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101: Kegel Balls Explained – Size, Weight and Workouts. Comprehensive Guide

Kegel balls are the all round package. They can both strengthen your pelvic floor muscle while tightening your vagina and intensify your orgasms. In my opinion, they’re a must have for any woman wanting to keep on top of their sexual health. 

But before you go out and buy the first ones you see there are a few things to consider...

I’m sure we can all agree, when it comes to your health, keeping physically fit is at the top of the list.

And people spend A LOT of time, effort, and money making sure they are keeping on top of it. 

Just getting to the gym regularly isn't the whole picture though.

Because when it comes to our ‘overall’ health there is one area that often gets overlooked.

Our OWN sexual health.

Whether it’s due to misinformation or just plain embarrassment (for some reason) when it comes to our own sexual health this seems to take a back seat. 

However, your sexual health is just as vital as your regular health, and there sure is nothing to feel ashamed about. Now, for us ladies, there is one type of product on the market that, although is classed as a sex toy, it’s also there to look after your sexual health too.

So quick question...

What Are Kegel Balls?

Simply put, Kegel Balls are sex aids that are used for training the vagina and pelvic floor. When inserted the user contracts and relaxes the muscles down below gaining more strength and control ‘down there’ than a performer at a ping pong show. 

(Actually very impressive if you’re ever in Thailand)

With regular Kegel Ball workouts, you can avoid problems with the bladder such as leakage, as well as tightening up that vagina for more intense orgasms and a greater sexual experience. Another common use is helping recover the trauma that the body endures after giving birth.

This not only helps women in the physical sense but also mentally knowing that they can do something to get their lady bits back in shape.

Why Do You Need Kegel Balls?

Like with everything…Some people argue that you don’t even need a Kegel ball in the first place and that all the exercises can be done without them. Well, I’m no doctor but in my experience, although you may not need them for exercise, it definitely improves the effects when you use them.

In order for kegel exercises to be useful, you need to understand your body's requirements first. 

You need to know how much your body can take, and what type of exercise you need. You may need to take a doctor's advice to make sure you are doing it right.

When To Use Kegel Balls?

Be warned:

You CANNOT use kegel balls all the time as there are instances when you need to avoid the exercises to avoid discomfort and overexertion.

Such as:

  • If you have pelvic pain or infection
  • If you use a menstrual cup
  • If you are using IUD. (Intrauterine Device)
  • If you went through a surgery in the pelvic region

To make sure you’re safe using kegel balls, you need to pick the right weight, size, and training techniques.

First, you need to keep in mind that kegel balls need to be inserted inside your vagina for exercise. Once you insert it, the activity varies depending on why you are using them.

If you want to improve your sex life there are various training techniques. Similarly, if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor, the practice is different again.

So, you need to take your pick for the exercise technique before you purchase one product accordingly. Remember there is a correct procedure for preparing, inserting, practicing, removing and cleaning the ball. 

Any mistake is these steps can threaten your health. Hence the need to research well before starting to use kegel balls.

What To Look For When Buying Kegel Balls?

There are many types of kegel balls. The varieties come with sizes, weight, etc. One often overlooked rule of kegel balls is picking one with the right material.


Since it is going inside you, you need to pick a high-quality material such as glass, metal or silicon which has easy cleaning surfaces to stop any bacterial nastiness breeding.

(For a deep dive into Sex Toy Safety Click Here)

The problem with cheap materials is that they tend to break down easily which could cause problems with your body.

There are ways to avoid this: look for terms such as ‘body-safe’, or ‘medical grading’, etc. This indicates that the manufacturer has taken extra steps to ensure product quality and safety of the product.

Size Of The ‘Ball’

This is pretty straight forward...

Generally if you are just starting out you will use a large size kegel ball. (Obviously if its comfortable)

This is because it’ll stay in place easier as the muscles don't need to contract much to hold larger balls comparative to smaller ones putting less strain on the muscles. Over time as you become stronger, you can use smaller balls.

Weight Of The Ball

This, like the size, is essential for kegal balls to be worth it. It's about finding that right balance for YOUR body.

My advice, pick a kegel ball with less weight to start. The majority of kegel balls weigh less than half a pound. Once you start practicing, you’ll quickly notice progress and may need to replace it with a heavier ball to keep your training progressing. I personally can't tell you when to increase the weight...You’ll just know. 

Using Lubricants

This one is a double edged sword…

True...Using a bit of lube does help when putting the ball inside you, However, because it makes the ball slippery and harder to grip you will face problems during exercise as the muscle needs to work harder to get a grip on the ball.

So, in this case, I think less is more and you might have to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

Kegel Ball Workout

Ok, great. You’ve researched the perfect kegel ball, with the right material, size, and weight and they’ve made it to your house.

Now what...

What do you do once they’re in?

So, what you do depends entirely on why you’re using them in the first place.

If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor you’ll use targeted exercises that’ll strengthen and tone your muscles.

Here’s a routine you can start with:

  • Lie on your back and insert the balls. 
  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to lift and squeeze the balls.
  • Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then relax for another 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this step 5 times in a row to complete one set.
  • You can perform up to three sets a day

Once you’re comfortable with traditional Kegels or other pelvic floor exercises, consider adding weighted Kegel balls. 

These will enhance your workout by adding an extra challenge and give your vagina a vice like grip.

If you want to focus less on exercise and more on individual ‘sexploration’ Kegel balls typically aren’t used in the same way as traditional sex toys.

You could move them in and out of your vagina, this is definitely an option, however you may find that it’s more intense to leave them inside while rubbing your clitoris or exploring your erogenous zones as they’ll enhance the sensation.

Two Ways Kegel Balls Can Intensify Sex Play

While lying in bed, put your Kegel balls inside your vagina, and start to squeeze your pelvic muscles. 

As you become more aroused and self-lubricated, begin to explore your body and then grab your favorite vibrator and play with your clit. 

As you squeeze, rub your vibrator on your clitoris and around your vaginal opening to heighten pleasure.

For Partner Play

If you want to increase your sensitivity during vaginal sex, Kegel balls can help you and your partner heat things up.

You can insert them before you head out on your date (a la Anastasia Steele from from Fifty Shades) or make insertion the first part of an intense round of foreplay. 

The longer the balls are in, the more aroused you’ll be when it’s time for the main event.

(Remember, don't forget to pull the balls out before your partner — or another toy — slides in.)

Good Kegel Ball Hygiene (Sorry its a must I’m afraid)

As mentioned before good hygiene is a must when it comes to sex toys.  The balls need to be cleaned properly and often. If it is not cleaned, then using it can cause irritation, pH imbalance, UTI's, and more unwanted side effects.

