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best male sex toys

The Best Penis Sex Toys For Men Ultimate Guide 2020

I found Sir Richard’s Twin Turbo Penis Stroker to be my number one pick. It has a very realistic, warming setting. Not too hot… not too cold. It also has an array of different vibration settings. Which makes it easy to find something you’ll like.

Now this may be no surprise but turns out that sensation is loved by both sexes.

Who knew... 

Today we’re going to outline what you need to know about these toys before splashing the cash on one (hint: there are different types). Then we’ll give you some recommendations on which ones we think are worth your money. 

In this article, we’ll look at:

Our Top Rated Picks

Product Name

Product Name

Product Name

Product Name

Vibrating Cock Rings

Really, there are 2 practical reasons you get a cock ring.

  1. Make your erections larger.
  2. Make your erections by slowing the blood flow to your penis so you can stay harder longer.

Vibrating cock rings take this up a notch. The vibration allows for some extra stimulation around the balls as well as some clitoral stimulation if your partner has a vagina. 

Or if you want a mind-blowing hand or blowjob, put on a cock ring and sit back while you get a toe-curling orgasm.

Wait, You Mentioned Larger Erections. Can Cock Rings Do That?

Yes, cock rings can make your erections a little larger. You’re not going to be able to grow a massive schlong, but you can expect to see a slightly larger erection if you’re using your cock ring safely. 

A cock ring should never hurt you. You want it to be tight, but if you’re starting to feel pain, take it off immediately. You don’t want your penis to lose all blood flow and fall off. (Imagine!)

Penis Strokers

Penis strokers take a bit of the work out of masturbating.

 (But, really, how lazy do you have to be!)

These toys are cylindrical and usually have several motors in them to provide amazing stimulation to your dick. While you might want to pump it up and down, you don’t necessarily have to do that with this type of sex toy. 

Some strokers even come with a warming function to better imitate the feeling of actually being inside a vagina.

Vibrating Faux Vaginas

A faux vagina is exactly what it sounds like: a fleshlight type device that looks like a vagina. If you look at one of these toys, you’ll notice that it’s not just a hole in a silicone tube like some other fleshlights are. You’ll get some pretty realistic looking lips and other vagina ‘stuff’.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Penis Treat...

Size of the Toy

Depending on how large your dick is, you might not be able to use certain penis toys.

Unfortunately, being exceptionally hung can be a blessing and a curse. The toy will usually put their dimensions in the product description so you can check there to see if it’ll fit you.

With cock rings, you don’t have to worry about your sizes length-wise. You do have to make sure you’re not too 'girthy' for the ring in particular. While some rings are made of a flexible material, this isn’t necessarily true of all rings. 

My advice to you would be to know how girthy you are in comparison to the ring. Check the reviews to see if the ring itself is stretchy. That’ll help you figure out whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Do you Want Double Penetration?

Some cock rings come with extra attachments like butt plugs, anal beads, and even a whole other penis!

If you’re interested in any of these attachments, you’re probably going to want to go with a vibrating cock ring as opposed to the other products on this list.

Do you Want Something Similar to a Fleshlight?

If you want something that feels close to real sex, consider getting a faux vagina or one of the cock strokers on this list. 

While vibrating cock rings are great for solo play, they really shine when being used with a partner. Not only do they help you stay erect longer, but they also change the way you feel when you’re hard-- something your partner is sure to appreciate.

Cock rings-- even those of the vibrating variety are more of an enhancement than something that can make you cum all by itself. 

If that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, consider the other products on the list.

Now what you've all been waiting for...

The Reviews

Hot Octopuss Jett Extra Powerful Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

Hot Octopuss Jett Extra Powerful Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

While this toy definitely looks a bit bizarre, it isn’t without its merits.

The Hot Octopuss Jett comes with two large-ish motors that sit comfortably on the underside of your shaft. The band that holds these motors is flexible enough that it fits pretty much any penis size. 

You don’t even have to be hard to use it! Simply put it on and GO.

But you’re probably asking how you could even go if there’s a couple of motors under your dick. 

Wouldn’t they get in the way?

Well, the beautiful thing about the Hot Octopuss Jett is that the vibrations are strong and targeted enough that you don’t have to stroke your penis at all to cum! 

If you like a little build-up before you have the big O, this toy comes with a remote that can adjust the intensity of the vibrations.


  • Provides strong enough vibrations to make you cum without any extra stimulation
  • Flexible so it fits any size penis


  • It’s a bit loud so be warned if you have thin walls
  • The cord is attached it can sometimes get in the way

Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Rabbit

Here’s one of those 2 in 1 cock rings I mentioned. The Double Fun is a cock ring that comes with a dildo under your actual penis. 

With this toy, you can penetrate your partner both vaginally and anally. While this toy is a little pricey for a cock ring, it feels very high quality. The cock ring and dildo are very soft and feel great during penetration. 

The dildo fit like a glove when inside my partner... contributing to the nice feel.


