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Fleshlight Launch Review – Full Buying Guide


When it comes to getting yourself off it doesn't get much better than The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. With male sex toys coming on leaps and bounds in the last few years this is currently the one to beat for solo pleasure. Let's get into our fleshlight launch review...

Truth is... if you're single, married, with a partner or looking for a new one…The drive to masturbate stays pretty much the same; strong. Hey, birds gotta’ fly, fish gotta’ swim and guys gotta’ masturbate. It’s pretty much that simple. That’s why the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a product you’ve gotta’ try.

Made to simulate an amazing stroking motion without using your hands, the Quickshot Launch is an exciting new development in sex toys. With multiple features like speed control, a heads-up display and more, it’s made to be used with the awesome Fleshlight Quickshot, one of my fave solo stroking toys...

In fact, the Launch takes the regular Quickshot, which is already awesome, and turns it up a notch!

For me, the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch easily gets a 5-star rating. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

PROs and CONs of the Quickshot Launch

Any masturbation device is going to have its good side and bad side, no doubt. Size, price and convenience are some of the factors that make a device great or just ok’, so here's my pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

Quickshot Launch PROs

  • No hands needed. Yes, you hold the device but it does all the stroking
  • Variable stroke speeds up to 250 strokes per minute! Nice!
  • Innovative and easy-to-use touch control for length and speed of stroke
  • Heads-up display (with your own smartphone) This is great for watching porn or having virtual sex
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Uses Quickshot, which you may already own
  • Fast, easy clean-up

Quickshot Launch CONs

  • Large device. This won’t be fitting in your pocket or even a small bag
  • Relatively expensive for a masturbation toy
  • A bit heavy and bulky
  • Not discreet in any sense of the word due to its large size
  • You need the Quickshot to use it (although you can get the Vantage Pack which includes it and some lube)

Key Features of the Quickshot Launch

The Quickshot launch has a number of unique, interesting and pleasurable features that provide several benefits other devices don’t.

Variable Stroke Length and Speed

All guys are not alike, and so the Quickshot Launch can be easily and quickly changed to deliver 1 of 4 stroke and speed variations depending on what you like best and the size of your lil’ buddy. The highest setting is 250 storks per minute! Simply toggle through the 4 variations to find your perfect stroke, relax and let the Launch take over. It's great because you can change the speed or length when you decide to get the greatest pleasure when you're ready!

Easy to Change Between Settings

What I really like about the Launch is that the toggle switches for the Speed and Stroke Length are located on either side so that you can easily and quickly change them while you're enjoying yourself. They're located at thumb level which is perfect! You don't even have to look, they're right there!

Launch uses the Quickshot Solo Device

If you have the Quickshot device the Launch is a step up, allowing you to take it from a ‘hands-on’ to a ‘hands-off’ experience (although you still need to hold the Launch). So if you love the Quickshot you’ll love the Launch even more! The Quickshot loads in really easily too, and pops right back out when you're finished.

3 Pleasure Zones

Taking variability to the extreme, the Launch offers either Base, Shaft or Tip pleasure zones that you can toggle between and lose your head for a few minutes. I love this feature because it lets me stimulate myself in different ways on different days, a refreshing change-up that we guys need from time to time.

Heads Up Display

The Quickshot Launch can be used in tandem with a smartphone for watching porn or, even better, communicating with a partner while you both get off! This is fantastic for so many reasons, including that you don't have to hold the phone, you can watch your favorite porn scene or actors and you can share your experience with someone you love (or lust after).

Universal Smartphone Mount Included

Attaching your smartphone is easy with the included universal smartphone mount that sits on top of the Launch. Just pop on your smartphone and then get ready to pop off! It's easy peasy, brother!

Rechargeable Battery

With its rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about buying new batteries every time they die and adding to your local landfill. A full charge lasts 60 minutes too (although you never will!) and the Launch also can be used while plugged in so you never have to wait to get off!

Easy Clean-Up

The launch was made to be used with the Quickshot, one of the best solo masturbation devices Fleshlight has ever produced. All you do is insert your Quickshot into the Launch and get started. When you’re done, it pops right back out for easy cleanup and storage until your next solo session.

Quickshot Launch Review

After using the Quickshot Launch several times now I can say without reservation that it’s a well-built solo masturbation device that delivers on its promise of excellent solo or shared sex.

Quickshot Launch is manufactured to high-quality standards, it looks and feels like a high-end device that will last for years and not have any problems or issues. The toggle switches, smartphone mount and case are all put together well and feel very stable and secure in your hands.

One of my favorite features of the Quickshot Launch is that loading and unloading is easy as pie, cleaning the problem, and best of all, toggling back and forth between speeds and stroke length is as simple as using the TV remote!

For me the ability to easily change speed and stroke is genius…

Let’s be honest, when you’re halfway down the rabbit hole you don’t want to have to think about where the switch is or fumble around to find it. 

With the Launch, both toggle switches are right there, at thumb height, so that you can switch as often and as fast as you like with barely a thought.

Love it!

Another excellent feature of the Launch is that it gives you a mount for, (you guessed it), your smartphone! With your phone in place you can then watch all your favorite porn or whatever else you like watching while you get off. 

How Does the Quickshot Launch Compare?

Quickshot Launch vs Autoblow A.I.

Compared to the Autoblow A.I. the Quickshot Launch feels like a more substantial machine. Both deliver a tailored performance based on your needs and desires but the Launch is easier to switch between modes, much easier to hold and comes with a rechargeable battery that the Autoblow doesn’t provide. 

(Plus there’s no smartphone mount for watching and/or sharing.)

I’d say that the Launch is better for those who want to be able to change things up quickly and share their experience, while the Autoblow A.I. is better for men who want a smaller device that they can use alone.

Quickshot Launch vs TENGA Zero Flip EV

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator

The TENGA Zero Flip EV is a solo, manual masturbation device that works well. 

Saying that, while a good effort, it doesn't really hold a candle to the Quickshot Launch. One of the biggest drawbacks it has is that it's 100% manual, so you'll be doing all the work. 

One of the best points? Practically any guy, of any size, with any type of ED problem, can use it and get a good experience.

The Launch is better for men who want a device that does all the work while the TENGA Zero Flip EV is better for someone who has 'issues' (hey, we all have some) and for those who like to provide all the stoking power themselves.

Quickshot Launch vs Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack

Made by the same folks who make the Quickshot Launch, the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack is made to open your masturbation world to, well, practically everything that's available. 

Bluetooth, VR, pre-programmed functions and a 3D porn gallery are all here. 

Like the name suggests, the Fleshlight Launch Stamina Training Pack is a great way to train and thus suited more for beginners. The Quickshot Launch is more for men who already have great control and want more of it.


There you have it…Sex toys for men have come a long way since I was growing up…

In fact, I didn't even know if any even existed so that's saying something. The bottom line is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a fantastic device and is well worth the investment if you are looking for an unrivalled solo experience . Again, I give it 5-Stars and highly recommend it to any man who is looking for better, more exciting ways to pleasure themself. In other words...TAKE MY MONEY!

If you still don't like any of these options you can always just make your own DIY pocket pussy.


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