Best Sex Toys For Women Ultimate Guide 2020

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is the 'all around' one of the best sex toys for women as it's completely self adapting, but can also be custom tailored to your sexual desires.  A modern world demands modern solutions and this toy delivers. This toy even has an app that can be controlled by a partner to take things up a level!

Close the door and embrace the world's most pleasurable offerings. Here are the best sex toys for women. Buying a new toy is a special process. You need to make sure you get the right one. Something that’ll keep you coming back for more!

But you can't just walk up to the counter and expect them to let you take the vibrator into the dressing room. So I’ve tried as many as possible for you. I’m going to expose the critical information you need when choosing your next friend. So you can look at each option and know what to expect.

Before we get into it...Here are our contenders for the best sex toys for women.

Here are our picks for the 5 best sex toys for women...

Choosing the Best Sex Toy for Females

After many nights delving into pleasure, I've refined my knack for knowing which toys are the best and which ones deserve to be thrown right into the trash can. These nights are when I realized the shallowness of information available to fellow women who are looking to enhance their sex lives.

I’m going to fix that.

I realized finding a diamond in the rough requires a little education. Once you read what’s below you’ll truly understand the power of what each toy brings to the table.

Your Steps To An Educated Purchase

Save yourself the embarrassment of showing up at the emergency room with sex toy complications. And save yourself the heartache of not being pleased with your purchase. Just follow my personal rundown on making your purchase one that's sure to deliver many pleasurable moments.

Step 1: Know Thyself

This is where you have to reach really deep within. What kind of sex do you enjoy the most? What's some areas of your sex life that could be enhanced with a particular toy? Will it be used for a little bit of solo playtime or will you share the experience with your partner? Have a desire to go anal with it?

These are just a few of the questions that will help you begin to better understand yourself. To ensure you’re prepared. Because you set your own expectations right out the gate. Everyone is different, and no sex toy is ever made equal.

Step 2: What's It Made Of?

Material has a lot to do with what the outcome is going to be like (and feel like). Not to mention, there are times when you should be steering far away from certain materials (like jelly-based female sex toys known for producing chemical burns).

The leading materials are glass, metal, plastic, silicone, and wood. These are also the safest sex toys for women to use. Each one has its own feel dependent on the material, which you'll want to tailor to your specific desires (and desires of your partner as well if embracing a couples toy).

Step 3: How Is Its Operation?

Does it provide you with the power needed to fuel your desires? Does it perform on the level you need it to? You get the idea.

Knowing the experience that's delivered is the biggest step in the process. So you can sort out the toys that are just a waste of your time from ones that’ll shake your core.

Vaginal dryness during intercourse and decreased blood flow are the two main elements women today are faced with. There are specific toys (such as clitoral suction devices) developed in order to help overcome these things. By taking into account your specific needs you can take care of yourself sexually. This promotes good sexual health.

Another couple of things that you'll want to keep in mind is whether you want a sex toy for women that has a stronger vibration or something on the more sensual side of things. Do you think that having one that's powered by an app to turn things up a notch will come in handy? The sky is the limit when it comes to the pleasure you can embrace, and you don't want it to stay inside the box, do you?

Step 4: Anticipate Your Environment

Is it loud (which could be inconvenient when others can hear) or is it quiet and able to provide you with the discreteness that you require? Knowing where you're usually going to be using your toys is essential to being well-prepared at all times.

There are toys out there that can also be controlled by your partner. Imagine, being in the grocery store and getting a burst of pleasure without notice while your partner sits back and enjoys having their "grasp" on you. Think about the sensations flowing through your body. Of course this wouldn't be possible without a smart sex toy, which is exactly why you keep it in mind when developing your shortlist.

Step 5: Don't Spend Foolishly

Money isn't grown on trees, and frugality is becoming commonplace in just about every household. This means that getting what you pay for is more important than it has ever been before. With that in mind, stick to your budget, and don't blow money unnecessarily.

There are many great options on the market for budgets of all sizes, which we have featured for you below. Keep in mind that these products are the ones that continue to shine under a lot of scrutiny. Only the best will do for our loyal readers.

Escape Vanilla's Top 5 Sex Toys For Women In 2020

Suitable for both advanced users and less experienced women. Anyone who wants to explore her own sexuality. 

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is definitely an eye catcher. Sure there are many smart vibes on the market, but none of them are quite like this.

It's the first vibrator to ever be completely self-adapting! This means that you get to personalize playtime and use your own pick of its countless vibrations.