Clean the balls along with the strings. You may think that the strings are not going inside, so it does not need much cleaning. But the strings can still pass on harmful particles which can cause further problems.Again, don’t let this put you off, just think about it like cleaning your teeth.

Escape Vanilla’s Top Kegel Ball Picks

So we’ve looked at kegal balls from every angle. But which one should you buy?

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered, here is a shortlist of quality kegel balls that you can buy right now.

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

This is the complete package with sets of balls in one bundle. One is a single ball which is perfect for beginners. 

The other two are double balls for more strenuous exercise with different features. One is a soft but heavy double ball, and the other is heavy and hard. After you get used to the sensation then you can pick the one that suits you best. These are made out of silicon that you can wash easily. 

All in all, they are very comfortable to use and also come with a string, so you have better control over it while practicing as you can pull them out at any time.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Lula have designed their kegel balls for both pleasure and usefulness. Each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable balls, with two different weights for variable sensations which means if you just want to buy once Lelo Luna is the way to go.

They also Gently and secretly vibrate in response to your body’s movements making them perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

You must have been hiding under a rock for the last decade if you hadn't heard of Fifty Shades Of Grey…

This novel and film sensation made a whole generation look at their own sex life and wondered what they may be missing.They were pretty fast to take advantage of their popularity by releasing their own sex toy line.

And with it, their Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls to add to your collection. With its remote control you can and indulge in 10 sensational patterns and 6 levels of intensity. This will add heightened pleasure and as your muscles squeeze around them you’ll also be doing wonders for your internal strength.

In Conclusion...

Kegel balls have proven to be both a great addition in the sex toy treasure trove for both health and taking those orgasm to another level.

Like with all toys they are very safe if you follow all the right guidelines above and keep yours squeaky clean.

I’d highly recommend getting a set before you feel you ‘need’ them as then you’ll be ahead of the game when the time comes when we inevitably start to loosen up ‘down there’ as we start to ‘mature’ shall we say. 

For me… The Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System would be my first choice solely on the fact as well as getting a pelvic floor session in, I'll also have the added pleasure of being aroused while doing it.

Who said workouts have to be boring eh...

Eroscillator 2 Full Review

The Eroscillator 2 is an awesome sex toy. It provides the most varied solo experience out there in our opinion. Because you have 6 different attachments as well as multiple speeds and angles. It definitely has our stamp of approval. But keep reading to find out if it suits you.

In the UK, According to a study by The Express newspaper, as much as 48 percent of the UK women use vibrators to improve their sex life. It also goes beyond the popular thinking that vibrators are only for single women. Sex toys not only help women and men to improve their sex orgasm, but also improve their mental and physical health.

(So they beat a workout in the gym in my opinion!)

One of the toys that is leading the way as one of the most popular vibrators available in the market is deluxe Eroscillator 2 Plus Massager. It's a favorite across the globe and before we go jump into the review, I, myself have given it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Of course, I’m sure you want to know more so let's look more closely at the Eroscillator 2’s Pros And Cons...


  • Helps people who find it hard to climax during normal intercourse
  • Attachments stimulate several pleasure points on the nipple and clitoris
  • Ribbed, which makes it grip-friendly 
  • Almost silent... even at high speeds


  • Take many attempts to find the pressure
  • Switch is flush with the chassis, so can be hard to locate
  • Doesn’t take batteries

Key Features Of The Eroscillator Vibrator

The Main Chassis Works with Six Attachments

This vibrator has SIX attachments!


You’ve got six different ways they can stimulate the clitoris. Call that comprehensive. 

The attachments are the Golden Spoon, Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb, Ultra-soft Fingertip attachment, French Legionnaires Mustache and Seven Pearls of the Orient. 

The Ultra-soft Fingertip attachment is specially made for vaginal penetration and stimulation while the Grapes and cockscomb has fine bristles that stimulate the clitoris when activated by the power of the main chassis.

You may use ball and cup attachment for nipple stimulation. We recommend coating the head with a generous amount of water-based lube for maximum pleasure. Most users experiment with each head to discover the one that suits them best. However, even with the most favourite, it is recommended that you use others from time to time to vary the pleasure sensations.

Three Intensity Settings

The speed and pressure can be varied in three intensities. This allows users to determine the most pleasurable settings for their use. The highest setting delivers up to 3,600 oscillations per minute for intense pressure. It is easy to vary the pressure settings in the course of using the vibrator. Unlike the conventional vibrators, the Eroscillator has a side to side motion that helps intensify the pressure.

Angled Pleasure

You can angle the vibrator up to 60 degrees to zero to reach the hard to reach pleasure points of the vagina and clitoris. That’s what puts this vibrator in a league of its own in our opinion. Furthermore you utilise any of the three speeds for any angle.

Quiet and Cool

At low and medium speeds it is virtually quiet. However, at the highest speed, it has a low sound that emanates from it. Therefore, it is not a device that would wake your neighbours or family members sleeping in the next room when you would like to have your private pleasure episode.

Sealed and Waterproof

The Eroscillator chassis is waterproof. Therefore, it cannot be damaged by vaginal fluids after intense squirting. In addition, the tip of the massager is splash-free. This allows you to clean it with soap and running water after use. The power cord is ell-sealed at the attachment with the chassis to prevent any accidents from electric shocks when in use.

A Quick Review Of The Eroscillator

This vibrator is unique because of one thing.

That is…


You get multiple attachments. Multiple speeds. Multiple angles. 

Because of that, it’s highly likely you’ll find something you enjoy.

You can even find a few, then adjust then based on your mood, or what fantasy you are wrapped in that day. 

People that find it hard to climax can have success with this. 

Which is why we love to recommend it. 

Check the best price here.

Best Alternative To The Eroscillator 2

The biggest rival to this toy is the original magic wand.

This is a rechargeable magic wand that has long been used for vulva and clitoral stimulation. The new model is cordless and has a flexible neck, which allows it to be used in various areas of the body. It has variable speeds to enable the user to vary the intensity of the orgasms. By being cordless, it allows women to have quick pleasures in places where they are not connected to mains power. The flexible neck allows it to reach various pleasure zones of the vagina. It can also be used for nipple and thigh stimulation.

Magic Wand Original Extra Powerful Plug-In Vibrator

Fleshlight Launch Review – Full Buying Guide

When it comes to getting yourself off it doesn't get much better than The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. With male sex toys coming on leaps and bounds in the last few years this is currently the one to beat for solo pleasure. 