  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Fits around dick and balls well
  • Vibrations are nice and strong


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Can be a little difficult to put on

Sir Richard’s Control Silicone Twin Turbo Penis Stroker

While this is the most expensive toy on this list, it’s definitely worth the price.

This toy is a penis stroker that tries its darndest to feel like being inside an actual vagina. 

It accomplishes this goal well!

The only thing that’d make it feel more realistic is if it breathed and moaned like a real person.

There aren’t a lot of nooks or crannies so it’s really easy to clean too.


  • Easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about cum in unwanted places
  • Warming setting makes you feel like you’re in an actual pussy.
  • Several different vibration settings so you’ll never be bored


  • A little on  the expensive side.
  • Can be a bit too small if you have a large dick

M For Men Rain Vibrating Vagina

Now, firstly, this isn’t as good as regular fleshlights!

Have to say that right off the bat. But what do you expect for less than $30.

That said, the low price makes up for this fact. Especially if you want to see if fleshlights are for you. 

It’ll show you whether you like something that vibrates around your cock. And if you do? Good news. That’s the perfect invitation to try something like this. 


  • Feels closer to an actual vagina than similar products
  • Doesn’t cost a lot so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank
  • Great beginner sex toy


  • Vibrations on the weaker side

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet

Despite its strange appearance, this is still a vibrating cock ring. 

I was excited when I saw the delivery notification. I was amped up and ready to use it for the first time and I told my partner to get the candles and music going…

But when I got home we found out the toy needed batteries. Mood killer. That is the only problem with this product.

When I finally sorted out the battery situation, it did fit nicely around my dick and balls. And we really liked how strong the vibrations were which did add an extra level to proceedings.


  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Fits around dick and balls well
  • Vibrations are nice and strong


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Can be a little difficult to put on

In Conclusion…

Navigating the world of male penis vibrators can be tricky. 

Hopefully this guide has shown you the light. 

We enjoyed Sir Richard’s Twin Turbo Penis Stroker the most. It has a very realistic warming setting. (Not too hot…Not too cold). And since it has many vibration settings we’re sure you’ll find one that’s just right.

Shocking Truth – Is Your Sex Toy Actually Safe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How safe is your sex toy?

If you want the short answer…It completely depends on what it’s made of.

By far the biggest “No-No” when it comes to picking our special “friends” are if it contains Phthalates. This is a nasty chemical that makes your toy more flexible and more life-like.

(Well as “life-like” as 8 Inch fluorescent pink dildo can be).

This nasty compound has been linked to fertility issues, breast cancer, obesity and much more we’ll discuss later on.

So, If you have ANY doubts, I’d place your favorite friend back in its draw until you’ve had a little look below.

how safe is your sex toy

This is the complete rundown on EVERYTHING to do will vibrator safety so you can concentrate on your mind-blowing orgasm, without worrying if the toy in your “foo-foo” (or up your bum) ‘might’ send you to an early grave.

Taking of early graves...

 Out of all the embarrassing ways you could ‘snuff it’, In my research I came across a few classics like...

  • Jimi Heselden the owner of Segway, Inc who was killed when he drove his Segway off a cliff and fell 213 feet into a river. 


  • Gary Hoy, a 38-year-old lawyer, who met his maker after falling 24 floors when he ran into a pane of glass whilst showing ‘how safe the windows were'.

And unluckily…

  • The man who bet two women $4,300 that he could have sex for 12 hours, only to die almost immediately because he had downed an entire bottle of Viagra beforehand. 

(Although to be fair to him, he DID win the bet.)

Now, of course, I’m not laughing at the dead. I’m just pointing out that croaking it from an unsafe sex toy would definitely make this list too.

how safe are sex toys

Just imagine it’s your funeral...

Your family’s all gathered around, and the mood is somber. 

Your great Aunt Mille shuffles over and whispers quietly into your mother's ear:“It’s a tragedy.. they were so young… How did they pass?”

Your mom nods her head, slowly turns to her, and through teary eyes whispers back solemnly…“The dildo got her”I know, I know...This whole situation is VERY far fetched and the chances of it happening are pretty slim,

But not impossible.

You see, the sex toy industry is a booming $15 billion dollar market and rising fast. And like with any industry, when the ‘less desirable’ manufacturers jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck the overall quality of the products takes a nosedive.

In the case of sex toys, this means a tidal wave of dodgy dildos and risky rabbits hitting the market, with these cheap imitations actually being dangerous to your health. Don’t panic though, because SEX TOYS ARE AMAAAAAZING!

They can make a ‘solo’ - or ‘not so solo’ - experience mind-blowing and we at Escape Vanilla fully recommend having at least one in your repertoire. 

Bit of a warning though...Yes, the information you’re about to read may sound slightly off-putting, and this is in no way meant to scare you because if you’re sensible, buy quality products, and take good care of your trusted toys everything will be just fine.

Your Pleasure Portals Worst Enemy

I have a question...

