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101: How To Use A Fleshlight


In short, when using a Fleshlight remember these 3 key things...Warm it up, Lube it up and Clean it up. If you keep to those rules your Fleshlight will be with you for a while.

But what if you don’t know what a fleshlight is in the first place…

Let me explain.

Imagine it’s just another Friday night. You’re out trying to get laid, but you’re not having any luck. Regardless, you’re still horny as fuck. 

Now, you could jerk yourself off with your old friend, ‘Handy’ (not in the bar of course), but it’ll NEVER compare to actual sex.

Lucky for us, there’s a wonderful sex toy that’ll help us get closer to that dream. Introducing, fleshlights!

The name is pretty self-explanatory: the inside is made of soft, flesh-like material and the outside looks like an impractically large flashlight. And I’m not joking about the thing being large. 

Fleshlights can get BIG but I’ll elaborate on that later.

First, let’s look at how to prepare your fleshlight before you use it.

For Maximum Realism, Warm it Up!

While fleshlights feel pretty close to the inside of a woman, unlike the real thing most of them don’t warm up by themselves. While it may not seem to matter much while you’re playing away in your hand-held vagina, little details like some added warmth do wonders for your orgasm.

When I first used a fleshlight, I didn’t warm it up and it felt fine at first. But after a while, I felt like something was missing. Then I found an article recommending I turned up the heat and everything clicked into place. Next thing I knew, I was jacking off like a goddamn king!

And it’s not even that hard to do. You can find sleeve warmers that’ll warm up your toy for you or you can just fill your sink up with warm water and let your toy soak until it’s the right temperature. 

See...Not hard at all.

For Easy Orgasms, Lube it Up!

Now that your fleshlight is properly warmed, you can stick your dick in it, right? 


Unlike a regular vagina, a fleshlight is not self-lubricating so you’re gonna need a nice lube to make things a lot more slippery. If you skimp on this step, you’re going to either get stuck in the thing or hurt yourself or your fleshlight.

I usually recommend a nice, water-based lube since it won’t damage the inside of your fleshlight, and it won’t be absorbed by the toy. I can’t really recommend a certain thickness, though; that’s going to depend completely on your own preferences. 

A general rule to live by, however, is that the thicker the lube is, the less you’re going to feel the ridges inside the fleshlight. I personally love feeling the ridges in my fleshlight because it gives my dick something rub against. That extra little bit of stimulation can make all the difference.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not you’d prefer to feel the ridges inside the fleshlight, I’d recommend picking up a few different thicknesses and trying them out. Once you’ve found your lube soulmate, you’re ready to have the orgasm of your life. Speaking of…

How Should I Use my Fleshlight?

Well, there are two main ways you can hold your fleshlight. The option you’re probably going to want to try out first is to stroke your dick by hand. Just hold the fleshlight in your hand and masturbate normally.

When I was first using a fleshlight, this was the way I jacked off. It seemed like the obvious way to use it, and I definitely came harder than I would if I were using my hand. However, after a while, holding the toy became a little awkward. 

The body can get pretty large and unwieldy which makes it a pain in the ass to hold. This could just be me of course so don’t let me put you off until you’ve tried it yourself.

Your other option is to mount your fleshlight and ride it like you would a real person. To do this, you’re going to want to purchase a mount to get the job done. These are specifically designed to give you the perfect angle to bang to your heart’s content. 

But not everyone wants to splurge on sex toy accessories. So would you believe me if I told you there’s already a free solution hidden in your home?

All you have to do is make it.

You can use anything from a few rolled-up blankets to a small pile of pillows to construct your own mount. For extra sturdiness, use some kind of belt or strap to keep it from wiggling around. 

I remember trying this out myself and it took a little while to get the angle and set up right, but once I put together a fleshlight mount specifically tailored to me and me alone and I could just pound away and not have to worry about my hand cramping. 

All I had to focus on was how great my orgasm was gonna be. 

And let me tell you. It was pretty amazing.

So pat yourself on the back for being so resourceful. You just saved yourself some major cash.

If you want something a bit more realistic, you can purchase an all in one mount shaped like a woman's ass and vagina. The great thing about these toys is that you don’t need to bring your own fleshlight! These come with their own glory holes so you can just go to town. 

Best Way To Clean a Fleshlight

This is important because A badly maintained fleshlight can breed bacteria and nastiness pretty fast. 

Actually it’s so important I wrote a whole article on How To Clean A Fleshlight here to make sure your fleshlight stays clean and nastiness-free. 

(You can thank me later.)

In Conclusion

There are a few different ways to use your new fleshlight and that kind of flexibility is what makes these toys so great. Whether you’re a stroker or a pounder, there’s a solution to make your fleshlight work for you. 

If you’re looking for a new Toy yourself head over to our Ultimate Fleshlight Guide 2020 to see what’s on the market.


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