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TOP 3 Best Anal Sex Toys – Ultimate Guide 2023


Anal sex toys are a little-known secret to unlocking a whole new world of pleasure. But they’re often overlooked by people who’ve never tried them.

Well we’re going to put your mind at ease here.

Anal play won’t be scary after you read this guide. You’ll have all the knowledge you need to make an educated purchase. 

Oh, and as for the peeps who already understand how deep and throbbing anal pleasure can be… you’re in for a treat too 😉 

We are going to look at 3 toys in detail in a second. First, let's dive into some common problems.

I’m Scared To Use An Anal Toy With My Partner

If your partner has never tried it before you need to approach the subject carefully. 

You are reading this because you have a sneaky feeling they might enjoy it!

So express that to them, in the kindest way possible.

Tell them any anal play will start small. Then give them a safe word for whenever they feel uncomfortable. 

You won’t know whether you like it unless you try!

If your sex life is lulling, then adding some anal play will add another dimension to it.

Sex toys are the safest way to explore anal play.  Because you’re the one deciding how far the toys are inserted and how quickly. If something starts feeling uncomfortable, you can take out the toy and try again when you feel comfortable.

Your anus is super sensitive. 

Different sensations will arouse you! So using a butt plug or anal beads will add an extra layer of intensity to your orgasm. Like you've never experienced before. 

How Do I Choose An Anal Sex Toy?

The two types of anal sex toys are anal beads and butt plugs. 

Butt plugs don't go as deep as a set of anal beads do. So although there are butt plugs specifically designed for men… chances are they’ll still  arouse women. Butt plugs also provide a more constant feeling of pleasure. 

Since certain kinds of anal bead are designed to stimulate the prostate (which is the male equivalent of the G-spot) they go a lot deeper. But they’re still unisex. Anal beads provide the most pleasure at the point of insertion or removal from the anal cavity. They're either used as foreplay to become more aroused or are taken at the height of your orgasm (to intensify the sensation). 

When you're choosing either your first butt plug or string of anal beads, you're going to want to start small. 


Your sphincter isn't used to expanding as wide as a huge butt plug string of anal beads. 

Stretching it too quickly is going to hurt. A lot. So do yourself a favor and get a small toy.

Make sure there's a base to any toy you stick up your butt. Eventually, you get to a point where your anus starts sucking things in and once you're at that point? That toy's gone. Like, you're not getting it back. Go to a doctor. You're gonna have to get that stuff surgically removed. 

Luckily... pretty much every anal sex toy comes with a base that'll keep your butt plug or anal beads from getting lost up in your large intestine. 

So Should I Even Use Anal Toys Then? 

Now, this is something I can't really give you an answer to. 

What you do and don't find pleasurable is completely different from person-to-person. 

All I can really tell you is using butt plugs or anal beads is completely safe if you know what you're doing. 

Make sure you check out the safety of any toy you buy beforehand. The toys we recommend below all had multiple good recommendations. That’s why they made the cut. 

How To Use Anal Sex Toy

I found this video. It does a really good job of explaining how to use a butt plug with a demonstration. It's on a grapefruit... but still pretty helpful.

Basically, the main points are:

  • Go extremely slow
  • Use A LOT of water-based lube
  • Start small

Your anus is incredibly sensitive and full of nerve endings. Going in quickly or without lube (or both...) is going to be extremely painful. Trust me. I tried to take out a butt plug way too quickly and boy did I get punished for it. It throbbed for half an hour. I couldn’t sit down! 

Now... I know I'm making anal play sound scary, but it's because I care about the health of your anus. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. Don't hurt yourself if you can help it. Seriously. You're going to have to go to a doctor and explain to them that you used a butt plug without lube and no one wants to do that. It's embarrassing.

Anal beads have pretty much the same rules: use water-based lube, insert slowly and take it out slowly. It's the same scenario if you aren't careful: ripping, doctor, embarrassment, etc. Furthermore, if you're trying to insert the whole string and your body starts feeling uncomfortable... stop trying to insert them! Your anus will gradually get used to insertion and will naturally become more stretched out. 

Don't force anything!

Before I recommend actual products...

Remember, clean your sex toys before and after you use them. You don't want to insert all that bacteria into your body, you'll make yourself sick and that's going to make you miserable. Keep everything clean and you'll be good to go!

Ok let's get to the fun stuff!

Now we can actually look at some anal toys.

Our Top Rated Anal Sex Toys

PALOQUETH Butt Plug/Anal Beads Kit

Want to try anal beads and butt plugs? 

I like this kit because it creates a sort of introduction to both. It comes with some lube as well so you don't have to try and find the perfect brand right away. 

The one-bulb butt plug is similar to standard butt plugs. However the two and three-bulbed ones create a similar feeling to anal beads. This kit is made of a stiff silicone that is super smooth and easy to clean.

Although, I do have to admit: if you end up enjoying the feeling of anal beads, these are most likely not going to be as satisfying as having a full string. Unfortunately, you'll have to go out and buy another set. 

But! You can still whip out your butt plug/anal bead hybrid whenever you want to feel a little bit of both in your anal play sessions.

Or to simply see which you prefer!


  • Provides a sampling of butt plugs and anal beads  
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in a kit
  • Comes with lube


  • Won't feel the same as using a full set of anal beads

While these beads may look a bit intimidating at first blush, they're actually great for beginners! 

The gradual increase in the size of the beads helps for easier insertion. If you're a beginner you should probably start with these. 

This particular set is smaller compared to other anal beads, so you may outgrow them as you get used to used to the stretching. These beads are made of silicone so they're flexible and easy to clean, much like PALOQUETH's kit.

The packaging is also not discreet. If you live with other people and don't want them to know you're experimenting with anal beads, you might want to skip this product.


  • Gradual increase in bead size  
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to clean


  • Packaging isn't discreet
  • Smaller compared to other anal beads

As previously mentioned, to adequately stimulate the prostate, you're going to want a curved tip. That way you can reach the prostate and slowly massage it by clenching and releasing your anus. This alone can bring you to orgasm, but coupled with masturbation or penetration can really intensify it. 

These butt plugs in particular also have a T-base that sits comfortably between your butt-cheeks meaning you can wear it for a prolonged period of time (if that brings you the most pleasure). If you wear it for longer than an hour or two, make sure you apply more lube or the butt plug will become hard to remove. These plugs also come on the smaller side, making them a great foray into butt plug use and prostate stimulation; however, you may wish to upgrade to a larger size.


  • Stimulates the prostate pretty well
  • T-base makes prolonged use more comfortable
  • Can reach the P-spot better than other butt plugs
  • Smaller size which is great for beginners


  • May become too small after a while
  • More lube is needed for prolonged use


In my humble opinion, the best butt plug for guys would have to be YOSPOSS' Butt Plug Trainer Kit


It's not too large and can help stimulate the prostate better than the other sex toys on this list. The T-base sits flush with your buttcheeks allowing for more comfortable long-term wear compared to the bases on the other plugs. You can wear it for a long time as well as intensify your orgasm to give you even more pleasure during masturbation or sex with a partner.

If you're a beginner and you want to try out anal play, this toy is probably going to be your best bet.

If you're more interested in anal beads, definitely UTIMI's Anal Beads. Those are great for beginners as well.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to use anal toys, never feel ashamed about your sexuality. 

There is nothing to be ashamed about. As long as you're not hurting anyone else, you should do whatever makes you feel great. If you enjoy anal stimulation, wonderful! So get out there and do what makes you happy! 

Life's too short to live in shame or fear.


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