Exploring the art of making her squirt can be a transformative addition to your sex life. This phenomenon, known as female ejaculation, is often misunderstood but holds significant potential for enhancing sexual pleasure.

In this post, we will uncover the secrets of female anatomy and how it can be used to achieve female ejaculation. We will also discuss the role of lubrication in facilitating this process.

The key lies in stimulating specific areas like the G-spot or urethral sponge - an area located about two inches inside her vagina towards her belly button.

We'll explore different positions that can help achieve this feat and emphasize on open communication throughout your intimate moments. With these tools at hand, you are well on your way to understanding and experiencing 'making her squirt'.

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Understand the Anatomy

To make her squirt, you must first understand the anatomy of a woman’s body. The G-spot is the key player here, located on the front wall of the vagina. Stimulating it correctly can lead to squirting.

The G-Spot: A Key Player

The G-spot is about 1-2 inches inside the front wall of the vagina. It feels slightly rougher than surrounding tissue and swells up during arousal. When stimulated properly, it triggers female ejaculation or “squirting.”

Skenes Glands: The Source of Squirting

Knowing about Skene’s glands (also known as the female prostate) is crucial. These small structures near the urethra produce fluid during sexual stimulation, which is expelled during squirting.

A Note on Female Ejaculation and Urine

Squirting should not be confused with urinating; they are distinct processes. Research shows that while there may be traces of urine in ejaculate due to the proximity of the urethra and Skene’s gland ducts, the majority component is prostatic specific antigen (PSA) produced by the Skene’s gland itself.

For more information on the topic, check out this source.

Anatomy is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Remember, every person responds differently, so patience is key. Explore together with your partner without pressuring them into anything.

Use Lubrication

Lubrication is crucial for making her squirt. It enhances the experience and reduces discomfort during penetration or stimulation. The right type of lubricant can make all the difference. Water-based lubes are the best option for squirting because they are compatible with most sex toys and condoms, and easy to clean up.

Healthline’s guide on different types of lube provides an excellent overview if you’re unsure about which one is right for you and your partner.

How to Apply Lube Properly

Apply a generous amount of lube both externally around her vulva and internally within her vagina before starting any sexual activity. Reapply as necessary throughout your session. Don’t be afraid to use more than you think you might need.

Picking The Right Lube For Her Sensitivity Level

For those with sensitivities, opt for hypoallergenic lubes free from parabens and glycerin to ensure comfort while still providing adequate lubrication. These kinds can help avoid irritation while still providing ample slickness needed for pleasurable playtime.

Avoid Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants should be avoided when trying to make her squirt because they can cause latex condoms to break down leading to potentially unsafe situations.

Natural Alternatives To Consider

If synthetic lubes aren’t appealing, there are natural alternatives such as coconut oil or aloe vera gel that work just fine too. However, what works best will vary greatly depending on individual preferences, so communication is key here too.

Remember, lubrication is essential for a pleasurable experience. Don’t skimp on it.

3. Stimulate Her G-Spot

To locate her G-spot, insert a finger or two into the front wall of her vagina and curl them upwards towards her belly button. This spot is often described as feeling slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue and can be found by inserting a finger or two into her vagina and curling them upwards towards her belly button.

Familiarize Yourself with The Spot

Before you start, it’s important to get to know this particular spot. It might take some time for both partners to locate it accurately since its sensitivity varies among women  (source). Patience is crucial here; rushing will not yield positive results.

Techniques for Stimulation

Once you’ve located her G-spot, there are several techniques that can help stimulate it effectively:

    • Finger Massage: Use your fingers in a “come hither” motion to massage this area gently but firmly.

    • G-Spot Toys: There are numerous sex toys specifically designed for G-spot stimulation which could prove helpful (source).

    • Vary Pressure & Speed: Try different pressures and speeds until you find what works best for your partner.

Watch Out For Signs Of Pleasure

Paying attention to how she reacts during these stimulations can give valuable clues about what feels good for her and what doesn’t. Look out for signs such as moaning, heavy breathing, or increased wetness – these usually indicate pleasure. Remember: every woman is unique; therefore, what works wonders on one may not necessarily do so on another.

Take Breaks If Needed

If at any point she starts feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed due to intense sensations from continuous stimulation, don’t hesitate to pause and let things cool down before proceeding again. Making sure she’s comfortable throughout this process will increase chances of success significantly.

Key Takeaway: 


To make her squirt, it’s important to stimulate the G-spot located on the front wall of the vagina. Patience is crucial in locating and stimulating this sensitive area, which can be done through finger massage or with specialized sex toys. It’s essential to pay attention to your partner’s reactions and take breaks if needed for a comfortable experience.

Experiment with Positions

When it comes to making her squirt, trying out different positions can make all the difference. The goal is to find the perfect angle and depth that stimulates her G-spot just right.

Doggy Style

The doggy style position is one of the most effective for making her squirt. This position allows for deep penetration and easy access to stimulate the G-spot.

Missionary Position with Legs Up

A slight modification of the traditional missionary position can also work wonders. By raising her legs up towards your shoulders, you create an angle that helps target stimulation on the G-spot more directly.

The Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl Position

When she’s on top, either facing you (cowgirl) or away from you (reverse cowgirl), she has control over speed, depth, and angle of penetration which could be key in achieving a squirting orgasm. The cowgirl positions are worth trying out.

Communicate Openly

An open line of communication is vital in any sexual relationship, especially when exploring new experiences like making her squirt. Prior to exploring, it’s essential to create an emotional bond and comprehend one another’s desires.

Talk About Expectations Beforehand

Squirting may not happen immediately or every time – discuss this beforehand so there are no disappointments if things don’t go as planned initially.

Gauge Her Comfort Level During The Act

Paying attention to non-verbal cues during sex is important too. If something doesn’t seem comfortable for her or isn’t working as expected, adjust accordingly without feeling discouraged.

Remember: Patience coupled with good communication will help both partners enjoy their journey into new realms of pleasure.

5. Communicate Openly

It’s not just about expressing your desires; it’s also about understanding hers.

Acknowledge Her Comfort Level

The first step in open communication is acknowledging her comfort level with squirting. Some may feel bashful or uncomfortable about the concept, while others could be eager to experiment with something novel. Always regard her sentiments and never compel her into something she is not willing to do.

Discuss Expectations

It’s important that both of you have realistic expectations for this experience. Making a woman squirt can take time and practice, so don’t expect instant results. Healthline suggests being patient and focusing on pleasuring your partner.

Create A Safe Space For Conversation

To ensure a pleasurable experience for both of you when making her squirt, create an environment where she feels safe expressing herself sexually without fear of judgment or criticism.

Tips To Enhance Communication:

    • Show Empathy: Understand that this could be a vulnerable situation for her. Be supportive throughout the process.

    • Ask Questions: Don’t assume what she likes or dislikes; always ask. This will show that you care about giving pleasure as much as receiving it.

    • Gentle Encouragement: If she seems hesitant but willing, gentle encouragement can help boost confidence levels during exploration. Psychology Today states, “Positive reinforcement makes someone feel valued.”

Remember: The goal isn’t just making her squirt—it’s ensuring mutual enjoyment along the way.


Want to make her squirt? Understand female anatomy, use lubrication, stimulate the G-spot, experiment with positions, and communicate openly.

Remember, every woman is unique, so explore together in a safe and consensual manner.

With patience, practice, and an open mind, making her squirt can be a pleasurable experience for both partners involved.

Check out these credible sources for more information on female ejaculation: Medical News Today, Healthline, and Cosmopolitan.


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