Truth is... if you're single, married, with a partner or looking for a new one…The drive to masturbate stays pretty much the same; strong. Hey, birds gotta’ fly, fish gotta’ swim and guys gotta’ masturbate. It’s pretty much that simple. That’s why the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a product you’ve gotta’ try.

Made to simulate an amazing stroking motion without using your hands, the Quickshot Launch is an exciting new development in sex toys. With multiple features like speed control, a heads-up display and more, it’s made to be used with the awesome Fleshlight Quickshot, one of my fave solo stroking toys...

In fact, the Launch takes the regular Quickshot, which is already awesome, and turns it up a notch!

For me, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch easily gets a 5-star rating. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

PROs and CONs of the Quickshot Launch

Any masturbation device is going to have its good side and bad side, no doubt. Size, price and convenience are some of the factors that make a device great or just ok’, so here's my pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

Quickshot Launch PROs

  • No hands needed. Yes, you hold the device but it does all the stroking
  • Variable stroke speeds up to 250 strokes per minute! Nice!
  • Innovative and easy-to-use touch control for length and speed of stroke
  • Heads-up display (with your own smartphone) This is great for watching porn or having virtual sex
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Uses Quickshot, which you may already own
  • Fast, easy clean-up

Quickshot Launch CONs

  • Large device. This won’t be fitting in your pocket or even a small bag
  • Relatively expensive for a masturbation toy
  • A bit heavy and bulky
  • Not discreet in any sense of the word due to its large size
  • You need the Quickshot to use it (although you can get the Vantage Pack which includes it and some lube)

Key Features of the Quickshot Launch

The Quickshot launch has a number of unique, interesting and pleasurable features that provide several benefits other devices don’t.

Variable Stroke Length and Speed

All guys are not alike, and so the Quickshot Launch can be easily and quickly changed to deliver 1 of 4 stroke and speed variations depending on what you like best and the size of your lil’ buddy. The highest setting is 250 storks per minute! Simply toggle through the 4 variations to find your perfect stroke, relax and let the Launch take over. It's great because you can change the speed or length when you decide to get the greatest pleasure when you're ready!

Easy to Change Between Settings

What I really like about the Launch is that the toggle switches for the Speed and Stroke Length are located on either side so that you can easily and quickly change them while you're enjoying yourself. They're located at thumb level which is perfect! You don't even have to look, they're right there!

Launch uses the Quickshot Solo Device

If you have the Quickshot device the Launch is a step up, allowing you to take it from a ‘hands-on’ to a ‘hands-off’ experience (although you still need to hold the Launch). So if you love the Quickshot you’ll love the Launch even more! The Quickshot loads in really easily too, and pops right back out when you're finished.

3 Pleasure Zones

Taking variability to the extreme, the Launch offers either Base, Shaft or Tip pleasure zones that you can toggle between and lose your head for a few minutes. I love this feature because it lets me stimulate myself in different ways on different days, a refreshing change-up that we guys need from time to time.

Heads Up Display

The Quickshot Launch can be used in tandem with a smartphone for watching porn or, even better, communicating with a partner while you both get off! This is fantastic for so many reasons, including that you don't have to hold the phone, you can watch your favorite porn scene or actors and you can share your experience with someone you love (or lust after).

Universal Smartphone Mount Included

Attaching your smartphone is easy with the included universal smartphone mount that sits on top of the Launch. Just pop on your smartphone and then get ready to pop off! It's easy peasy, brother!

Rechargeable Battery

With its rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about buying new batteries every time they die and adding to your local landfill. A full charge lasts 60 minutes too (although you never will!) and the Launch also can be used while plugged in so you never have to wait to get off!

Easy Clean-Up

The launch was made to be used with the Quickshot, one of the best solo masturbation devices Fleshlight has ever produced. All you do is insert your Quickshot into the Launch and get started. When you’re done, it pops right back out for easy cleanup and storage until your next solo session.

Quickshot Launch Review

After using the Quickshot Launch several times now I can say without reservation that it’s a well-built solo masturbation device that delivers on its promise of excellent solo or shared sex.

Quickshot Launch is manufactured to high-quality standards, it looks and feels like a high-end device that will last for years and not have any problems or issues. The toggle switches, smartphone mount and case are all put together well and feel very stable and secure in your hands.

One of my favorite features of the Quickshot Launch is that loading and unloading is easy as pie, cleaning the problem, and best of all, toggling back and forth between speeds and stroke length is as simple as using the TV remote!

For me the ability to easily change speed and stroke is genius…

Let’s be honest, when you’re halfway down the rabbit hole you don’t want to have to think about where the switch is or fumble around to find it. 

With the Launch, both toggle switches are right there, at thumb height, so that you can switch as often and as fast as you like with barely a thought.

Love it!

Another excellent feature of the Launch is that it gives you a mount for, (you guessed it), your smartphone! With your phone in place you can then watch all your favorite porn or whatever else you like watching while you get off. 

How Does the Quickshot Launch Compare?

Quickshot Launch vs Autoblow A.I.

Compared to the Autoblow A.I. the Quickshot Launch feels like a more substantial machine. Both deliver a tailored performance based on your needs and desires but the Launch is easier to switch between modes, much easier to hold and comes with a rechargeable battery that the Autoblow doesn’t provide. 

(Plus there’s no smartphone mount for watching and/or sharing.)

I’d say that the Launch is better for those who want to be able to change things up quickly and share their experience, while the Autoblow A.I. is better for men who want a smaller device that they can use alone.

Quickshot Launch vs TENGA Zero Flip EV

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator

The TENGA Zero Flip EV is a solo, manual masturbation device that works well. 

Saying that, while a good effort, it doesn't really hold a candle to the Quickshot Launch. One of the biggest drawbacks it has is that it's 100% manual, so you'll be doing all the work. 

One of the best points? Practically any guy, of any size, with any type of ED problem, can use it and get a good experience.

The Launch is better for men who want a device that does all the work while the TENGA Zero Flip EV is better for someone who has 'issues' (hey, we all have some) and for those who like to provide all the stoking power themselves.

Quickshot Launch vs Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack

Made by the same folks who make the Quickshot Launch, the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack is made to open your masturbation world to, well, practically everything that's available. 

Bluetooth, VR, pre-programmed functions and a 3D porn gallery are all here. 

Like the name suggests, the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack is a great way to train and thus suited more for beginners. The Quickshot Launch is more for men who already have great control and want more of it.

When all is said and done...

