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The ABSOLUTE 4 Best Ejactulating, Squirting Dildo’s In 2023


There’s no denying it, cum is hot. Creampies, cumshots, facials, and cum swapping are undeniably deliciously dirty fun.

But these also involve a particular element of risk (which can be such a turn-on) but might not be worth it for you and your partner. So is there any hope for cum addicts?!

YES. Squirting dildos.

From allowing online sex workers being able to create more realistic content to partners-without-penises to being able to be a part of the cum-munity: squirting dildos are here for you!

Read on to learn more about this innovative addition to the sex toy industry. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to explore the dildo-du-jour. So grab these tips to become an expert on creating a realistic cumshot without a penis. 

What Is A Squirting Dildo?

A squirting, or ejaculating dildo, is a dildo that recreates a cum shot. Squirting dildos are a safe way to play with cum - no risk involved.

When you match the dildo with a high-quality “cum lube,” you’ll be shocked at how realistic it can feel.

They have various features, such as vibration, over-penis wear, and easy strap-on capability.

Squirting dildos can be amazingly HOT for those who want multiple creampies with only one partner, lesbian couples, men who can no longer ejaculate for medical reasons, or femdom fantasy play and pegging.

They can also be great for those who don’t want the risk of cum play but still find cum arousing.

How Does A Squirting Dildo Even Work?

Squirting dildos feature all sorts of, um, “release” functions.

They squirt using a bulb, syringe, manual squeezing, remote control, or electric button. You 100% control the timing of the cumshot. Time it with your orgasm for DP fun or with your partner for a mind-blowing experience. 

If you’re a solo pillow princess, you can totally integrate a sex machine to get an even more realistic experience.

How To Fill A Squirting Dildo?

First, you’ll want to use a water-based lube, flavored lube, or lube specially created to look like cum.

Then, you’ll squeeze, inject or suction the faux cum into the dildo to your desired amount. Once filled, you simply close the chamber or release the suction to be locked and loaded.

But of course, check the instructions for your specific dildo. 

How To Choose A Squirting Dildo

Consider your partner pairing and what you’ll be using the dildo for.

If one partner has a penis, you may opt for a wearable strap-on.

For penetration without a penis, a dildo that can easily be used with a strap-on may be a better choice. A discreet remote-controlled cumshot can be perfect if you're going for realism.

If you hate fumbling with buttons in the heat of passion or want more control, you may like the bulb style or squeeze cumshot.

Always talk to your partner before playing with a squirting dildo; surprises are great, but when it comes to sex, communication is critical.

Some people may feel like a squirting dildo is too close to the real thing, and it may make them uncomfortable. Make sure you respect your relationship’s boundaries. 

The 4 Best Squirting Dildos 

Bust One With A Bulb

Bust this one out of the box and find this 7 inch squirting dildo fitted with an easy-squeeze bulb dispenser.

This textured toy simulates realistic sex and comes with “Nut-Butter” cum-lube mix for use with a water-based lube for an explosive finale.

This toy squirts on demand to provide delicious satisfaction.

Waterproof and fitted with a Vac-U-Lock suction cup, this dildo is amazing for self pleasure and can be used on various surfaces.

It won’t pop off once secured - no matter how rowdy you get. Just squeeze the bulb when you’re ready to experience the cumshot.

Make sure you use plenty of water based lube for the best experience.

Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo with Vac-U-Lock 7 Inch


  • This waterproof dildo with patented Vac-U-Lock suction cup attachment is perfect for playing solo or with a partner anywhere. Quickly filled with a syringe, you have total control over the pressure and timing of the cumshot. Cums with a cum lube mix to add to water for realistic cumshots.


  • The syringe can be obvious and hard to handle. The dildo is also on the larger side, which can be uncomfortable—no vibration function. 

Lifelike Lover

Get the ultimate realistic experience! Control your cumshot with the added remote for easy solo play or use with a partner. The possibilities are endless with the various vibration settings. The dildo is also waterproof, and has a suction cup so you can get wet and wild!

The realistic texture will tickle you with its high-quality smooth and sleek design. Plus, this dildo is easy to use with a strap-on 1.75” O ring. Give your partner something even hotter than the real thing with this vibrating, squirting dildo that puts you in control. Plus, never have the moment ruined by a dead battery; both the remote and dildo are rechargeable.

This model is my ultimate pick for a squirting dildo.  Easy to use with yourself or a partner, and remote control cumshots make this one the winner! Explore new sensations with kinky water play with the waterproof & suction cup features. Plus, it’s easy to use with a strap-on.

Lifelike Lover Luxe Auto Ejaculating Remote Control Dildo 8 Inch


  • Catch the vibe with the 7 patterns and 3 speeds of vibration controlled by a remote. The dildo (not remote) is waterproof with a suction cup. The remote is small and easy to hide for realistic and surprise cumshots.


  • This model may be too hard and stiff for some. It’s also quite large. Also, some reviewers say it works best with water, as other liquids can clog it.

