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Best Male Sex Toy – Ultimate Guide 2021


We think the Best Male Sex Toy in 2020  is Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male Massager. It was a close call though and the competition was fierce, so read on to see if something else floats your sexual boat. 

Gone are the days where the only way a man could ‘get off’ was his secret sticky stash of porn under his bed and his trusty right hand. Upon us are the days where the World Wide Web offers an enhanced level of privacy, while revealing the many great benefits sex toys have to offer.

What used to be a part of life that wasn’t always embraced is now something being fueled by a sexually driven culture. Shopping online for sex toys has become commonplace. And for us men... there are now more choices are now more than ever. 

However, with such a growth in popularity, it can be hard to tell what’s junk and what’s worthy of your attention.

Behold, the 5 best sex toys for men...

How to Choose The Best Sex Toys for Males 

Which one will earn the title of being the best male sex toy? Today is the day we find it out, but it's not the easiest task. We want to make sure it's one that our readers deserve in their sex life. 

Due to popular demand, there are many newcomers coming to the scene when it comes to male sex toy manufacturers. This means that you must be wise about the toys you choose and ensure that they fit your needs the best. While it may seem like quite the task, we simplified the process for you.

How Do You Want To Enhance Your Sex Life?

Dig deep within and think about what could really use some improvement in your sex life. By knowing your ideal accomplishments right out the gate you’ll be able to refine your options rather than become overwhelmed.

Don’t forget about your partner either. Nothing is worse than upsetting your partner only to end up having to deal with the repercussions. Couples play can not only strengthen your relationship, but it could also deliver the most pleasurable moments of your life.

Will It Even Fit?

Can you imagine having to deal with the pain caused by improper toy dimensions? My eyes are watering even thinking about it! Even though we’re in a modern era full of every shape and size.

Most male sex toys are ‘supposed’ to be designed to fit most penis sizes, but this doesn’t mean that you need to make assumptions here.

In my experience sex toys are very rarely a one size fits all type of deal, which means you can’t be too careful when it comes to this. (Especially when you’re putting your most prized possession into the unknown)

Make sure it’s just right for you, and you’ll find yourself embracing the best experiences possible. Don’t forget to factor in your sexual appetite either!

What Kind Of Texture / Materials Were Used In Its Design?

No toy is truly equal. There are many different types of materials as well as textures that are used in the various male sex toys on the market. This is something that you’ll want to pay very close attention to when deciding which one you want to have shipped to your front door.

Being lube-friendly and skin safe are two of the elements you want to aim for. The leading materials in the world of sex toys for men includes patented polycarbonate blends, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), silicone, and TPE (Thermo plastic elastomer).

As far as texture is concerned, manufacturers pride themselves on providing super intense textures as well as the most lifelike textures. No one texture ever feels the same. The choice you make will be dependent on what feels good to you. Sometimes you can even interchange the textures with other devices. For those who like a more traditional approach, there are toys out there that have no texture at all.

Do You Want Traditional or Something More High-Tech?

With a sexually driven culture and modernism upon us, it’s no surprise that tech has shown up in our sex lives. This is where you really want to take the time to evaluate whether you want to embrace smart sex toys or stay in the realm of traditionalism. Or maybe maybe you want to incorporate a little of both into your life...

Having a sex toy that does too much could minimize the amount of pleasure that you experience while using it. Then again, a sex toy that doesn’t do enough will most likely find itself collecting dust or in the trashcan. 

Look at the various features including, but not limited to its ability to sync with other devices, touch-sensitive control interfaces, and wireless remotes. While we’re talking about its capabilities, it’s always handy to have a device that comes with rechargeable batteries!

Discover your perfect balance and you’ll wind up highly satisfied. And if you can’t decide you can always go ‘old school’ and have a five finger shuffle.

How Serious Is The Manufacturer When It Comes To Quality?

Crappy sex toys won’t come with a solid warranty. However, the leaders pride themselves on providing the best guarantees. It’s because they know that the quality of their products are the best in their realm. 

Take a close look at the warranty offered with the products you order so you don’t end up throwing away your hard-earned money.

Is It Something That’s Within Budget And True Value?

You know what you can afford and can’t afford the best. Keep in mind what your budget is when it comes to investing in taking your sex life to a new level. Some toys are extremely cheap (you tend to get what you pay for, but there are still affordable toys that don’t sacrifice quality) while there are others that come with a price tag of several hundred dollars.

For The Price, Will It Give You An Experience That’s Hitting The (Wet) Spot? 

Don’t let yourself become a victim of getting something that isn’t worth the money. Embrace male sex toy reviews and do your homework before completing your purchase. 

Are Prostate Massagers Only Used By Gay Men? (The Question On Every Straight Mans Lips…(Emoji)

HELL NO! Men will be men, and there’s nothing gay about a little P-Spot stimulation. Women have their G-Spot and guys have their P-Spot. There’s nothing gay about using prostate massagers regardless of your sexual preference.

In fact, it has been discovered that prostate massages on a regular basis can minimize the risk of prostate cancer in addition to providing a wide array of other health benefits. 

Not to mention, there are prostate massagers on the market designed specifically for use by both men and women allowing for it to be a valuable addition to the bedroom for all.

Can I Be Injured Using Sex Toys For Males?

Absolutely, there are a wide range of injuries caused by improper use of sex toys. In rare circumstances, poorly designed male sex toys can lead to injury as well. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t overuse them as well as follow the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Do I Have To Buy Accessories For My Male Sex Toy?