If you were offered something to eat and weren't exactly sure what it was, or where it came from, there's a good chance you would question it, right?

I’m only bringing this up because there’s plenty of chemicals out there in labs which can react and cause itching, rashes and tissue damage which applied to our skin.And as the majority of sex toys we use, tend to find a way inside our bodies, we need to be 100% sure they’re safe.


I’ve briefly mentioned it above, but the common chemical found much to regularly in sex toys is phthalates.

This is the stuff that makes your friend that little bit more flexible, comfortable and lifelike, but that's just the half of it.

They also have a dark side...

In the last 20 years, phthalates have also been linked to various nasty conditions such as male fertility issues, breast cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, asthma, neurodevelopment issues, behaviour issues, autism spectrum disorders, and even ADHD to name a few.

Not to mention, in 1999 when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requested U.S. manufacturers to stop using phthalates in pacifiers (or for the Brits “Dummies”) - and baby products in general.

In my opinion, these findings alone should be a red flag and definitely something not to be taken lightly. 

In short...Phthalates are the devil

So, if Phthalates are the devil, who are the demons?Well, other chemicals to avoid are timethytin chloride, phenol, carbon disulfide, toluene, and admium which are known to have harmful effects on the central nervous system may also affect the fetus of a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Again...Not good news.

Which is why it's so important to read all the ingredients listed on the packaging to ensure safety. However, if that's no longer an option, and you’ve already thrown the packaging away, then what do you do?

No worries, just refer to our quick guide below:

Best (And Worst) Materials For Use In Your Sex Toy

Time now to name and shame the worst, and award a gold star to the best materials that you should be looking for when picking your next ‘sexual lifestyle product’.

Starting with the ‘baddies’.


Although it may sound like a harmless choice, and only conjure up images of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and kids’ birthday parties, in this case, it couldn't be further from the truth. 

This inexpensive material is a favorite for the bulk of cheap (and dangerous) toys that have flooded the market in recent years. Jelly has a flexible quality and although it may feel good, it also contains a high concentration of phthalates.

And as we all now know, this chemical is a ‘public enemy number one’ when it comes to your health.


Rubber and the natural latex sap used to produce these products have been known to cause allergic reactions with symptoms including hives, itching, a stuffy or runny nose which makes it even more surprising that it's such a common material in production. 

(Shame on you!)

Also, it’s porous which means if your toy isn’t cleaned properly after you've had your wicked way it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

(Which I’ll admit isn’t the sexiest thought in the world)

PVC & Vinyl

Just like jelly, the culprits PVC and Vinyl are also guilty of containing phthalates. Because as you’ve just heard, it gives more flexibility and help keeps the cost down.

We've heard about the bad guys, so what materials get a Gold Star in the safety and hygiene department.

First up…


For quality manufactures of sex toys, such as Dame Products, Lelo, We Vibe and Unbound this is the popular choice. It’s both realistic and flexible and has that “real-ish” feel. 

Although it’s more expensive, silicone does not contain dangerous chemicals, is super safe to put in our bodies and is durable as hell!

So, no matter what you put it through (and I dare you to try) it’ll still be making you cum in years to...er...come. 

Stainless steel

A metal sex toy is a great option for not only those with a robot fetish but also for people who are extra-conscious about hygiene.

Because it’s not porous, cleaning is as easy as washing your dishes. Although, I’d personally not throw it in the sink when cleaning up last night’s dinner plates. 

Another bonus with stainless steel dildos, if you did leave it out, and an unexpected visitor turns up, chances are they’ll just think it was a modern piece of art sitting on your coffee table. 

Borosilicate glass 

Yes, glass. 

But not with the same chemical makeup that you would serve a gin & tonic in. 

Borosilicate is highly durable and also non-porous so it’s an extremely hygienic piece of kit. It does not change under shape under high temperatures either, so to clean it, you can even place it in the dishwasher if you so wish.

(Again, I leave this up to you)


Little fact for you…

Lucite was made popular in the 1940s and 1950s for making costume jewellery for its array of colors and moldability.  

Then some smart cookie thought it would be perfect for making sex toys. Lucite has another feature. As it's a pretty firm texture it’s perfect for those of you who want to strengthen their P.C muscles with the odd kegel exercise routine. 

7 Best Practices For Sex Toys

#1 Know your toys 

The internet is a wealth of information. And for sex toys, it’s no different. If you have a collection already get hold of product descriptions and find out what your toys are made of. 

If it contains any of the chemicals found on our ‘shit list’ then you know what to do.

#2 You get what you pay for (Usually)

Listen, lets be honest. If a vibrator costs less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, it can mean one of two things”

A) Starbucks is massively overpriced


B) It’s made from the cheapest materials available and will probably contain phthalates or some other nasty chemicals.

Seriously though, for your health alone it's worth paying that extra money, not only that but when you pay a little more, nine times out of ten it’ll last longer.Because remember:

A dildo shouldn’t just be for Christmas...It’s for life.

