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TENGA Flip Zero Review & FULL 2023 Buying Guide


If ever there was proof that robots will be taking over, it was the invention of robotic sex toys. Trust me, the inevitable full robot revolution is coming. But you’ll be coming, too.

Hard. The invention of sex toys dates back to the early 1880s with the invention of the vibrator for the treatment of “hysteria.”

Luckily, we no longer live in a time when wanting to get your rocks off means you’re crazy. And luckily for guys, the sex toy industry has created something not only to insert into oneself, but also something that we can insert oneself into. 

Right, chaps. Let’s get stuck in. (To the review, not the sleeve.)

Quick Review of the TENGA Flip Zero

The TENGA Flip Zero series, which scores a 4.75 out of 5 from me and my little friend.

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat: using this thing is awesome!

It feels much better than ever anticipated. But let’s dive into the specifics...

Pros & Cons


  • For men with an average-sized penis, the size is perfect
  • Multiple versions of the Flip Zero offer different sensations for everyone
  • Some of the above versions (Electronic Vibration) vibrate (and they are intense!)
  • Flexible Pressure Pads allows you to press wherever you want for ‘personalized’ stimulation


  • Battery life isn’t great (up to about 45 minutes on a full charge)
  • Time-consuming to clean
  • Particularly well-endowed men won’t fit

Key Features

There are two different main versions of the TENGA Flip Zero—the Flip Zero and the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration. There are Black and White versions of each, and the soft version of the white. 

The white version is the original. The black version is a bit firmer with more intense bumps and ribs. And the Electric Vibration is the same Flip Zero but with dual vibrating cores, which I’ll talk about later. But before then, I’ll talk about the key features of all of the models. Starting with the design.


The Flip Zero’s design is fantastic in many ways. One of the most obvious ones is its flip-open design. This makes it much easier to clean than other male masturbation sleeves.

Then there’s the actual product and the storage case it comes with. They’re as sleek and chic as they are discreet. But, just like humans, the Flip Zero’s beauty comes from the inside. This leads us to…

The Interior

The ripple dome, ridge wall, triple chain gate, and layered end orb all sound a bit gimmicky until you try this thing out. I’m not entirely sure how they decided on this as the final design, but they did a great job. The layered end orb is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. And the feeling is enhanced by the…

Pressure Pads

Unlike other masturbation sleeves, the Flip Zero has two pressure pads made from the same TPE that the sleeve interior is made from. This allows you to squeeze the tube to both add pressure wherever you like it most as well as create suction on the inside. And with the one-way valve at the tip of the sleeve, suck it does. This is definitely a standout feature that sets it apart from the rest.

EV Versions

Now for the EV versions. Both the black and white EV versions have dual vibrating cores. One core is more toward the base (ie, the entrance) and the other at the tip. If you’ve ever bought a low-quality sex toy, you’ve surely been disappointed when it arrived in the mail and discovered how weak the vibrations are. Or you discover the vibration is nice at one end of the toy, but almost non-existent on the other. This is NOT the case with the Flip Zero EV. The vibrations can be felt everywhere and they are intense!

The other super cool thing about all of the versions (even the EV) is that the Flip’s totally waterproof. This means you can use it in the shower or bathtub.

Build Quality

This is the only thing I wasn’t 100% satisfied with. And even then, I was only very slightly not satisfied. The .25 missing from a perfect 5/5 score comes from the build quality.

The materials leave a little to be desired. It’s clearly not poorly made, but the construction could be a bit more solid. But that’s it. It says it’s made in Japan, and to be honest, I genuinely have no idea about the general production standards there, but judging form this, I’d say they’re adequate. Everything else works and feels as it’s supposed to. 

One improvement TENGA made from the Flip (the first version) to the Flip Zero is the entrance part doesn’t have a seam. It’s all one piece and prevents lube leakage.

Ease of Use

It’s pretty intuitive right out of the box. If you’re unfamiliar with sticking your dick in things, there’s an instruction manual to learn all about it. 

There are a couple of moving parts. Namely, the upside-down U-shaped piece that slides into and locks the two pivoting sides together. If you have the EV version, the button to toggle through vibration modes is at the tip. This placement makes it simple to move your pointer finger and push the button to easily switch vibration modes. 

How to Use the TENGA Flip Zero

Once you’ve set it up, there are a few ways to use the TENGA Flip. 