Most of the time you’ll find that certain sex toys come with attachments. This is usually to enhance its capabilities and your experience. Not all the time is it required for your toy to have its basic functions. Just make sure you’re aware of what you’re buying before completing the purchase.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Covered By The Warranty?

Usually there’s a postcard included in the package that you must fill out and mail to the manufacturer. There are specific guidelines that must be followed, so make sure you don’t overlook the fine print. Also, make sure to mail it immediately so you don’t let the time expire if there’s a deadline for getting your toy covered under warranty.

Escape Vanilla's Top 5 Male Sex Toys

With a deeper inserter (up to 5.7 inches) and strong thruster (up to 12,000 RPM), this could be a game change when it comes to the male sex toy market. That’s without mentioning its 3 different voices of sexual moans and level of interactivity that it provides to give you the strongest orgasms possible.

Many might say that this is one of the advanced masturbator cups of its kind, and it’s not a title that was gained easily. 

Just like many other leading sex toys for guys, it’s also easy to clean. Just remove the sleeve and rinse it with warm water. Cleaning up doesn’t always have to be a complicated or messy process, and they’ve ensured that they take this to heart.


  • Ability to detect twitching, causing the moans to get louder
  • Automatic thrusting provides the ultimate level of pleasure
  • Numerous thrusting modes and frequencies helps it stand out among others
  • Hands-free capability ensures you can embrace peak comfort
  • Rechargeable. Simply connect it to any USB port


  • You get what you pay for. It’s slightly higher than other options but also more powerful

From the makers of the renowned Fleshlight comes a more discreet version. It helps eliminate the risk of a casual encounter coming across it in your bedroom.

While it only provides 3.5 inches to insert your penis, it aims to be more convenient to store and transport which it has achieved. It’s nowhere near as bulky as the original Fleshlight. Plus, it has the power to enhance its capabilities with additional upgrades such as a shower mount, warmer, and Quickshots Connect (the ability to attach two of them together).

A popular choice among those purchasing the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is the clear model (also available are Gun Metal and Blue Ice). As far as cleanup is concerned, it’s super easy. Just remove the sleeve from the case and rinse it with warm water.


  • Backed by one of the top sex toy manufacturers.
  • Perfect for both solo play and couples play
  • Versatile and can be enhanced further with attachments


  • Smaller than the Fleshlight but it’s great for those on the go

For the guys who prefer a more lifelike approach to sex toys, this is a logical option as it’s one of the leading sex dolls for men on the market today. They’ve even went as far as to add pimples inside of the vagina to provide the ultimate texture.

With this doll, you have the opportunity for dual entry making it a great choice for anal play as well as vaginal play. Both entry points are designed to be tight just like a virgin to provide one of the most irresistible experiences available with sex dolls today.

The material used for this doll is silicone, making it free from undesired materials such as latex or phthalate. What this means is that it’s elastic and highly compatible with water-based lubricants.


  • Constructed with silicone, it’s made of high-quality material
  • Dual entry points to ensure it fulfils every guy’s needs
  • Highly realistic with its 3D interior structure


  • Doesn’t contain a drainage hole, but this enhances the suction feeling

This Feelinggirl Stamina Training Unit is a more intense version of the previously reviewed masturbator cup. Doubling the ability to provide 10 different thrusting modes, it’s powered by a very strong motor ensuring the most pleasurable orgasms a guy can experience from a sex toy.

It seems that they’ve taken it a step further by including a custom TPE sleeve in order to make it just like a real pussy. This is by far one of the biggest breakthroughs in automatic thrusters today, as it’s also highly soft making it feel just like real human skin.

For those who aren’t worried about the cost, this is a toy worthy of consideration. Especially if you want to intensify things by adding a sexy female voice to your personal playtime. Even with a higher price tag than cheaper options, it’s still a valuable find.


  • A sexy female voice helps you take things to a new level
  • Custom TPE sleeve that’s soft to the touch intensifies the feeling
  • Rechargeable by using the included cord to plug it into any USB port
  • Hands-free capability ensures you can embrace peak comfort


  • Pricier than a lot of its competitors, but it delivers the experience

For those who need a more affordable choice, this is one of the top sellers on the market today. Made with the copy of a real-life female vagina, it aims to deliver the most lifelike feeling possible. 

It’s also safe for the skin since it’s made of TPE material which is one of the highest quality of the materials used to make toys.

It might not be as advanced as some of the other models review here, but it’s aimed to be more economical without sacrificing the pleasure it delivers to men.

If you want something that’s functional but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, it’s still one of the better options out there.


  • Affordable in comparison to other sex toys of its kind
  • High-quality materials to deliver a lifelike feeling
  • Satisfaction has been proven through countless positive reviews


  • Basic, but it’s a cost-friendly option. Functionality is still there

Escape Vanilla's Best Male Sex Toy: Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male Massager

When you look at what this toy delivers and compare it with all the others, it’s hard to top. It even outperforms the other model we reviewed here by doubling the number of thrusting levels that can be embraced.

Combine it with the tech it uses to deliver a sexy female voice which enhances the experience, and you have one of the most advanced sex toys for guys currently available.

As far as the number of guys who have posted their positive experiences with this product, it backs our decision to name it the best sexy toy for gentlemen. Sure, you do have to pay a little more (around $65 at the time of this review), you can’t expect complexity for just a few bucks.


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