#3 Clean after every use

Seems obvious right?You never know though, as there may come a time when you're in a rush, or have to put it away in a hurry (ahem…) or it all just got a little too much after the dirty deed and you fell straight to sleep.It happens.

Nevertheless, try your best to clean it after every use because unfortunately our bodily fluids are the perfect place for bacteria to grow and nothing kills the mood faster than a mouldy vibrator.

Best way to clean them...

Silicone & Pyrex: Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water or dishwasher

Glass: Antibacterial soap and warm water

Stainless Steel: Boiled for 10 minutes to kill bacteria.

Plastic & Rubber: Hand-wash them with warm water and antibacterial soap

NOTE: Battery-operated toys are not submarines. Do NOT submerge.

#4 Anal for anal

Although ‘bum fun’ is thoroughly enjoyable, it’s sensible to keep your anal toy JUST for anal. 

Of course, cross-contamination may happen in the throngs of passion but just make sure you give your toy a good scrub afterward just to be sure.

Another feature of quality anal toys is a flared base or stopper. This is because your bum has a tendency to suck up objects up (go figure). The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency room for a game of “hide and seek”.

#5 Store in a safe place

Don't worry, by “a safe place” you don’t go out and buy an actual safe to lock them away. Just use your common sense. Simply make sure you put them in a place where they’re out of reach. 

As no one wants to come in and find their kids, mid-battle, swinging around your favorite dildos like a couple of Lightsabers, or the dog claiming it as their new preferred chew toy do they. 

#6 Strong smells

Urgh...I agree, it’s an awful way to describe it, but it's not what you think. 

Well, kinda. What I mean is that rubber and jelly materials have a distinctive and ‘plasticy’ odor to them whereas silicone and safe materials simply...don’t. 

And if you do the sniff test one your existing toys, and the results are less than pleasant. Maybe its time for them to go into permanent retirement.

#7 Know your lube

Lube is a great addition when using sex toys as it allows things to go more smoothly, especially if things are a little tight.

(Never a bad thing in my experience).There are cases however when two silicones don't always make a right.What I mean is if you have a silicone toy do not use silicone or oil-based lube as well.

This is because it will actually cause the material to break down the material. Meaning the only place that sex toy will be inserted next is the trash. 

What Has A Lava Lamp, A Whoopee Cushion & Your Sex Toy Got In Common?

Well, this might surprise you but they all fall under the category of “novelty items” which means that tests of these products are crappy at best.

To date, one of the only agencies that keeps an eye on the industry is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and although they oversee the sales of toys, actually testing them is not so high on their priority.

Which when you think about it is crazy as these objects often find themselves inside the body and really should be under the same stringent regulations as medical products.

What’s being done about it?

The honest answer - not a lot. 

There’s no registration currently in place, and last time I checked, there wasn’t one on the horizon either which means at the moment it's down to us to do our due diligence. 

And lastly, the subject everyone avoids…

I’ll be straight with you, this is not the only article you’ll be able to find on sex toy safety, but here at Escape Vanilla, we reckon we’re different because we’re not afraid to cover all aspect.

The main one being them being Sex toys and STIs

Yes, it’s true. STIs can be passed on by the use of sex toys. The most common culprits being chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, and bacterial vaginosis.

And If you’re not careful, and although cases are EXTREMELY rare, blood-borne hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV can also be passed on. 

But remember, if you follow these three simple steps STIs won’t ever be a problem:

  1. Clean thoroughly after each use (See above)

  2. Have a different set of sex toys for each partner

  3. Avoid using toys when there are any cuts and sores present.

And if the thought of bacteria or STI’s really are still a worry, then there is a solution.

Stick A Condom On It!

One fail-safe way to protect yourself from any harm is just put a condom on it. And after your done, throw it away. Simple.Oh yeah…(Just make sure you’re not allergic to latex condoms in the first place)

Phew, that was all rather heavy, wasn't it…?

So To Sum Up...

This information was in no way meant to scare you into only ever masturbating again whilst wearing a bio-suit. 

Instead it's just so you're aware of what COULD happen. 

Because as my granny always said, “best to know what you’re getting yourself into!”

Obviously don't think she was referring directly to vibrators, but you get my gist.

So please keep on using toys on your own, with partners or whoever else you choose to. 

Just Be Safe

Zalo Amorette Review

The Zalo Amorette is one of the cutest toys you'll find out there and with its motion activated remote and multi pleasure features it's definitely one to have in your collection for design alone. However, not all these features press the right buttons, but more about that below.

Today we’ve got a sex toy review from a brand I haven't looked at before, and it seems to me that they’re doing things a little different…At some point ugly sex toys just pushed this USA based Company over there edge and they’d had a enough…Their mission in their own words…

“Is it just us, or have you noticed sex toys aren't very... pretty?

We decided to change that, and created ZALO, a collection of ornate, high-end adult products with eye-catching aesthetics at the forefront of every piece.”

