March 22

5 Helpful Tips for Impact Play That You Need to Know About


Impact play is a type of BDSM activity that involves striking the body with various objects. It can be an intense and pleasurable experience for those who enjoy it, but it’s important to approach it safely and responsibly. If you’re interested in trying impact play, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind.

1. Start Slow and Build Up

It’s important to start with lighter impact and gradually increase the intensity as you become more comfortable. This allows your body to adjust to the sensations and helps prevent injury. You might begin with a gentle hand spanking and work your way up to more intense implements like a paddle or whip. Remember that everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so take your time and listen to your body.

2. Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is key in any sexual activity, but it’s especially important in impact play. Before you begin, have a frank discussion with your partner about what you both want to get out of the experience. Discuss boundaries, limits, and safe words. A safe word is a word or phrase that signals when the activity needs to stop immediately. It’s important to choose a safe word that’s easy to remember and not likely to come up in normal conversation. Some common safe words include “red,” “yellow,” and “banana.”

3. Choose the Right Implements

There are many different implements that can be used in impact play, from bare hands to floggers to canes. Each implement produces a different sensation, so it’s important to choose the right one for you and your partner. Some people prefer the thuddy sensation of a paddle, while others enjoy the sting of a whip. Keep in mind that different parts of the body may be more or less sensitive to different types of impact, so experiment and find what works best for you.

4. Focus on Aftercare

Aftercare is the process of taking care of each other emotionally and physically after a BDSM scene. It’s important to discuss and plan for aftercare before you begin, so you both know what to expect. Aftercare can involve things like cuddling, drinking water, and discussing the experience. It’s important to check in with your partner regularly and make sure they’re feeling okay. Remember that BDSM activities can be emotionally intense, so it’s important to take the time to reconnect and decompress afterwards.

5. Practice Risk-Aware Consensual Kink

Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) is a philosophy that emphasises the importance of informed consent and risk management in BDSM activities. It acknowledges that all sexual activity carries some level of risk, but that these risks can be minimised through education, communication, and responsible behavior. When practicing impact play, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved and take steps to minimise them. This might include using safe words, choosing the right implements, and avoiding certain areas of the body. Remember that BDSM is a consensual activity that should be enjoyed by all parties involved.


Overall, impact play can be a fun and exciting way to explore BDSM, but it’s important to approach it safely and responsibly. While this may seem tricky at first. the tips that we’ve outlined above should make things easier for you and your partner. Feel free to refer back to this article if you need more guidance on this matter.

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