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Best Fleshlights Ultimate Guide 2023 – Complete Buying Guide


Fleshlights are a hyper-real male masturbation aid. They are mouled in the shape of a real vagina, can increase your stamina and are just a lot of fun to play with.

There is a perfect one out there for you. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. 

Asking which pornstar has the best fleshlight is the wrong move. I did that and regretted my decision later on. A better approach is to pick the sleeve that has the right intensity, texture and size. 

For YOU. 

This guide will help you clarify that. Especially a particular type of feeling. Then help you find a fleshlight that will satisfy that. Or if you prefer you can make you own.

What Is A Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are the most popular male sex toy. They fall under the pocket pussy category. But because of amazing product development they’ve stolen the spotlight completely. 

They can replicate the real feeling of sex, most commonly with a vagina. But they’ve even branched out into specific fleshlights that can realistically replicate a mouth or a tight asshole quite effectively too. 

There are over 100 textures to choose from! As well as a whole range of fleshlight girls. They’ve really expanded since they released their first version in 1995.

Fleshlights have put the control back into men's hands so to speak. Having a realistic vagina on command is a very empowering thing.

Which texture feels the best in a fleshlight? 

Every fleshlight contains a unique texture inside it. The more texturized the inside the more stimulating it will be.

Can you see the rings, nubs, fangs, dome inside?

Those all act to grip you and provide suction. They give you intense stimulation. 

That graphic above is an example of a fleshlight that is highly texturized inside. It’ll test your endurance. 

The more texture the more INTENSE the experience is going to be.

There are over 100 different textures to choose from. You can even design your own. But I simply recommend doing the following…

If you want to use it mainly for pleasure…Choose something highly texturized inside. 

If you want to use it mainly for endurance, then choose one with a low texture.

 If it's moulded in the shape of your favourite porn star, all the better!

Practicing increasing your endurance with your favourite porn star is something to really look forward to. She’ll take care of you. My favourites are Stoya, Riley Reid, and Veronica Rodriguez

If you want to balance pleasure and endurance then go for something with a medium texturization.

Do Fleshlight Increase Stamina?

Masturbating incorrectly can lead to sexual problems down the line. Like erectie dysfunction, premature ejaculation or not being able to cum during sex at all.

You might be wondering what “incorrect” actually means. Surely all you need to go is grip it and stroke - right?


Most men get this wrong and it's a shame.

The problem lies in the grip. It's usually too hard. Or you grip your penis in the same place over and over again. 

So this leads to only being able to get hard in THAT specific way. 

A fleshlight overcomes this by varying the stimulation. It also ensures you are not gripping your penis too tightly. Well because the fleshlight will be gripping (and providing the suction for you). 

Increasing the amount of time you can last with a fleshlight is great practice for the real thing.

Do Fleshlights Actually Feel Real?

The feeling of penetrating a real warm, wet pussy is incomparable. Hearing a girl moan while you thrust. It’s one of the best feelings and experiences a man can have in this life.

I would be lying to you if I said it would be as good as that. 

You wouldn’t take me seriously.

What I can tell you is that it's as close as you’ll come to that. Fleshlight has been making these since 1995.

Refining the materials to make them skin-like and working on the textualization on the inside. 

Heck...They even mould real life vaginas. 

Research, work and testing has gone into making these things as close to the real thing as possible. 

As a red-blooded man - I can say these come as close to the real thing out of anything I’ve tried. 

How Is A Fleshlight Packaged For Delivery?

No one will know what you are ordering. Don’t worry. Fleshlight packages their products in a discrete way. They respect your privacy so the chances are your flatmate or parents getting curious and checking what's inside is kept too a minimum.

How To Best Use A Fleshlight

  • Want to go handsfree? Simply place your fleshlight in between your sofa cushions. Make sure no one is home at the time! Then grab onto the head of the sofa, slide yourself in, and thrust. This works best with a three seater sofa because you can place it towards the bottom. 
  • You can also purchase accessories for your fleshlight to enhance the experience. Like shower mounts and USB warmers (a warm pussy is better than a cold one - obviously). You don’t need a warmer though… soaking it in warm water before use is just as good because fleshlights are designed to hold heat. 
  • Go slow at first while you get accustomed to it. You might be tempted to start thrusting as hard as possible. But get acquainted with it first. 
  • Use water based lubricant. Other types can damage the sleeve.

