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Buyers Guide to E-stim and Electro Sex Toys – Top 7 Picks


E-stim is a funny topic. Cause most of the kinksters I know can’t walk through a hardware store without thinking to themselves “Oooh, that looks like fun…” or “Ooh, I could find a use for this…” (not advised).

So it only makes sense someone, somewhere along the line, had similar thoughts for using medical equipment for kinky purposes, too. 

E-stim (also called electrosex) is the use of a controlled electric current applied to certain parts of the body during sensation play. 

And to do this you’ll need a bit of kit which we’ll be looking at today. But before all that, let’s deep dive into this electrifying form of kink below.

What is erotic electrostimulation (Electrosex)?

E-stim is a type of sensation play, often used during (or at least associated with) BDSM sessions that involves using a mild electrical current to stimulate the surface of the skin - and sometimes deeper, depending on the unit you use. 

It’s no secret that our genitalia are riddled with nerves. It’s estimated that a clitoris (JUST the clitoris) has over 8000 nerves - about twice as many as the penis. Lucky ladies.

When we think about the word “stimulation” - stroking, sucking, licking, pinching - we rarely think about what’s actually happening within our bodies, especially when we are being stimulated. But that word stimulation, and the effects we feel from it, are a result of “action potentials” (more commonly referred to by the masses as “neural impulses”) - little electrical currents that pass along our nerves.

Where am I going with this, you might be asking…When people engage in electrosex, it’s merely another type of stimulation for our bodies to experience.

And what an experience it is!

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What Kind Of Experience Will I Have?

This, of course, depends on a lot of things. First of all, what kind of experience do you want?

For a lot of people, E-Stim has very little to do with administering pain. So if that’s what immediately pops into your head when you think about combining electricity with sex rest assured that...

  1. You are not alone in your thinking.
  2. There are many sensations other than pain to be felt.

Low Setting

 You will likely feel a faint tingle. Turn up the power (still, only very slightly) and you’ll likely feel a slightly stronger tingle. Some people even say it feels like a tickle.

Medium Setting

The tickling feels... firmer?  It’s a strange sensation, the tickling feeling is there, but without the giggling side effects. The tingling definitely becomes more noticeable, but still not painful.

e-stim experience

High Setting

(NOT recommended for a beginner), the tingling becomes almost a stinging sensation. It almost feels as if you’re being pinched, but instead of a pinching sensation, it feels like your skin is tightening on its own accord. 

But What About Electrosex Safety?

The fact that you even asked that tells me you got the memo: Safe Kink Is Sexy Kink.

And Yes, there are things to take into account for the safety of everyone involved… because the truth is, not everyone can get involved.

  • If you have or use any electrical medical devices (pacemaker, insulin pump, etc) electrosex is not for you.
  • If you have any known heart conditions (arrhythmia, palpitations, etc) electrosex is not for you.
  • If you are pregnant or have epilepsy, electrosex is not for you.

I never thought I’d be the person to tell anyone “you’re not allowed to try this, even if you want to” but the truth is a serious mishap with E-Stim units can be fatal. If you experience any of the above conditions, it’s not worth risking it. Live to see another day and try another kink - there are plenty of them for you to explore!

But if you ARE healthy enough to try electrosex, there are still some things you must pay attention to.

NEVER use E-Stim above the waist

The bottom line is that even if you have a healthy heart, you’ll want to keep all of your electric-play far away from the heart. This includes your nipples!

Fret not! There are plenty of places to enjoy electrical stimulation. So when you do apply (or insert) any E-Stim implements - pads, dildos, plugs - always start with the machine turned completely off, or better yet, unplugged.

Speaking of machines, ONLY use E-Stim machines designated for electrosex.

Now is NOT the time to be experimenting with DIY sex toys. This is an extremely sad case of Toby Taylor who was charged with manslaughter after hooking up his wife directly to a mains socket trying a DIY electrosex kit and it ending very poorly. 

All of the machines listed in this article are intended for this use and are widely regarded as completely safe, so stick with what works and what’s safe.

Two quick, but still very important final safety mentions. 

Remove all jewelry before engaging in electrosex; apparently, the jewelry will get hot during use, but I don’t have anybody jewelry to attest to that. 

NEVER use any E-Stim products on irritated skin or cuts. It is much more electroconductive than healthy skin, so serious damage will occur.

Tips For An Optimal E-Stim Experience

tips for an optimal e-stim experience

Use the electro-conductive gel for use with electrodes (pads) for optimal conduction of electricity on external body parts (ie, your skin).

When using internal toys, use a lubricant that’s conducive to electrical play, like this one. At the very least, use a water based lube, as a silicon based lube acts not as a conductor, but as an insulator. (This is not what you want.)

Because we want an optimal contact surface between the electrodes and the skin, it’s best to apply it to hairless skin. So, if you’re against shaving your stuff, perhaps reconsider as this will improve your electrosex experience.

What’s The Best Way To Use An E-Stim?

As long as you use it safely, you can use it any way you want!

Use a violet wand attachment to send tingling sensations wherever you trace it over your (or your consenting partner’s) skin.