But before you stick it in, you’ll have to lube it up first. 

1. Lube Up

The Flip comes with sachets of TENGA lube so you can begin right away. We recommend getting some extra Doc Johnson lube too. 

Lots of masturbation sleeves require you to squirt lube in through the entrance, but since the Flip opens, I’d suggest opening it and squirting an even layer around as much surface area as you can. Any spot you miss will eventually find itself lubed, but it’s nice to have that happen sooner than later. Once lubed, you can 

2. Slide In

Slide right in and leave it there (especially the vibrating version) and let it take care of you, but while slight movements feel slightly enjoyable, it’s much better with some action. You can take matters into your own hands and slide it up and down the way you’d take matters into your own hands without the sleeve. 

Doc Johnson Ultra Lube Water-Based Lubricant 16 fl oz

I recommend this simply because it gives you the most control. Not only can you slide it up and down, you can use your hands on the Pressure Pads to increase or decrease pressure however you like. I’d recommend doing some science and experimenting with squeezing and releasing the Pressure Pads as you go in and out.

3. Get Creative

One method that I did find particularly fun, even though it doesn’t offer as much control is sliding it between my mattress and bedframe and kneeling in front of the bed. As long as the height is right, you can thrust in and out hands-free. If you partake in pornography, you can put your laptop on the bed right in front of you. Or if your partner’s around, you can have them lay on the bed and play with them while you play with yourself. 

If you do go the in-the-bed route, you can even take socks and stuff them alongside the Flip to create pressure on the Pressure Pads. While the hands-free operation can be nice, the only downside to this is you can’t adjust the amount of pressure you put on the Pressure Pads as you go (or come). There might not be an infinite amount of things you can do with the Flip, but there are a lot! 

How to Clean the TENGA Flip Zero

You’ll want to be like the physician from The Big Lebowski—”He’s a good man. And thorough.”

One of the biggest selling points of the TENGA Flip Zero is its design. If you’re a cock-sleeve-connoisseur, surely you’re familiar with the Fleshlight and the process involved in cleaning it. Enter the Flip (both metaphorically and literally). It flips open so for easy access to clean the inside. Once you’ve opened the Flip, use warm (not hot) water and mild soap to clean it. The Flip is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is porous. This porousness is the reason you want to clean and dry it extremely well. But we’ll talk more about drying in a bit. 

The illustrated images of all the nooks and crannies in this thing on the TENGA website only goes so far in showing just how nook and crannie-y thing this is. You will want to do a very thorough job cleaning out the lube-splooge-special that remains in this thing after you defile it. Some sexperts say you can use a brush to clean your TPE toys, but I think a vigorous fingering does the trick. (Still talking about the flip, here.) Although if you do feel the need to use a brush, I’d use a soft-bristled toothbrush or something similar. 

Now, let’s talk about the second half of the cleaning process. Like all things sexual, you’ll want to dry off after you’re done. 

Thermoplastic elastomer is widely used in sex toys. It’s safe, and with the correct cleaning procedure, will remain clean. But it is porous. And porous materials are more prone to bacteria growth if you’re not careful. That’s why you’ll want to dry it off as well as you cleaned it. 

Remember way back in middle school when our science teachers explained to us how evaporation works?Well, I like to make my former teachers proud and use my education whenever I can. That’s why I always stick my TENGA Flip Zero in front of a fan so all the nooks and crannies dry off quickly and completely. 

Or if it’s a particularly breezy day, I just stick it on the windowsill for the neighbors to see. 

But whether you choose to make your professors proud or your neighbors nauseous, you’ll want to make sure this dries quickly and completely. Only then should you close it up and store it until the next use. 

TENGA Flip Zero Alternatives

If you’re reading this review, you’ve clearly heard of the Fleshlight. It’s the tried-and-true original. They’ve become such a widely known brand name, they’ve even done pornstar versions of them like the Riley Reid Fleshlight. If you want to envision what it’s like slipping inside your favorite pornstar, check out the many pornstar Fleshlight options.

If you’re a guy looking to use a masturbator not exclusively for pleasure, but to last longer in bed, the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit might be for you. 

For those who want an interactive experience, the Keon by Kiiroo is taking TechSex to the next level. You connect it to an app where you can choose pre-planned pleasure programs, your partner’s mobile device, or a VR headset with interactive porn! 

Or you can simply make your own DIY pocket pussy.

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