Entering the Stoya Destroya is heavenly. There are three distinct parts of the experience. First you’ll be welcomed in with three small rings. The second phase is 360 degrees stimulation from the “pleasure dome”. Finally you’ll feel the rounded “fangs”.

The last part was particularly satisfying. It felt like she was grabbing me a little harder. As a reward for making it that deep inside. 

These three phases make it the most intense fleshlight. It’s highly textured and will stimulate your penis from all angles.

Stoya is a passionate performer on screen. Her scenes seem realer than most. This fleshlight is a great representation of that in the real world. It feels authentic and will grip your cock with enthusiasm every time.



  • Because of the high texturization it can be hard to clean

2. Best Fleshlight To Last Longer In Bed (High Texture) - Stamina Training Unit

If you suffer from premature ejaculation this one is a smart choice. 

It’s designed so you can train yourself to last longer. 

Your hand isn’t!

It helps you last longer because there are more bumps inside compared to a regular fleshlight. And it is tighter. 

I last around 4 minutes during regular sex. So when I started using this I aimed to last 10 with the fleshlight. 

Here’s how I did it…

The first time I used it I didn’t put any pressure on myself. I wanted to see how long I could go before I ejaculated. 

It was 5 mins. 

I made that my “baseline”. So everytime I used the fleshlight I would try and add a minute onto that time.

It was mentally challenging. But in the end I got there. I use it around 5 times per week for a month before I reach my goal.

Now to answer the question you’re all wondering… 

Did I last longer during actual sex?

In short - yes.

But this might have been down to me having more confidence. There could have been some placebo effect involved. 


  • Could help you last longer during actual sex
  • You’ll be able to satisfy your partner moreIncreased confidence in the bedroom


  • It’s not as exciting as the other models
  • The inside doesn’t provide a big range of sensations

3. Best Fleshlight For Bigger Guys - The Primal

Some guys are lucky…They’re well endowed. Unfortunately this means that most of the regular fleshlights will be a little too tight. There has to be some downsides!

Now there is nothing wrong with tight. If that is what you are going for. HOWEVER - if you want something to use consistently then The Primal is wider than a regular fleshlight.

It might come across as a bit beastly. Inside the bumps are LONG. I actually found them quite delicate. But because they are so long they provide some nice grip at the end of each thrust. This fleshlight is rough on the outside and tender on the inside.


  • It accommodates bigger guys better


  • Most guys will have a better experience with something tighter

4. Best Super Tight Fleshlight: Jess Drake

I like it tight now and again. I don’t need it to be tight every time, but I understand that some guys do. If that is your preference then it makes sense to go with a fleshlight on the tighter end of the spectrum.

You don’t have to buy an anal fleshlight to do this. 

When I do feel like getting my willy into something super tight I reach for Jess Drake. Granted - I have to use a lot of lube (and lube is expensive) so I don’t use it often. 

If your penis is thinner than usual the regular fleshlights may lack intensity. They won’t grip you penis and rub it right. So if you have a thin penis this is a great option too.


  •  Good for men with a smaller than average penis (5.1 inches)
  • Great if you like it super tight


  • You’ll spend a lot on lube if you are a bigger guy

5. Best Vibrating Fleshlight - Vibro Lady

When it comes to sex toys vibration is something that benefits the ladys more than the fellas. Nevertheless, the Vibro Lady provides a different kind of fleshlight experience. 

You don’t have to work as hard when you use it. There are three vibrating bullets you can place inside the Vibro Lady. Depending on how intense you want the experience to be. So this does some of the stimulation for you.

The sensation is gentle. 

I think they did that on purpose… because an actual vagina doesn’t vibrate. Unless she is having an orgasm. When I inserted all three bullets it did feel like a woman was climaxing on my penis HARD. So if you are particularly fond of that feeling… This is a good one to go for.