And you know what...It seems to be working. In the last 18 months they've picked up a number of awards for their efforts and are featured regularly in popular publications, so hats off to the team at Zalo.

So I think it's only fair that I give one of their newest additions a try at Escape Vanilla.

Introducing the ZALO Amorette! 

The Zalo Amorette is an ultimate luxury stimulating egg vibrator designed for solo play and ‘friends’ in mind. It has 2 two unique wings that vibrate and stimulate the clitoris and G-spot to heighten the experience.

Now you've been introduced, let’s jump straight in with this super cute toy...

The Key Features Of The Zalo Amorette

Vibrating Wings

The amorette boasts Vibrating wings  which are a pretty cool addition. They actually move on their own, albeit very slightly, to provide a little extra bit of stimulation while inserted or pressed against your clit.

Hybrid Design

This toy has been designed as a multi function vibrator. You can use it as a love egg, a clitoral vibrator or a G-spot vibrator. (Let’s hope it performs on all 3!)

Motion Controls

In a nutshell, motion control is when you hold the remote flat and  it starts at the lowest vibration. The more your turn the remote, the higher the intensity becomes and the closer you get to orgasm (hopefully.) Implementing motion controls into a sex toy is a really interesting and fun idea, however it has to be done well. (More on that later)

Next on the agenda after some testing on my part I've put together the Pro’s and Con’s...


It's So Fucking Cute!!!

Alright, unless you haven't already guessed, I absolutely love how adorable this toy is! The little wings, the color, all of it is so perfectly designed, sometimes I just catch myself admiring how great it looks. If I was just rating the Amorette on its appearance alone, it'd get a 20/10. But alas, that's not the only thing I have to consider. A sex toy has to actually make you come to be considered a good product (strange that…)

I really like the little wings at the end of the toy. Along with just adding to the cute factor, they actually provide some extra vibrations when inserted or used against the clit. I like to gently graze them over my clit to really get myself aroused before the big O.

When inserted inside, however, I found that I couldn't really feel them that much. I was pretty disappointed since the prospect of extra vibrations during insertion was something I was looking forward to trying out.

But this toy is still very well made in terms of design and feel. If you hold it, it's still got that soft, silky silicon feel that a sex toy should have. 

The Storage Case Doubles As A Remote

This toy actually comes with a storage case that's just as adorable as the toy itself! An extra cool addition is that you'll never have to worry about losing the remote.

Okay, you'll have to look after the case, but assuming you would have gotten something to put the toy in any way, this is still technically fewer parts to keep track of.

The buttons to operate the remote are on the bottom of the case so just flip it over and press one of the three buttons to choose the best setting for you!

Comes With Motion Controls

If you want to try out a cool new feature, try using the motion control setting. All you have to do is rotate the remote to your desired intensity. I have a few problems with this specific feature that I'll cover in a sec, but let's stay positive.

I think it's a pretty unique idea to use motion controls in the romote. While this particular implementation was a little iffy, it still opens the door for other companies to improve the technology and create something really cool!

Okay, I'm done with the positives. Let's look at the ‘not so good’ aspects of this toy.

The Cons

The Vibrations Are Strong, (But For Me...Not That Effective)

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't really feel the vibrations when I inserted the egg. Strangely enough, this wasn't necessarily a problem with the vibrations since they were plenty strong, I guess I'd have to say it was more an issue with the design of the toy. 

It's made to be a clitoral vibrator/love egg/G-spot vibrator and I think trying to do all those things at once created a toy that kinda didn't quite live up to all those promises in all three areas. 

It might have made more sense to just be a really good love egg rather than a love egg that can do two other things.

Vibrations Feel A Little Off...

This is the first attempt by ZALO to create a sex toy that is more affordable than the others, however because of this, the motors fall on the more buzzy side rather than a nice, rumbly vibration that you'd get with their other toy lines.

The Signal On The Remote Drops Out Occasionally

I noticed ever so often that the remote would occasionally drop its signal. It would either completely crap out and require a restart, or it would drop, then quickly return which ended up resetting the whole toy and I'd have to cycle back to my preferred intensity setting.

There are 5 different speeds and patterns you can choose from and each different setting allows you to increase or decrease the intensity by up to 5 settings, creating a whopping 25 different combinations you can choose from. 

I love how much variety there is, but unfortunately, that variety can become super annoying if you have to keep resetting your remote and cycling through the options over and over again.

The Motion Controls Are A Little Too Sensitive

I’m going to lay my cards on the table…

I did say above that the motion control feature is a good thing, and I stand by that as it’s pushing the boundaries on sex toys. 

That being said, the whole motion control feels like a bit of a gimmick on this toy.(Sorry Zalo) 

I think it's a novel idea and you could probably have a little bit of fun with it, but in practice, in this mode alone it's difficult to achieve that satisfying orgasm. 

Whenever I tried to use the motion control setting, I would keep it in one position, but I noticed that the vibration intensity still seemed to change despite my not moving the remote.