There you have it…Sex toys for men have come a long way since I was growing up…

In fact, I didn't even know if any even existed so that's saying something.   The bottom line is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a fantastic device and is well worth the investment if you are looking for an unrivalled solo experience . Again, I give it 5-Stars and highly recommend it to any man who is looking for better, more exciting ways to pleasure themself. In other words...TAKE MY MONEY!

Hitachi Magic Wand Review – Buying Guide

The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the best value, high quality toys compared to other sex toys of its caliber. You can use it by yourself or with your partner and it can seriously enhance your pleasure by a factor of ten. 

But before we get to the real nuts and bolts and review the Hitachi Magic Wand, first a little history of this retro, super iconic sex toy. 

Now, This baby came out over 50 years ago in 1968. 

Magic Wand Plus Extra Powerful Plug-In Vibrator

And like me, you’re probably as surprised that sex toys were being commercially produced  back then, but I suppose the women’s lib movement had something to do with allowing women to get off just as much as the men. (Don’t quote me on that though)

Unfortunately, America in the late 60’s and 70’s was still pretty sex negative, at least where women were concerned. The internet didn’t exist yet, so women couldn’t order sex toys online and have them shipped discreetly to their homes. 

They had to pretend they were being good wives, or whatever, and having a sex drive was not something a good wife had.

Now, this specific vibrator is branded as a massager which although it might have been a way to make it more accepted and give women an excuse to buy, without having to admit they had a sex toy…

The irony is, it gives a mean massage too (we’ll talk about that later). 

So the branding wasn’t lying— not technically.

But does it still hold up now?

To give you a quick numerical rating, I’d have to say it deserves a 4/5.

But what exactly do I like about this baby? Why, I’m glad you asked.

Hitachi Magic Wand Pros

1. It’s iconic design - Yeah, yeah, this isn’t a functional thing, but really, how could I not talk about the design? It’s got a retro feel, yet it doesn’t feel dated.

2. It’s great for anal play - No, don’t stick this up your butt completely. It’s not made to do that. But you can use it to stimulate the opening of your butthole. Or you can put it on your clit while doing anal.

3. It’s great for masturbation - Of course it is! You say in exasperation, but the magic wand is a special kind of great. I put it on my clit and holy hell did it get the job done! I came in like, 10 seconds. And it was a damn good orgasm!

Hitachi Magic Wand Cons

1. There are a lot of knock offs - I know this isn’t necessarily the company’s fault, but even when you search for the Hitachi Magic Wand directly, they only come up in ads. The rest of the results on the first page are not originals which can get really confusing.

2. There’s only two speeds - Granted, two speeds is really all you need with this wonderful toy, but this toy is pretty expensive. I had expected to see more speed settings especially with other toys boasting a whole gearbox of speeds.

Hitachi Magic Wands Key Features

Bendable Neck

The neck of the Magic Wand can actually bend to suit any of your needs. I haven’t noticed that on a lot of vibrators even though it’s super convenient! I love anything that takes even a little bit of frustration out of masturbating and let me tell ya, it’s great.

Large Vibrating Head

Whoever tries to tell you bigger isn’t always better is lying. The head on this toy is great! It really helps you massage your whole clit which is super helpful. Remember when I told you how long it took me to come? That was because of this big, beautiful head. Trust me. You’re gonna love it.

Two Speed Motor

Even though the Magic Wand only has 2 speeds, they can both make you come pretty quickly. One’s a bit gentler and the other will make you cum your socks off. Sound fun? You’re goddamn right it’s fun.

Timeless Design

If you couldn’t already tell from the name, this particular sex toy was designed in Japan. It has a distinct design that you’re sure to recognize (why do you think there are so many copycats trying to hijack Hitachi’s style?). 

This little toy is designed to provide maximum pleasure, but it doesn’t scream sex toy. (Remember, it was supposed to look like a massager.)

So maybe you could still trick a couple people into thinking you just need to work out some knots in your back.

The Review

So, above I’ve already thrown out some pros and cons and the features of this toy, but I’m sure you want an actual review of it. Who I think it’s for, that kinda stuff. So here ya go:

And really, there’s something great about getting yourself a higher quality sex toy than the usual stuff you find on Amazon (not that there’s anything wrong with Amazon sex toys). 

So if you’re just beginning to think about getting into using sex toys, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a great toy for you.It’s also just an all around good option. You can use it by yourself or with your partner. Either way it can enhance your pleasure by a factor of ten. 

I’m serious. At least use it with your partner if they don’t get insecure about a piece of plastic getting you off. You’d be surprised how many people feel threatened when you feel good, but I’m hoping all of you have supportive partners when I recommend this toy to you. 

It’s really a great piece of classic technology everyone should own. It’s unique design allows for a type of pleasure I haven’t felt before.

How Does The Hitachi Magic Wand Compare Your Other Sex Toys?

Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator Pink

I know! I know! The name’s awful! But it’s probably one of the most well known and well regarded sex toys of its type. 

This particular toy provides clitoral stimulation by sucking instead of just vibrating. It has a similar effect of making women, like myself, come incredibly quickly and strongly. 

But good god is it expensive! I mean, it’s definitely worth it, but this bitch costs an arm and a leg!

So that’s one plus for the Magic Wand. I do have to say, though, I prefer sucking sensations rather than just vibrations. I like my toys to simulate oral as closely as possible so if you prefer sucking to vibrations, get the Womanizer Premium.

 If you don’t have a preference, then definitely go with the Magic Wand. It’s not nearly as expensive and it’ll give you a whole new world of pleasure.

Le Wand Compact Point Vibrator

Here’s a vibrator more akin to the Magic Wand. This vibrator allows for actual penetration, though. So if you want a little bit of vaginal stimulation, this toy’s for you. As for me, I’m not too fussed, so I don’t really use this vibrator for that reason. 

This one is almost half the price of the Womanizer though, so that’s a plus. It’s still more expensive than the Magic Wand, though.

An interesting little feature is that it has a little ridged bit that gives you some extra friction. So if you like penetration AND vibrators and you can stand the price, I’d check this baby out.

Lelo Insignia Soraya 2 Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Here’s the first rabbit vibrator on this list and its from one of the most well respected companies in Sex Toys, Lelo. So this fact alone means you know you're going to get exceptional quality 

The Soraya 2 provides clitoral and vaginal stimulation for the ultimate masturbation sesh and has been redesigned to be smoother and easier to insert. I like this vibrator more than Le Wand, but I still prefer the Magic Wand because, y’know, no penetration. 