Pop It On Top

Make cumming realistic with this easy-squeeze dildo.

No awkward bulbs or syringes to fumble with, just load with the suction squeeze tip & then squeeze to squirt!

Give a delicious cum shot when matched with realistic cum lube! This dildo comes with an elastic strap that adjusts from 30”-52” - no ring needed.

This dildo is perfect for men with medical issues and its hollow design is ideal for over-penis wear.

Give your partner the ultimate thrill with this girthy, realistic design.

They’ll love feeling you fill them up and unload in them! Make sure you use lube both inside and out for the most intense stimulation.

Fetish Fantasy Ejaculating Hollow Strap-On 7.5 Inch


  • This fantasy dildo will make you cream! It’s great for people with penises or wear over another dildo for added hardness. It’s an excellent option for ED or ejaculation issues. This model is easy to load & unload with squeeze action. Includes a one-size-fits-most adjustable strap.


  • It may be too flimsy if not worn with a penis. Also, it could be too snug for average to large size penises. Finally, it must be squeezed to ejaculate - not ideal for internal play.

Thrilled & Filled

Make loving lifelike with this dildo. Easy to fill with the small bulb - just squeeze out the air and fill with the fluid of your choice & squeeze to unload.

The raised veins, bulbous head, and attached balls will give you a thrill.

Use with a high-quality water-based lube to increase the pleasure of the realistic texture.

Perfect for self-stimulation with the easy-to-unload bulb.

For use with a strap-on, just squeeze your thighs to activate the cumshot. Use for manual play with your partner and include some oral sex at the same time for out-of-this-world sensations. Enjoy intense play without pain, the 5” insertable size is suitable for most bodies.

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Ejaculating Dildo 6 Inch


  • Easy to fill (and get filled)with the included bulb. Firm but soft for natural comfort. Smaller sizes can be more comfortable.


  • Hard to use with a strap-on. Best for manual or self-stimulation.

What Do You Put In A Squirting Dildo?

Never use oil-based lube, milk, yogurt, urine, or other products to DIY your cumshot.

Lube, and lube only.

We break down the pros and cons of water, flavoured and cum lube below...

Water-Based Lube


  • Universally compatible with all squirting dildos, easy to find, most body safe, and inexpensive.


  • Clear in color - doesn’t look like real cum, may feel sticky.
Doc Johnson TitanMen Water-Based Lube Glide 8 fl oz - $19.99

Get gorgeous glide with Titan Men, for supreme lubrication suitable for all your sex and solo sessions. Water-based and long-lasting, the lube offers slickness without stickiness for fuss-free usage and mess-free clean-up. Multi-purpose and fully compatible with all toys and intimate areas, one quick slick is all it takes to boost pleasure and protect sensitive spots. Sized to offer superb value, the big bottle also features a pump-action top for easy dispensing. Ingredients: Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Cellulose Gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Flavoured Lube


  • Comes in various flavors for delicious oral sex post-creampie or cum in mouth fantasies, smells great.


  •  Not recommended for internal use.
ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube 3.4 fl oz - $12.99

A tasty tropical lube from ID that uses natural flavoring to create the sweet taste of fruity mango. Contained within a pump-action bottle, simply squirt some of the water-based formula to enjoy added fun during oral. Frutopia is the new range of flavored lube from ID. It offers long-lasting lubrication, and the sweet taste of mango instantly enhances oral play. The lube is edible, and can be used with all of your sex toys, condoms and during all kinds of play. Ingredients: Water, Glycerine, Hydroxethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor.

Cum Lube


  • Makes cumshots look incredibly realistic, can have a natural cum scent, or be unscented.


  • It may make the fantasy “too real” for some, cum smell can be unpleasant.

My Squirting Dildo Story. Hot, Risky Sex - Without The Risk

When I was in college, I had a boyfriend; of course, we fucked all the time. We were *dying* to do creampies, but, being young, broke, and wild - we knew it wouldn’t be best for us. 

The fantasy didn’t leave, and the more we talked about it, the hotter it got for us. One night, after a few cocktails, we went to the sex store near our town's college bar. We checked out some toys, laughing loudly and teasing each other with extra large dongs.

We turned a corner in the sex store and saw “it.”

The squirting dildo.

We grabbed it at the same time and knew this was going to be the perfect solution to our problem. The clerk at the store suggested the “cum-lube” to us, and we bought both and left.

That night, we drunkenly opened the dildo and filled it with lube. 

We were shocked at how much the lube looked like cum. Then, we decided that he would fuck me, and when I got close to orgasm, he would fuck me with the dildo and “cum” in me as I reached an orgasm while I sucked his cock.

The experience was so erotic. I loved the feeling of the cum squirting inside me, and my boyfriend watched the creampie leaking out of me while he came in my mouth. 

Although we didn’t use the dildo often, it was one of those hot experiences I’ll never forget!

Check out our guide on The Absolute 5 Best Glass & Stainless Steel Dildos as well. They're a great compliment to your new squirting dildo!


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