All of these little setbacks just got me frustrated rather than horny, so my advice would just concentrate on the normal vibration modes to get yourself off.

How Does Zalo Amorette Compare?

Zalo Hero Clitoral Massager

Here's another one of ZALO's products. I decided to compare both a clitoral massager and a G-spot vibrator from ZALO to show what other offerings that they have for you.

The Hero clit massager is amazing! Like all of ZALO's products, it looks amazing and it feels just as great! I love how it feels in my hand, and I especially love how quickly it makes me come! If you're in the market for a new clit vibrator, this is definitely the best choice.

Queen Warming Vibrator with Suction Sleeve

Zalo Queen App Controlled Warming G-Spot Vibrator with Suction Sleeve

So this bad boy is an example of how a hybrid toy is done right. This G-spot vibrator also comes with a suction sleeve that can come on and off depending on whether you want internal or external stimulation.

Desire Luxury Love Egg Vibrator

Desire Luxury App Controlled Love Egg Vibrator

Here's a good Love Egg if you're looking for something in that camp. I really like using this Desire Luxury Love Egg in particular even though it's on the expensive side. It fits nicely inside and feels so nice and luxurious that you never feel like it isn't worth the price. It's so powerful that it completely makes up for how small it is. Overall, it's a really good option for people who enjoy using love eggs.

Final Thoughts…

While I think this is the cutest toy I've ever seen and the packaging and feel of the toy are superb, I found the actual function of the toy a little hard to get used to.

The remote signal drops that little bit too many times and the motion sensor is just too sensitive. I still think it's decent value for the price because with practice you can still get that orgasm you're looking for.

And the truth is..I'm still glad that I own one since just having that  beautiful design in my presence makes me happy.

101: Kegel Balls Explained – Size, Weight and Workouts. Comprehensive Guide

Kegel balls are the all round package. They can both strengthen your pelvic floor muscle while tightening your vagina and intensify your orgasms. In my opinion, they’re a must have for any woman wanting to keep on top of their sexual health. 

But before you go out and buy the first ones you see there are a few things to consider...

I’m sure we can all agree, when it comes to your health, keeping physically fit is at the top of the list.

And people spend A LOT of time, effort, and money making sure they are keeping on top of it. 

Just getting to the gym regularly isn't the whole picture though.

Because when it comes to our ‘overall’ health there is one area that often gets overlooked.

Our OWN sexual health.

Whether it’s due to misinformation or just plain embarrassment (for some reason) when it comes to our own sexual health this seems to take a back seat. 

However, your sexual health is just as vital as your regular health, and there sure is nothing to feel ashamed about. Now, for us ladies, there is one type of product on the market that, although is classed as a sex toy, it’s also there to look after your sexual health too.

So quick question...

What Are Kegel Balls?

Simply put, Kegel Balls are sex aids that are used for training the vagina and pelvic floor. When inserted the user contracts and relaxes the muscles down below gaining more strength and control ‘down there’ than a performer at a ping pong show. 

(Actually very impressive if you’re ever in Thailand)

With regular Kegel Ball workouts, you can avoid problems with the bladder such as leakage, as well as tightening up that vagina for more intense orgasms and a greater sexual experience. Another common use is helping recover the trauma that the body endures after giving birth.

This not only helps women in the physical sense but also mentally knowing that they can do something to get their lady bits back in shape.

Why Do You Need Kegel Balls?

Like with everything…Some people argue that you don’t even need a Kegel ball in the first place and that all the exercises can be done without them. Well, I’m no doctor but in my experience, although you may not need them for exercise, it definitely improves the effects when you use them.

In order for kegel exercises to be useful, you need to understand your body's requirements first. 

You need to know how much your body can take, and what type of exercise you need. You may need to take a doctor's advice to make sure you are doing it right.

When To Use Kegel Balls?

Be warned:

You CANNOT use kegel balls all the time as there are instances when you need to avoid the exercises to avoid discomfort and overexertion.

Such as:

  • If you have pelvic pain or infection
  • If you use a menstrual cup
  • If you are using IUD. (Intrauterine Device)
  • If you went through a surgery in the pelvic region

To make sure you’re safe using kegel balls, you need to pick the right weight, size, and training techniques.

First, you need to keep in mind that kegel balls need to be inserted inside your vagina for exercise. Once you insert it, the activity varies depending on why you are using them.

If you want to improve your sex life there are various training techniques. Similarly, if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor, the practice is different again.

So, you need to take your pick for the exercise technique before you purchase one product accordingly. Remember there is a correct procedure for preparing, inserting, practicing, removing and cleaning the ball. 

Any mistake is these steps can threaten your health. Hence the need to research well before starting to use kegel balls.

What To Look For When Buying Kegel Balls?

There are many types of kegel balls. The varieties come with sizes, weight, etc. One often overlooked rule of kegel balls is picking one with the right material.


Since it is going inside you, you need to pick a high-quality material such as glass, metal or silicon which has easy cleaning surfaces to stop any bacterial nastiness breeding.