But I occasionally take this out if I’m looking for a different type of pleasure. This toy is also more expensive than the Magic Wand. It really makes me wonder why all of these toys are so expensive…Then again can you put a price on pleasure!?

Finally! A toy that isn’t going to break the bank.

This toy comes with an adjustable head much like the Magic Wand although It doesn’t have the classic design of the Magic Wand and I wish it looked a little better. I guess when you’re going for inexpensive sex toys you have too make allowances. 

It’s pretty easy to hold, though. The adjustable head definitely makes it easier to get off without your wrist getting tired. And as I’ve mentioned before, anything that makes your come faster is a huge plus!

Final Thoughts On the Magic Wand...

So those are the competitors to the Magic Wand. I have to say that while pretty much all of them serve a different function, the Magic Wand is still at the top of my list of sex toys. It’s super easy to use, and it’ll have you coming really quickly!

I think the only sex toy I like a tiny bit more than the Magic Wand is the Womanizer Premium. Does the name suck? Yeah... but the actual toy is suuuuuuuper sucky, but in all the right ways. If only it wasn’t so god damn expensive!

But all in all, the Magic Wand is a great choice for anyone who’s just starting to explore sex toys, or for the seasoned user of sex toys looking to add another toy to their box of goodies.

Best Butterfly Vibrator – Ultimate Buying Guide

For me the Best Butterfly Vibrator would have to be the Dame Eva II. It’s super small and fits in just the right place so my partner and I can still enjoy ourselves without it getting in the way. Also it’s a great toy to use for couple’s sex. 

What do you get when you cross something as delicate and beautiful as a butterfly and something as raunchy as the sex industry...? 

A dope sex toy, that’s what!

Butterfly vibrators allow for a whole lotta hands-free fun! Just put it on under your clothes or wear it by itself for some amazing clitoral stimulation! Seriously, I love how great these little guys feel when I have one on.

Quick note: You might see me mention ‘panty vibrators’ too. Just so you don’t get confused this is interchangeable with ‘butterfly vibrators’ as they are kinda the same thing!

But figuring out which vibrator’s best for you can be a bit of a challenge, so I’m here to help you out! Today, we’ll look at:

Our Top 6 Butterfly Vibrators

But why would someone even want to use one of these toys in the first place? Let’s take a closer look...

Hands-free Orgasms - Taking the Work Out of Masturbation

I love hands-free sex-- not because I’m a lazy bastard (although that is very true), but because everything just feels so much better when you’re not experiencing the miscellaneous cramps associated with masturbation. 

Think about it: if you use a wand vibrator, you can develop wrist pains if you hold it a certain way. The same for a dildo or other kind of sex toy except for maybe a buttplug. Those little pains just make the whole experience a little less enjoyable. 

I’ve also found that you don’t have to work for an amazing orgasm. If anything, it feels even better to use something hands-free since you can focus more on playing with those often neglected parts of your body (See our erogenous zones article for more info). 

And let me tell you, I love it when I have an out of this world orgasm. (Don't we all)

Complete Submission - Let Your Partner Control When You Cum

If you have a partner and you want to dabble in a little submission play, this is the toy for you. Just give your partner the remote and let them decide when and how you cum. 

Granted, this type of play isn’t for everyone, but if the idea of giving your partner complete control of your body gets you wet, then you’re gonna love butterfly vibrators.

I personally love any type of toy that lets my partner and I work a little dom/sub play in. There’s an added mystery aspect that sends shivers through my body. 

Good god, do I feel sexy when I’m playing with my partner. I just can’t get enough!

Targeted Vibrations - Give Your Clit the Love it Deserves

As with similar vibes, butterfly vibrators allow you to target the most sensitive part of your body: your clit. 

Ever wonder why you have trouble cumming during penetrative sex? 

It’s because your vagina doesn’t have a lot of touch receptors inside. They’re all in that magic bean. And the beautiful thing about Butterfly vibes is that they target your clit to provide mind blowing vibrations. 

When I first started using clitoral vibrators, I knew that my clit was where all my best orgasms were stored, but nothing could prepare me for the wave of pleasure I felt using that vibe. 

It was like a magical gift from the heavens to give me more pleasure than I could’ve ever imagined.

So yeah. Butterfly vibrators feel a bit like that.

But now that you have a pretty good idea whether you or your partner would be interested in using a butterfly vibrator, let’s get on to the reviews!

Lovehoney Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

First up, we have a literal butterfly vibrator. Yes, this little guy may be cute, but boy does he get the job done.

This was the first butterfly vibrator my partner and I picked up and man did it set our expectations high. When I put it on, I was floored by how powerful the vibrations were.

But of course, when my partner saw my shock, she just had to ramp up the juice and make me squirm around, begging to cum. 

She’s such a tease.

While I was using this toy, I was impressed by how comfortable it felt. The straps never rubbed in unpleasant places and the butterfly itself fit nicely on my clit. 

That being said, I wasn’t too psyched about the cord attached to the remote because it really limits movement when my partner has it in her hand.While I was squirming, I found that certain positions yanked on the cord and caused the vibe to shift, which really broke a bit of my immersion. It’s hard to act like a mewling sex kitten when your vibrator’s getting yanked this way and that. 

After a little bit of use though, we were able to figure out the best positions to make sure the vibe didn’t shift too much.


  • It’s so cute!
  • Powerful vibrations for powerful orgasm
  • It’s super comfortable -- no chaffing with this toy


  • Remote isn’t cordless -- no roleplaying allowed

Here’s a butterfly vibrator that doesn’t quite look the part, but still offers amazing vibrations. Mr. Hook is a long vibrator that conforms to the contours of your body to provide more targeted vibrations. 

And I’m not kidding about that last part; this toy feels amazing! 

I love how strong the vibrations feel when they can get right up against your clit. Couple those strong vibrations with the wireless remote and you’ve got an absolutely delicious exhibitionism cocktail. 

I’ve taken this toy out on the town on a number of occasions to feel extra naughty. Cumming in front of a bunch of people that are none the wiser is almost intoxicatingly pleasurable. 

The only thing I should warn you about is that this toy shouldn’t be used in quiet areas. It’s just a little too loud for those situations, but if you’re in a noisy supermarket or another loud-ish area, you shouldn’t worry about anyone hearing it. 

As always, make sure you test it out at home to gauge how loud it is before you use it in public; you don’t want to get in trouble for being a sexual deviant.


  • Wireless remote allows for discreet play
  • Fits well for more targeted vibrations
  • Love the sleek design


  • Can be a bit noisy

Here’s a butterfly vibrator of the strapless variety. The Dame Eva is made of a super soft silicone that sits nice and pretty on your clit for amazing vibrations. If you’re looking for a pure clitoral vibrator, this is the one for you. 