When it comes to the media attention the MysteryVibe has gotten its fair share. You can find articles about it in leading publications such as BBC, Glamour, GQ, Independent, the Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

It didn't get this kind of attention with minimal results. The many different vibrations have been proven to stimulate areas such as the clitoris and the G-spot.

To sum it up, it will have you experiencing pleasure in ways that you might not have even thought possible. For those on the more adventurous and open level, this is definitely a toy that could make a good addition.


  • Completely flexible. Simply bend it to reach your most orgasmic areas
  • Easily control it via its own smartphone app. Start customizing your experiences
  • Powered by 6 different motors, which is more powerful than other options on the market
  • Waterproof. Great for pool/shower play


  • A luxury product comes with a luxury price tag. However, it's still great value

While it may not be as advanced as the previous sex toy, it's still quite the addition for those looking for a more discrete experience. The plum shape actually makes it ideal for those who want a little bit more from their toys.

It boasts a quiet motor and discreet shipping to protect your privacy. When it comes down to it, it matches the price of the MysteryVibe. However, it does flaunt an irresistible shape (at least for some) and the discreteness you need. For a traditional vibrator, it’s well built. But it’ll feel a bit lacking for those who want to embrace a more modern sexual experience.


  • Designed with discreteness in mind 
  • Plum shape can make things even more erotic
  • Traditionalists will love the simplicity embraced by Lelo


  • Not as advanced or capable as some of the other toys reviewed here

Made by Lelo, a female sex toy manufacturer who specialized in creating discrete products, the MIA 2 allows you to really get into your wildest desires no matter where you're at. Because it looks like lipstick, and flaunts one of the most compact designs seen in sex toys today.

Just throw it in your purse and head out for the day. You never know, you might find yourself stumbling into a spur of the moment sexual encounter on your way to work. See a guy (or girl) you like on the train. Don’t let that heat escape. The secretive designs gives you the option to explore it in the moment. This little thing is powerful… don’t let the small size fool you! It's how you use it after all!

By the way, the MIA 2 provides fast and intense orgasms thanks to its sculpted tip. It's designed specifically for the clitoris to ensure the most erotic and pleasurable moments are the memories that it leaves you with. At approximately half the cost of leading smart sex toys, it's also a purchase that's not going to break the bank.


  • As discreet as it gets, resembles designer lipstick you'd normally carry with you
  • Cost-friendly with one of the most affordable price tags in comparison to other toys of its kind
  • Small enough to fit in your purse without embarrassing you in front of others


  • Since it's specifically for the clitoral zone, you can’t really use it for anal play

For those who are on a tighter budget and can't afford over $50 for a woman's sex toy, this is one of the leading options. At the time of writing this review, it was priced at around $30 USD. This positions this wand massager as one of the most affordable vibrators on the market today.

While you may think a cheaper price will sacrifice the quality, it couldn't be farther from the truth.

The only difference is that the motor isn't as loud as other competing sex toys for women. It still has 8 speeds and 20 different modes to provide you with the most personal experience possible. You can make the speed match your mood.


  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Great for water play with its waterproof design
  • Just plug it into any USB port for a quick charge
  • Over 20 different modes with 8 different levels of speed
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (60-Day Money Back & 1 Year Warranty)
  • Waterproof making it submersible and great for pool/shower play


  • Louder than other vibrators on the market
Desire Luxury Rechargeable G-Kiss G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

There are 8 vibration modes. Including options for when you need a little more oomph. It is also fully waterproof, so you can get as wet as possible, and it’ll keep going. 

It makes the list because it stimulates your g-spot and clit. You get to feel that plump bulb deep inside you while it tickles your clit. 

Its difficult for any partner to create that sensation consistently. Without their fingers getting  extremely tired!

Every woman needs dual stimulation in her life!


  • Can be used with water-based lubricants as well as in the shower
  • Dual stimulation provides the opportunity to take things to the next level


  • Some women may dislike the smooth silicone texture

The Lowdown: Which toy earned the title as the best sex toy for women?

Without any second thoughts, the MysteryVibe Crescendo is the winner as the best sex toy for women that's currently available.

A modern world demands modern solutions, even if it is a sexual solution. This toy does exactly that with its own app and ability to be custom-tailored to your needs instead of just sticking with something generic.

Not to mention, it has tons of reviews that prove it’s likely to perform. It's difficult to find this in such a saturated market, so it definitely deserved the recognition that it has gotten today. If you want the deepest sensations, don't look past the Crescendo. Of course for the traditionalists, it might be a little too much. So our runner-up is the (Lelo Lily 2). 

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