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Ben Wa Balls Review


Ben Wa Balls are a sex toy that provides pleasure while strengthening your pelvic muscles (if you use them for Kegal exercises). They provide a unique sensation since they’re not used in the same way as “traditional” toys. We recommend the Lelo Luna beads for beginners.  

Want something that’ll give you pleasure, but also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Then the Ben Wa Balls are for you! 

If you're unsure what Ben Was Balls are exactly, then allow me to give you a little background.

These balls are actually older than you might think. Their creation dates back pretty far in history. It's believed they originated in Japan, then spread across Asia, and eventually into Europe. 

Ben Wa Balls generally come with one empty ball, and one filled with a heavier substance-- usually metal.

How They Work

You insert the empty ball in first... then the heavier one. If you move your hips around, even a little bit, the balls create a very pleasurable vibration.

But Ben Wa Balls are also frequently used to strengthen women's pelvic floor muscles and improve vaginal elasticity. How? By doing kegel exercises with the balls inserted!

Warning: the pleasure associated with the balls might be a little... ahem distracting.

Our Top Recommendation

Our top recommendation for beginners and experienced users alike are the Lelo Luna Beads.

These are some interesting Ben Wa Balls. I really think they're the best balls to get if you're a beginner who wants to start using them For sure. I started with these and I have to give them a 5/5.

Lelo Luna Beads Advantages

The Balls Come Apart

This set comes with 2 sets of Ben Wa Balls. The great thing about this product, in particular, is that it comes with a little harness that you can insert the Ben Wa Balls into. But you can also just put in one ball if you're just getting acclimated to using them. This is a great way to work up to the 2 ball size while still being able to do some exercises. 

They Come With A Pull-string

Most Ben Wa Ball sets just give you two balls with no string. I know that eventually, they'll fall out if you walk around your house, but that kinda terrifies me. I would much rather be able to take them out whenever I want to. With the Luna Beads, you can do just that! One of the balls comes with a string, so you just loop it through the harness and then you can pull them out whenever you're ready!

Two Different Weights

If you want to start with a lighter, easier to keep in set of Ben Wa Balls, you can absolutely do that! 

If you feel like you're ready to upgrade to a heavier ball that'll give you a bit more of a workout, you can absolutely do that too! 

That’s part of the reason I said this product is good for beginners and people who've used Ben Wa Balls before. It gives you that flexibility. 

Now, I haven't tried it yet, but you can also insert one ball of each different weights. I bet that would be an interesting experience! You wouldn't be able to get that experience if you only had one weight.

The craziest thing about these balls is their 10 year guarantee. Basically, if your Ben Wa Balls experience issues within your first 10 years of owning them, you can get 50% off of up to 5 items in the shop. That's crazy. 

These are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor while experiencing pleasure along the way. I love the different weights since they give beginners an intro to the Ben Wa Balls world. So they won't get  disappointed or frustrated by using a heavier, smaller set. I think they're priced pretty fairly since you're getting a lot for the price, and I absolutely love the 10 year guarantee. Gives me an extra sense of security.

Drawbacks Of Ben Wa Balls

It'll Take A While To Really Start Feeling Any Pleasure

Lots of people (me included) talk about the vast amounts of pleasure you can feel when using Ben Wa balls... but you actually have to work up to that. Unfortunately, it does take a while. 

Your pelvic muscles have to be kinda strong before you start feeling intense pleasure. Give yourself a few weeks to get acclimated to the Ben Wa Balls while you build up your pelvic floor muscles. 

Believe me, once you do, oooh will you be so happy you did!

That sacrifice is most definitely worth it.

Can Be Hard For Beginners To Grasp

And I don't mean conceptually. Depending on the size and weight, Ben Wa Balls can be hard to keep inside of you. If your muscles aren't used to gripping things, you'll probably experience the balls falling out somewhat frequently. 

To combat this, you should stick to laying down at first and doing your kegel exercises. Don't stand up just yet. Not until you feel it's a bit easier to keep hold of the balls. 

Once you've built up some muscle and you feel confident, you can start wearing them either around the house. If you’re really confident, go out in public with them in. It’s the perfect secret… No one has to know 😉

Other Notable Ben Wa Balls 

While I like the sleek look of these Ben Wa Balls, I can't say they perform any better than the original Lelo Luna Beads I reviewed above. With the noir you only get one 37g pair. In my opinion it's worth spending an extra 15 bucks to get a whole 'nother set of Ben Wa Balls. I only recommend buying these if you use heavier balls exclusively.

These are a bit different since they're technically only used for kegel exercises. They're not going to provide the same pleasure, but they’re technically better at giving your pelvic floor muscles a workout. 

I’ve seen a lot of pregnant and postpartum women posting about using these to get their muscles back in order. I’m guessing that's who this specific set of Kegel Balls is aimed at. 

They come pretty much molded in one shape and do have a pull-string which is reassuring. They also come in three different sizes and weights which is great! But I definitely enjoyed using the Luna Beads more than these. 


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