Eva has little arms that sit in between your labia and while it can take a little while to figure out how to situate it comfortably, it’s surprisingly non-invasive while you’re fucking.

My partner and I were having sex one day and we decided to pull out this beauty. Even when I put it on my clit, there was still plenty of room for my partner to fuck me with a dildo; and Eva was never knocked out of place once! 

This beauty’s great for a nice blended orgasm whether you’re getting fucked in the ass or in the pussy. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking to spice up your bedroom life.


  • Strapless design doesn’t get in the way during sex
  • Made of soft, high-quality silicone
  • Great for couples play


  • Takes a little while to insert properly

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Panty Vibrator

I’ve covered this vibrator before, but I just can’t get over how great this toy is. The Relentless Vibrations panty vibrator is great for some exhibitionist fun with your partner or even by yourself. 

I love how small the remote is-- it’s about the size of the vibrator itself, allowing for easy concealment in a purse or pocket. 

My partner and I used this during a date night and I swear she was getting more pleasure seeing me squirm around in my seat than I was. One minute she’d turn on a slow vibration mode, then the next, it was on full blast. 

We were having so much fun that I’m 100% sure our waiter noticed something was up. I’m just grateful that he was too polite to say something.

The one thing that really annoyed me was how confusing the instructions could be at times. I noticed that they mentioned one colored light, but the actual toy had a completely different color.

 Luckily, we were still able to figure out how to use it and then it was smooth sailing from there.


  • Love the stylish design
  • Comes with a wireless remote
  • Remote is small enough for discreet play


  • Instructions are a little confusing

Here’s another panty vibrator and I have to say, I like the design a lot more than the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless.

Cheven’s Panty Vibe comes with a little ridge in the middle that runs up against your clit for maximum orgasm potential.

 While the remote itself is a lot more temperamental, the toy as a whole is super pleasurable. I’ve found that the vibrations this toy creates are strong enough that they can create a great orgasm, but not too strong that you start to feel numb or uncomfortable-- something that’s really important when using a vibrator.

My partner and I tried to use this vibe in a similar situation to the Relentless Vibrations vibe and we couldn’t get the remote to work very well. The range on the thing is sometimes unreliable  and doesn’t always work well in a public environment. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping it at home in the future.

Like some of the other toys on the list, this isn’t a good vibe to use in quiet settings as it will probably be heard by other people. So while I loved the design and how strong the vibrations were, I have to admit that this toy was a bit disappointing overall.

I can really only recommend it if you’re only planning to use it in your bedroom, not out in public.


  • Vibrator has a nice curvature to it so it reaches your clit
  • Vibrations are strong, but don’t cause numbness
  • Wireless remote allows for some exhibitionism


  • Can be loud in quiet setting

  • Remote has terrible range

Finally, we have a toy that admittedly looks a bit strange. The dildo part looks like your average G-spot vibrator, but then your eyes travel down the shaft and you see a fuzzy little critter that looks like some kind of alien out of a sci-fi movie. 

But despite its strange looks, the Treediride G-Spot Clit Vibe is actually super functional and fun! Just insert the shaft into your pussy and put the fuzzy critter over your clit and you’re in for a whole lotta blended orgasms. 

Despite this toy being a bit bigger than the other toys on this list, I’ve never really had a lot of problems with it falling out while I’m moving around that house. I’ve done housework and made dinner, and this guy stayed in place the whole time. 

And can I mention how great it is to use this while doing mundane shit? I absolutely abhor household chores, but when I use this vibe, everything seems just a little less painful.

(But I’m sure you’re looking for something a little sexier than housework.)

Well, while I don’t really like to use this toy out in public since it’s so large (and a bit too loud), I’ve had tons of sexy nights with my partner. I love to turn this toy on and let my partner fuck me in the ass. And because we’re using this toy, her hands are free to touch all my sensitive body parts to make me cum even more! 

So if you’re looking for something that’ll create an amazing orgasm, this is the toy for you!


  • Stays in while you’re moving around
  • Love the strong vibes- don’t have to wait long to cum
  • Made of a soft silicone that doesn’t smell


  • Is too loud for quiet places

In Conclusion…

My favorite butterfly vibrator would have to be the Dame Eva. While I still have a soft spot for the Treediride, I just love the design of Eva! It’s super small and fits in just the right place so my partner and I can still fuck without it getting in the way. Once you get over the initial learning curve, this is a great toy to use for couple’s sex. We won’t be putting it away for a long, long time.

Ben Wa Balls Review

Ben Wa Balls are a sex toy that provides pleasure while strengthening your pelvic muscles (if you use them for Kegal exercises). They provide a unique sensation since they’re not used in the same way as “traditional” toys. We recommend the Lelo Luna beads for beginners.  

Want something that’ll give you pleasure, but also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Then the Ben Wa Balls are for you! 

If you're unsure what Ben Was Balls are exactly, then allow me to give you a little background.

These balls are actually older than you might think. Their creation dates back pretty far in history. It's believed they originated in Japan, then spread across Asia, and eventually into Europe. 

Ben Wa Balls generally come with one empty ball, and one filled with a heavier substance-- usually metal.

How They Work

You insert the empty ball in first... then the heavier one. If you move your hips around, even a little bit, the balls create a very pleasurable vibration.

But Ben Wa Balls are also frequently used to strengthen women's pelvic floor muscles and improve vaginal elasticity. How? By doing kegel exercises with the balls inserted!

Warning: the pleasure associated with the balls might be a little... ahem distracting.

Our Top Recommendation

Our top recommendation for beginners and experienced users alike are the Lelo Luna Beads.

These are some interesting Ben Wa Balls. I really think they're the best balls to get if you're a beginner who wants to start using them For sure. I started with these and I have to give them a 5/5.

Lelo Luna Beads Advantages

The Balls Come Apart

This set comes with 2 sets of Ben Wa Balls. The great thing about this product, in particular, is that it comes with a little harness that you can insert the Ben Wa Balls into. But you can also just put in one ball if you're just getting acclimated to using them. This is a great way to work up to the 2 ball size while still being able to do some exercises. 

They Come With A Pull-string

Most Ben Wa Ball sets just give you two balls with no string. I know that eventually, they'll fall out if you walk around your house, but that kinda terrifies me. I would much rather be able to take them out whenever I want to. With the Luna Beads, you can do just that! One of the balls comes with a string, so you just loop it through the harness and then you can pull them out whenever you're ready!