Use an electrode (pad) on both sides of the vagina and enjoy the sensations of electricity flowing through your lady-bits. 

Use a cock ring attachment to add some buzz and tingle to your bait and tackle.

Use an electro rolling drum (similar to a Wartenberg wheel, but electrified!) to add an electric touch to sensation play. 

And that’s not even getting into the world of insertable E Stim toys! Luckily for you, there are SO many electrosex toys and attachments to choose from! Not to mention all the resources spanning the internet to give you all different kinds of naughty ideas for your next electrosex session!

As with everything kink, start off slow and work your way up as your comfort level grows.

Electro Sex Toy Reviews

ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set

This is the power pack that you’ll need for using with any of the attachments listed below. Just wanted to make that clear before we start.

And what a power pack it is. It’s small and lightweight but still has enough power to satisfy even the biggest masochist (or sadist, if you’re the one in control). 

It’s also rechargeable (ie, battery powered) which put my mind at ease knowing I wasn’t plugging it into a super powerful wall socket. One concern I had was with how long the battery lasts (if you’ve ever had a battery powered vibrator run out of charge mid-scene, you know what a buzzkill it is). That’s a non-issue, however. The batteries last for hours, meaning no interrupted scenes.

ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set

The 24 settings offer plenty of variability of electrical intensity. The first two settings are hardly noticeable, so if you’re a beginner and worried that even on the lowest setting it will still be too much for you, let your mind rest.

The pads offer tons of different placement options, and you’ll definitely want to experiment with them. Even the slightest movement of the electrodes offers a very different experience.

(On the buttocks for “contactless spanking” is where we started, and I would suggest that as a wonderful starting point.)

On the subject of the electrodes, the sticky stuff will attract stuff you don’t necessarily want on it (lint, hair, etc) and may lose their adhesive properties - but this is not exclusive to just this model, but any electrode. It’s just something worth thinking about.

Either way, this is a great kit for beginners to begin and experiment with.


  • Batteries last for hours
  • Wide range of intensity, great for beginners and the more experienced


  • Pads sometimes come unstuck

ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Electrosex Silicone Prostate Massager

Right out of the box, this toy looks like it’s going to be fun. The texture of the toy is great and it’s moldability means it’s perfect for getting it the exact shape you want. Honestly, that’s one of the biggest pro’s - if you’ve experimented with prostate massage before and know the exact spot you like being hit, you can mold this toy to a similar shape.

It is mind blowing.

I also enjoy perineum stimulation, so this shape is fantastic.

I inserted the toy without the wires plugged in - which, while safer - proved a bit difficult to get the connector pins inside the connector. It would definitely help to have a partner help you with this part, especially since there’s lube involved.

Electrostim quadri-polar

Once it’s plugged in, it is wonderful. The settings they have on it (burst, width, intensity) are so varied it’s near certain you’ll find one that works for you. And once you find it, you’ll want to make note of it so it’s easy to get back to it.

The e-stim adds MUCH more than simple prostate stimulation and is great for solo masturbation sessions and even better with a partner. (We used tease and denial, both with the toy and her hands to accompany it.)

The way the wires stick (straight) out makes them a bit in-the-way for certain positions, but it’s still workable with some finesse. A right angle connector would have been slightly better.

NOTE: This is an attachment and requires the separate purchase of a ElectroStim power pack.



  • Moldable shape for customizable positioning
  • Numerous settings means you’ll find the perfect one for you


  • Straight wire connections make certain positions difficult
  • Wires were difficult to insert, but that’s easily remedied by a partner

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Silicone Noir Rocker Small Butt Plug

The size and shape of this attachment looks great, although, from my experience with butt plugs, I would call it medium-sized, not small. But in no way, shape, or form is it too big. I’d actually say it’s just right - perfectly sized for a beginner or someone who has experience with plugs.

Ok, let’s start off with the best part about this plug: the wire insertion points. They’re perpendicular to the insertable part of the toy which means the wires are WAY less in the way than the wires that stick straight into the ports. This, combined with the rocker base (and it is shaped perfectly for rocking back and forth) is the easiest anal toy to sit down with. 

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Silicone Noir Rocker Small Butt Plug

Not only is it great for sitting on, it’s perfect for doggy style because you can drape the wires up between the butt-cheeks and over the small of the back and let the power pack sit on the bed. Not once did they get in the way of penetration in this position.

NOTE: This is an attachment and requires the separate purchase of a ElectroStim power pack.


  • Angle of the wires means they’re easy to stay out of the way
  • Shape is good for his AND her butt


  • If you’re looking for a SMALL toy, this might be *slightly* larger than you’re hoping for

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo 7 Inch

My initial impression of this was that it’s both intimidating and beautiful. My second impression left me thinking about the many ways this can be used.

Given that I don’t have a vagina, I asked my girlfriend if I could use this on her. She was hesitant at first, but she finally let curiosity get the best of her (she’s the best). Starting off on the lower settings, she really enjoyed the tingling sensation to start.

On higher settings, she really started enjoying the sensations. She has a very strong pelvic floor (she’s the best) and she can squeeze on command.

