

I know that's a really strange thing to consider putting up in your house, but honestly, if I had the opportunity to put one of my sex toys on display and no one would be able to recognize it as a sex toy, I'd totally do it. 

If it wasn't clear already, I am a huge troll though, so maybe putting it up on display isn't your cuppa tea. If that's the case, go ahead and buy it anyway. It feels great and I'm not sure you could actually get a similar feeling from any other sensation. 

If you want to know which stainless steel dildo I'd recommend, I'd have to go with the njoy Fun Wand. While it's pretty expensive, I still love using it. It comes with three bulbs on one end to act as a butt plug.

The other end is great for hitting the G-spot. Its design also allows for easy insertion if you're properly lubed up which you should be by the by. 

But all of my cries for you to use lube, this is a great dildo for you to check out. Whichever dildo you end up choosing, you're going to have a great time. 

Bottom line…Glass and stainless steel dildos provide truly unique sensations compared to plastic and silicone dildos. 

==> Get more information on sex toys here.


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