Two Different Weights

If you want to start with a lighter, easier to keep in set of Ben Wa Balls, you can absolutely do that! 

If you feel like you're ready to upgrade to a heavier ball that'll give you a bit more of a workout, you can absolutely do that too! 

That’s part of the reason I said this product is good for beginners and people who've used Ben Wa Balls before. It gives you that flexibility. 

Now, I haven't tried it yet, but you can also insert one ball of each different weights. I bet that would be an interesting experience! You wouldn't be able to get that experience if you only had one weight.

The craziest thing about these balls is their 10 year guarantee. Basically, if your Ben Wa Balls experience issues within your first 10 years of owning them, you can get 50% off of up to 5 items in the shop. That's crazy. 

These are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor while experiencing pleasure along the way. I love the different weights since they give beginners an intro to the Ben Wa Balls world. So they won't get  disappointed or frustrated by using a heavier, smaller set. I think they're priced pretty fairly since you're getting a lot for the price, and I absolutely love the 10 year guarantee. Gives me an extra sense of security.

Drawbacks Of Ben Wa Balls

It'll Take A While To Really Start Feeling Any Pleasure

Lots of people (me included) talk about the vast amounts of pleasure you can feel when using Ben Wa balls... but you actually have to work up to that. Unfortunately, it does take a while. 

Your pelvic muscles have to be kinda strong before you start feeling intense pleasure. Give yourself a few weeks to get acclimated to the Ben Wa Balls while you build up your pelvic floor muscles. 

Believe me, once you do, oooh will you be so happy you did!

That sacrifice is most definitely worth it.

Can Be Hard For Beginners To Grasp

And I don't mean conceptually. Depending on the size and weight, Ben Wa Balls can be hard to keep inside of you. If your muscles aren't used to gripping things, you'll probably experience the balls falling out somewhat frequently. 

To combat this, you should stick to laying down at first and doing your kegel exercises. Don't stand up just yet. Not until you feel it's a bit easier to keep hold of the balls. 

Once you've built up some muscle and you feel confident, you can start wearing them either around the house. If you’re really confident, go out in public with them in. It’s the perfect secret… No one has to know 😉

Other Notable Ben Wa Balls 

While I like the sleek look of these Ben Wa Balls, I can't say they perform any better than the original Lelo Luna Beads I reviewed above. With the noir you only get one 37g pair. In my opinion it's worth spending an extra 15 bucks to get a whole 'nother set of Ben Wa Balls. I only recommend buying these if you use heavier balls exclusively.

These are a bit different since they're technically only used for kegel exercises. They're not going to provide the same pleasure, but they’re technically better at giving your pelvic floor muscles a workout. 

I’ve seen a lot of pregnant and postpartum women posting about using these to get their muscles back in order. I’m guessing that's who this specific set of Kegel Balls is aimed at. 

They come pretty much molded in one shape and do have a pull-string which is reassuring. They also come in three different sizes and weights which is great! But I definitely enjoyed using the Luna Beads more than these. 

The Best Bad Dragon Dildo Ultimate Guide 2020

I’ve known about the fantasy sex toy company ‘Bad Dragon’ for a while... 

Recently though they’d come up whilst browsing for new sex toys so I decided to pick a few up, and try them myself to see what all the fuss was about.

And let me tell you, these are some of the most unique dildos I’ve EVER seen.

Now, I know that these toys might not be for everyone, on the other hand, you might be surprised to know the fantasy sex toy niche has an army of avid followers who simply can’t get enough of these products. The reason…

Some people out there REALLY love Game of Thrones! Ok, I’m only messin’, (I think…) We’ll touch on that later.But before we go any further lets talk a little more about Bad Dragon.

This little startup is housed in Arizona and boasts a load of dragon dildos on their website. And let me tell you. Each and every design has so much love and care put into it, you really feel it when you use one of their dildos, fleshlights, or vibrators on yourself. 

Now it’s at this point you may be still slightly weirded out and still not quite ‘get it’...Well, all I will say is don’t judge a book by its cover. Instead take look at the 5 different Bad Dragon Dildos designs I’m looking at and be amazed:

And now, for all you dirty little hobbits that have started in this fantasy quest…

What the Fuck is a Dragon Dildo?!

Bad Dragon is a company that creates fantasy-styled dildos. As the company name implies, most of the dildos sold by this company are dragon schlongs. Of course, you can find a couple tentacles and dragon tongues on their site, but mostly, you’re gonna see a whole bunch of ‘Flying Lizard Dicks’. 

And the good news…Each of the dragon dildos on the Bad Dragon Website are so different from each other that there’s bound to be something for you whether you’re from House Stark or Targaryen...

Is It One Size Fits All?

No! These dildos are incredibly customizable! You can choose your ideal size, firmness and even color! 

I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys in the past, but the number of options you have to customize these dildos are amazing! Just this fact alone makes Bad Dragon one of the best companies in this niche to buy from.

Why Do These Even Exist?

The fantasy sex toy niche is larger than you’d originally think. While there are only a few large fantasy sex toy manufacturers, they have hundreds, even thousands of loyal users. (Now, including myself btw). 

Now, because the designers don’t have to make these dildos look like they’d belong to a real person, they can go crazy with ridges, veins and even the thickness of the dildo. 

Fantasy dildos probably aren’t for everyone, but if you’re really itching to know what it feels like to be fucked by a dragon, octopus, or even a unicorn, Bad Dragon’s dildos are a step in the right direction!

Okay, I’m Sold. Which Dildo Should I Pick Out?

I’m glad you asked.

I tried to choose a variety of different shapes, textures, and girths so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. 

Since I’m looking at toys from the same company, I can’t necessarily look at the ‘Pros and Cons’ of each individual toy because I’ll end up saying a lot of the same stuff. So here’s some thoughts that apply to the Bad Dragon Company as a whole:

Pros & Cons

Firstly, lets talk about the Pro's...

Each dildo is made in the US and is fully adaptive. I love how much you can customize your dildo. You can choose whatever size you prefer as well as the color and even the firmness of the material! 

Bad Dragon wants you to feel like you bought the best goddamn dildo in the world. As such, they only use the highest quality silicone on the market. The silicone is also hand-poured as well to add that extra human touch a lot of sex toys lack. 

There are so many places Bad Dragon ‘could’ cut corners, but they never do and that’s what makes me seriously appreciate this company. A lot of the sex toys I review are very clearly mass-produced and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it feels nice to own something that someone very clearly created because they had a passion. 