The wavy shape of this dildo makes slow in and out movements great, but with the higher settings, the involuntary contractions of her pelvic floor combined with the varying circumference of the dildo made for a very fun time.

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo 7 Inch

The rubber rings around the base of the dildo are great. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do, which is act as an insulator to the hand holding it. This is a handy feature whether it’s your hand holding it or someone else's. 

NOTE: This is an attachment and requires the separate purchase of a ElectroStim power pack.


  • Wavy shape
  • Gorgeous steel finish


  • None

Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro Play Wand

This thing looks intimidating. It’s particularly intimidating knowing there’s no adjustability over the intensity of the shock, so your first one is definitely the scariest.

That said, it gets the job done and lets whoever it’s being used on know they’ve been shocked. I would say for the average kinkster (or, at least those who are interested in buying an electric prod to use on themselves or others), the shock intensity is just right. The sound (it emits a one time crack upon touching) is probably the scariest thing of all. 

Speaking of sounds, we used this on each other while one person was tied to the bed - sometimes blindfolded and other times without a blindfold. Both are two incredible experiences - sensory deprivation means you’ll never know where or when your next zap will be. 

Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro Play Wand

Being able to see means your partner can hold the tip juuuuuuuuust above the surface of your skin, giving you moments of anticipation before you finally get zapped.

Honestly, I don’t even know which was more fun. You’ll have to decide for yourself.


  • Wireless, so no wires to get tangled or in the way just the right amount of shock
  • Uses 2 AA batteries, so it does not require the separate purchase of an external power pack.


  • You cannot adjust the intensity of the shock

Electro Rolling Drum

If you’ve ever used a Wartenberg wheel, you already know what an amazing experience it can provide for sensation play. This is like a Wartenberg wheel on steroi- errr, electricity. 

Right off the bat, the all metal construction looks and feels like it begins in a BDSM toy box. It doesn’t just stop at looks, though. This thing delivers.

The wider one delivers a wide-spread (duh) patch of sensations, perfect for larger areas like the inner thigh.

electro rolling drum

The smaller one delivers a more localized, intense feeling on smaller body parts, like the penis.

The feeling of these rollers on your skin even without the electricity is great, but the electric stimulation takes it to the next level. 

Just like the Doc Johnson Stinger Wand, my girlfriend and I used this while tied to the bed - with and without blindfolds. The bondage and blindfold has the same psychological effect as the stinger wand, but the sensations are very different. This one is adjustable, unlike the stinger, so it makes it easier for prolonged teasing and sensation play.

These intriguing instruments work well on their own, but really spice things up when used in conjunction with the Neon Wand and Power Tripper.

Tip: Use this to explore not-so-obvious body parts. (The bottoms of your feet!)


  • Look and feel of the all-metal construction
  • Adjustable


  • None I can think of


If you’ve ever rocked up to your sub’s place holding a bag full of toys, you are undoubtedly familiar with the look of fear and excitement strewn across their face. Now just imagine their face when you arrive with a metal suitcase full of electrosex toys!

This kit contains nearly everything (except insertables) you need to not only begin, but continue your electrosex journey well into “advanced” territory. 

The main ‘tool’ is sturdy and the grip on the handle is comfortable and provides a nice, thick feeling in your hands. As a top, this provides you with a feeling of “this toy means business.”

I thought including all of the different wand heads would be slightly redundant, but I was wrong.

Kinklab Agent Noir

Each of them provides that gorgeous neon purple glow, but each of them provides a surprisingly different sensation on the skin. Check out the selection below:- 

The Neon Wand® 

The Power Tripper™ 

The Electro Whip

The Bulb 

The Comb 

The Pinwheel

The Tongue

The Mushroom 

The Rolling Drum

The Probe

The 90 degree

Let’s talk about my favorite thing of the bunch: the electro whip. I have quite a bit of experience with floggers - both on the giving and receiving end - and let me tell you, this is a flogging unlike any other. 

It’s not as painful as a heavy flogging session, but I think that would almost be a detriment to how this feels. The sound of the metal chain links hitting the skin sounds great for both people involved.


  • So many attachments to choose from
  • Very high quality construction


  • It’s one or two insertables (dildo, butt plug, etc) short of a complete set


There are a lot of things to consider when diving into the electrosex world. Safety precautions must be taken. Attachments must be decided upon. Consent must be granted. And when all these things are accounted for, electrical stimulation will add a spark to your sex life you’ll wish you tried sooner!

If you’re looking to get into electrosex, the KINKLAB AGENT NOIR™ NEON WAND ELECTROSEX KIT is your best bet. 

Although not the cheapest on the list it ticks all the boxes as it contains a power pack complete with numerous attachments, this is an all-in-one beginner kit that will keep you busy for E-stim session after session after session. 

The adjustment knob, conveniently located right on the bottom of the handle makes for easy intensity adjustments. The high quality of all the attachments means they will last as long as your kinky desire to use them. This kit makes nearly any electrosex scene not only possible, but immensely fun! 

==> Check out our other sex toy articles here.


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