  • Good if you want to replicate the feeling of a woman's shuddering orgasm


  • It’s not as highly texturized as the other models

6. Best Anal Fleshlight - Eva Lovia Spice

The suction on this is INTENSE. The thing I like about anal is the grip. This fleshlight has that in spades. It really felt like I was making my into Eva’s perfect ass because of the tight canal. It wasn’t easy work but the reward was worth it. 

If you’re into anal… this may be a good choice. I had to put work in to penetrate it because I had the suction set all the way up. When I did, I was greeted by exceptional grip. 

It felt like a real orifice (because it WAS modelled on one). That put it a notch higher than the others anal fleshlights for me. Because a little hard work to get in and tight grip is what anal is all about - right?


  • Modelled on a real orifice. Eva Lovia’s! 
  • The suction control can make it a super intense experience

7. Best Blowjob Fleshlight - Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice)

Creating a fleshlight that mimics a blowjob is a hard task. Because they have to replicate the feeling of the lips, tongue and throat. The Turbo Thrust does a surprisingly good job of all three. It has three distinct parts to it. My only gripe was the lips don’t feel as soft as real lips but with a lot of lube they are alright. 

There are other blowjob models on the market. But for me this one is great because you can see your cock. 

Which means you can use it with your partner to give her some visual stimulation. It doesn’t have to be a solo thing 100% of the time. Sometimes after my partner gives me an actual blowjob I switch to the fleshlight when I want to deepthroat because she can’t do it.

Deepthroating is an art. Not many girls can actually do it - which is fair enough. But if you want access to that feeling then this could be a good choice for you.  


  • Simulates a deepthroat pretty well
  • Its see through. So you can use it with a partner for visual stimulation


  • The lips could be more realistic

8. Best Fleshlight for VR - Fleshlight Launch

Okay - this one isn’t a fleshlight so to speak. It’s something you put your favourite fleshlight in. Once you do it’ll control your fleshlight for you. I.e. you don’t have to do the thrusting yourself. It’ll do it for you at a speed of your choosing.   

It takes the experience to another planet in two key ways…

  1. It can move at speeds, and angles. So it makes the most of the texturized inside of the fleshlight. Having the fangs, bumps and ridges hit your penis from different angles provides unique stimulation. It's like a girl gyrating on top of you and moving her hips. 

  2. It can sync up to your favorite VR porn via bluetooth. This puts you right in the action visually and physically. A total mind and body experience.

A word of caution. This makes the fleshlight experience ultra intense.

The first time I used it with my favourite VR porn I was a bit disoriented. My brain couldn’t tell the difference between that and the real thing. 

It really is something to experience yourself if you think you can handle it. I would start it on the lowest speed.  

It’s also not cheap. Comes in at around $200. I think this is a worthwhile investment if you already own a VR headset and subscriptions to paid VR content. That’ll allow you to make the most of it. 

If you don’t have access to VR videos yet I would wait until you do. 


  •  Moves up and down automatically (at different speeds) to provide stimulation
  • Links to VR porn via bluetooth. Mimics the onscreen action
  • It can feel like someone else is in control. Awesome if you like being submissive


  • On the expensive side
  • Not worth it if you don’t have access to VR porn
  • VERY bulky

Final Word 

Only you can decide whether a fleshlight is right for you or not. 

When I was deciding to buy one I thought I would feel shame about it. 

Here’s the thing…

Everyone masturbates. 

So why not do it with something that makes it more pleasurable?

That’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Not only that…

Using one can increase your stamina in the bedroom too. This is the biggest benefit. While everyone else is using their hand (which causes problems btw…) you’ll be masturbating with something that was DESIGNED to mimic the real thing.

So, when it comes to the real thing you’ll be more prepared. 

You’ll last longer. Satisfy your partner more. Become the raging bull of a man you are meant to be. 

Because you decided to make this investment. 

Fleshlights are a fun way to add variety to the boring routine of Kleenex, Vaseline…. Cleanup. 

They make it fun again.

Great care went into creating the products and the Fleshlight girls themselves are supported with every purchase. 

What a way to give back!


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