You can add a cumtube feature to almost all of the dildos which simulates a real orgasm.

Even when I’m dating a woman, that doesn’t mean I don’t like little details like a bit of squirting inside my pussy. 

(Note: Unfortunately, not all of Bad Dragon’s toys can have the cumtube feature added so whenever you put a dildo in your cart, if the toy is capable of having a cumtube, the site will tell you. )

But alas, now I need to be fair and tell you the one thing that misses the mark about this company. Here goes...

The 'Con' 

Shipping usually takes Forever

If you’re like me and you’re impatient as fuck this can be really annoying. If you look for reviews on TrustPilot (Bad Dragon doesn’t have reviews on their website), the first thing you’ll be greeted with is a 2-star rating and a lot of complaints about the slow as balls shipping times. 

Bad Dragon dildos are generally going to take a while to ship since they’re hand-cast and made to order in Arizona. If you’re ordering one and you’re outside of the US, shipping can take even longer which is ultra sucky.

Overall, the one 'con' isn't due to a poor product, just really slow, annoying shipping. The product you receive is absolutely second to now and you should purchase your own dragon dildo when you get the chance.

Because if you want quality then it’s worth the wait.

But now that you have a better understanding of Bad Dragon, let’s look at some dildos!

I’ll go over the main features of each one I chose as well as who will like it the most.


Ika Dragon Dildo

So, Ika has kinda ruined me. Ever since I discovered tentacle porn, I’ve wanted to possess as many tentacle-shaped sex toys as humanly possible. 

You’ll remember in my glass dildo article, I covered a tentacle dildo and it was one of my favorite ones out of the list. This Bad Dragon dildo is no exception. 

Ika is a tentacle-shaped dildo that has a slight curvature, making it great for G-spot stimulation.

The suckers on this baby allow for some extra stimulation while you’re using it. Just make sure you do a good job cleaning them after you’re done playing. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in this toy where bacteria could hide. 

So, I’ll extend my thanks to tentacle porn. I love how great toys feel while I’m shoving them inside myself, but you get what you pay for so I’m not complaining too much. 

My favorite color for this toy is Ika’s Signature which is a teal blue tint that fades to a pretty blue.


Apollo Dragon Dildo

This dildo is one ridgey boy! 

So, if you’re wondering why so many toys on Bad Dragon’s website come with a shit ton of ridges, it’s because they feel so nice inside both your pussy and your ass! 

If you have a vagina, you’ve probably noticed how hard it is to orgasm from internal stimulation alone. That’s because your vagina doesn’t have a lot of touch receptors in them. But it does have a lot of pressure receptors. Those ridges grind against your pussy and create amazing orgasms!

Apollo is great because it comes with a ton of ridges on it, and it’s pretty girthy! The tip is super thin and tapers off into a huge knot. 

I love using this dildo when I want some extra stimulation. Like Ika, this dildo also has a slight curvature to it that stimulates your G-spot really well! 

(Not to mention it feels great anally as well...)

Since I’m more of a ridge-whore than my partner, I love it when she runs the ridges along the walls of my vagina. Shit like that makes me wanna scream with how good it feels.

My favorite color for this toy is Apollo’s Natural. This gives the toy a pretty purplish-grey shaft and a yellow base. It looks like Thanos in dick form and that will forever amuse me.

What can I say? I’m a nerdy degenerate. 

Winston’s Tongue

Winstons Tongue Dragon Dildo

If Ika’s my favorite dildo, Whiston's Tongue is my favorite clitoral stimulator. While you can use Winston’s Tongue for internal stimulation, it’s used best to simulate oral sex. I like to slick it up with some of Bad Dragon’s signature cum lube and let it swirl around my clit. 

Once I’m done, I move onto sticking it in my pussy. The wide base makes it easy to move around and let it lick all my favorite spots. While I’ll always love getting head from my partner, I can’t get enough of this toy when I’m traveling or my partner just isn’t in the mood to fuck me. 

My favorite color for Winston’s tongue would have to be Night Sky. This is a dark, onyx color marbled with a metallic blue. Such a pretty color is perfect for my favorite clitoral stimulator.


Mystic Dragon Dildo

Next up is Mystic, a unicorn horn styled dildo. 

This is probably the least intimidating of the dildos on this list. The shaft has a slight swirl to it, much like an actual unicorn horn. While the grooves aren’t as drastic as other dildos on this list, they still provide an amazing feeling when inserted. 

The soft ridges create a similar feeling to Apollo, but are much subtler. Mystic is great for those times when I’m not in the mood to have my brains fucked out (which is more frequent than you’d imagine) but I still want some ridges grinding downstairs.

When I first whipped out this toy, my partner was a bit skeptical. We had tried other Bad Dragon dildos in the past, and she wasn’t impressed by how beginner it looked.

But when I actually pulled it out and started using it on her clit, she couldn’t get enough of it! I’d definitely describe this toy as soft, but that softness really allows for some fun angles of insertion.

This is definitely my partner’s favorite toy and I and I have to say, I don't disagree with her choice. Like a real unicorn, it’s a lot mightier than it originally looks. 

My favorite color would have to be Mystic’s Signature. The fade from pink, to blue, to green just adds to the adorable Magical Girl look this toy oozes.

The other colors you can get this toy in just don’t look as adorable, so I can’t recommend Mystic’s Signature color enough!


Stan Dragon Dildo

Now we’ve got the king of Big Boys. 

Stan is an absolute, uncircumcised unit. With all the veins and curves to this bad boy make penetration feel amazing. 

Of course, this particular dildo isn’t for everyone. I know when I whipped it out, my partner felt a lot more comfortable using Mystic instead. Needless to say, I used this as more of a solo toy. 

So you know how butt plugs give you that full-feeling? Well, this dildo gives me that full feeling in my goddamn pussy! I didn’t think that was possible! But I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Stan. 

I really like how blunt the head is. It gives the toy a completely different feeling than the other toys on this list. It really contributes to that “full” feeling.

I also attached a suction cup to the base of this bad boy and ride it while I’m in the shower. I just can’t get enough of this dildo.

My favorite color for this toy would have to be Stan’s Signature. This gives the toy a metallic purple look over a red base. It makes Stan not only powerful but pretty as shit, too!

When All Is Said And Done...

No matter which dildo you choose, you’re bound to love it! If you don’t see a dildo on the list that you’re excited about, check out the other options which Bad Dragon offers. 

They also have fleshlights and small vibrators, so let me know if you’d like me to check those out! Of course, I’d have to give the fleshlights to my friend, but I don’t think he’ll mind it too much 🙂