(For a deep dive into Sex Toy Safety Click Here)

The problem with cheap materials is that they tend to break down easily which could cause problems with your body.

There are ways to avoid this: look for terms such as ‘body-safe’, or ‘medical grading’, etc. This indicates that the manufacturer has taken extra steps to ensure product quality and safety of the product.

Size Of The ‘Ball’

This is pretty straight forward...

Generally if you are just starting out you will use a large size kegel ball. (Obviously if its comfortable)

This is because it’ll stay in place easier as the muscles don't need to contract much to hold larger balls comparative to smaller ones putting less strain on the muscles. Over time as you become stronger, you can use smaller balls.

Weight Of The Ball

This, like the size, is essential for kegal balls to be worth it. It's about finding that right balance for YOUR body.

My advice, pick a kegel ball with less weight to start. The majority of kegel balls weigh less than half a pound. Once you start practicing, you’ll quickly notice progress and may need to replace it with a heavier ball to keep your training progressing. I personally can't tell you when to increase the weight...You’ll just know. 

Using Lubricants

This one is a double edged sword…

True...Using a bit of lube does help when putting the ball inside you, However, because it makes the ball slippery and harder to grip you will face problems during exercise as the muscle needs to work harder to get a grip on the ball.

So, in this case, I think less is more and you might have to experiment a little to see what works best for you.

Kegel Ball Workout

Ok, great. You’ve researched the perfect kegel ball, with the right material, size, and weight and they’ve made it to your house.

Now what...

What do you do once they’re in?

So, what you do depends entirely on why you’re using them in the first place.

If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor you’ll use targeted exercises that’ll strengthen and tone your muscles.

Here’s a routine you can start with:

  • Lie on your back and insert the balls. 
  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to lift and squeeze the balls.
  • Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then relax for another 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this step 5 times in a row to complete one set.
  • You can perform up to three sets a day

Once you’re comfortable with traditional Kegels or other pelvic floor exercises, consider adding weighted Kegel balls. 

These will enhance your workout by adding an extra challenge and give your vagina a vice like grip.

If you want to focus less on exercise and more on individual ‘sexploration’ Kegel balls typically aren’t used in the same way as traditional sex toys.

You could move them in and out of your vagina, this is definitely an option, however you may find that it’s more intense to leave them inside while rubbing your clitoris or exploring your erogenous zones as they’ll enhance the sensation.

Two Ways Kegel Balls Can Intensify Sex Play

While lying in bed, put your Kegel balls inside your vagina, and start to squeeze your pelvic muscles. 

As you become more aroused and self-lubricated, begin to explore your body and then grab your favorite vibrator and play with your clit. 

As you squeeze, rub your vibrator on your clitoris and around your vaginal opening to heighten pleasure.

For Partner Play

If you want to increase your sensitivity during vaginal sex, Kegel balls can help you and your partner heat things up.

You can insert them before you head out on your date (a la Anastasia Steele from from Fifty Shades) or make insertion the first part of an intense round of foreplay. 

The longer the balls are in, the more aroused you’ll be when it’s time for the main event.

(Remember, don't forget to pull the balls out before your partner — or another toy — slides in.)

Good Kegel Ball Hygiene (Sorry its a must I’m afraid)

As mentioned before good hygiene is a must when it comes to sex toys.  The balls need to be cleaned properly and often. If it is not cleaned, then using it can cause irritation, pH imbalance, UTI's, and more unwanted side effects.

Clean the balls along with the strings. You may think that the strings are not going inside, so it does not need much cleaning. But the strings can still pass on harmful particles which can cause further problems.Again, don’t let this put you off, just think about it like cleaning your teeth.

Escape Vanilla’s Top Kegel Ball Picks

So we’ve looked at kegal balls from every angle. But which one should you buy?

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered, here is a shortlist of quality kegel balls that you can buy right now.

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

Je Joue Ami 3 Step Luxury Kegel Balls Set

This is the complete package with sets of balls in one bundle. One is a single ball which is perfect for beginners. 

The other two are double balls for more strenuous exercise with different features. One is a soft but heavy double ball, and the other is heavy and hard. After you get used to the sensation then you can pick the one that suits you best. These are made out of silicon that you can wash easily. 

All in all, they are very comfortable to use and also come with a string, so you have better control over it while practicing as you can pull them out at any time.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System

Lelo Lula have designed their kegel balls for both pleasure and usefulness. Each set of pleasure beads comes with four interchangeable balls, with two different weights for variable sensations which means if you just want to buy once Lelo Luna is the way to go.

They also Gently and secretly vibrate in response to your body’s movements making them perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls

You must have been hiding under a rock for the last decade if you hadn't heard of Fifty Shades Of Grey…

This novel and film sensation made a whole generation look at their own sex life and wondered what they may be missing.They were pretty fast to take advantage of their popularity by releasing their own sex toy line.

And with it, their Relentless Vibrations Remote Kegel Balls to add to your collection. With its remote control you can and indulge in 10 sensational patterns and 6 levels of intensity. This will add heightened pleasure and as your muscles squeeze around them you’ll also be doing wonders for your internal strength.

In Conclusion...

Kegel balls have proven to be both a great addition in the sex toy treasure trove for both health and taking those orgasm to another level.

Like with all toys they are very safe if you follow all the right guidelines above and keep yours squeaky clean.

I’d highly recommend getting a set before you feel you ‘need’ them as then you’ll be ahead of the game when the time comes when we inevitably start to loosen up ‘down there’ as we start to ‘mature’ shall we say. 

For me… The Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System would be my first choice solely on the fact as well as getting a pelvic floor session in, I'll also have the added pleasure of being aroused while doing it.

Who said workouts have to be boring eh...

Best Vibrator Ultimate Guide 2020

The toy that gets to wear the crown of the Best Vibrator in 2020 for me is the LoveHoney Magic Bullet Vibrator. This powerful little gem is discrete, simple to use and has an amazing price to orgasm ratio.

Because, fact is...

Vibrators are one of the most popular and well-known types of sex toy out there. 

Okay, okay, maybe dildos too. My point still stands because, sometimes, people actually don’t know the difference.Let’s keep it simple. According to Eves Garden of NYC“A vibrator is any phallic-shaped toy that contains a motor. The motor powers toy functions, such as vibration, rotation and even thrusting in some premium models.”


“And a dildo is essentially a vibrator without a motor. Dildos are made from different materials, including silicone for body-friendly play, glass for unique sensations, and even ceramic and wood, provided they are safely sealed or finished and were made to use internally.”Easy eh?That still begs the question though why are they so popular?(Apart from the orgasm bit of course)

Chances are, this is down to the fact that they’ve existed for a REALLY long time, (Check out this retro ‘massager’ from Japan)  AND that there are so many different types out there for you to choose from!And, like with anything, when we have all this choice things can get a little confusing! 

But don’t panic, as I’m here to help you sort through that confusion and decide which vibrator is the best for you! 

So let's get down to it with our chosen few…

Dame Pom Rechargeable Soft Touch Clitoral Vibrator

Pom (By Dame Products)

We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator

We-Vibe Moxie

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

LoveHoney’s Magic Bullet Vibrator

Womanizer Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

How Much Will One Set You Back?

Obviously, you don’t want to bankrupt yourself when buying a vibrator, but you should also be well aware of the fact that usually you get what you pay for. 

That cheap vibrator will definitely get the job done for now, but it might not last the distance or give you the same experience as one of the more expensive, higher-end ones.

Of course, this isn’t to say that it's completely without merit. 

If you’re not sure whether you like to use vibrators or even sex toys in general, getting a less expensive sex toy can help give you a taste of the wild side with less buyer’s remorse if you end up not liking it.

(Because, obviously, unless it's just faulty, you can’t return a used sex toy for reasons I’m sure you don’t need explained).

If you KNOW that you like vibrators AND have the money, it’ll probably be worth it to go ahead and drop the extra cash on a more deluxe model.

What Type Of Vibrator?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of vibrators that serve to give you spine-tingling pleasure in all sorts of different ways.

Of the 5 I’m writing about today, we have a few different types so let me fill you in…

A Wand Vibrator is exactly what it sounds like: a Harry Potter-esque looking thing that vibrates. 

Usually these have a large head that you put on your clitoris or any other part of your body you wish to fill full of pleasure. 

One of the most popular sex toys in the world, the Magic Wand, is a wand vibrator (surprise). 

These toys don’t involve any penetration and this might be the reason why you can usually find them costing far less than other sex toys, as there aren’t many bells and whistles to them. Truth is...If they make me come without the bells and whistles, I’m happy!

Next…A Bullet Vibrator is a much, much, much smaller, smoother version of a vibrating dildo. These, as the name suggests, are ‘bullet-shaped’ and usually on the thinner side. If you’re new to insertion during masturbation or, even have a slightly ‘tighter’ area, this is a good starting point. They’re generally much less expensive due to their smaller size and simple design. (This means they are great as little travel companions too.)

While I usually prefer some of the other vibrators on this list, a bullet is definitely a nice little addition to your collection considering the overall quality you can get for the price.

A Clitoral Vibrator simulates oral sex (...my favorite) while vibrating . To get the oral feel there's going to be a sucking sensation that is quite unique to all of the other vibrators in this list.

If you’re unsure whether or not you even want to get into vibrators in the first place, I would recommend you hold off from getting one of these until you have a bit more of an idea what you do and don’t like feeling. 

However if you’re a vibrator connoisseur then go for it!

A Rabbit Vibrator is a mix between a traditional vibrating dildo and a clitoral vibrator. You get both clitoral and penetrative vibrations simultaneously so you get the best of both worlds. 

Rabbit vibrators have been around for a while and, as such, have many different designs, making them a bit cheaper than most straight up clitoral vibrators.

Of course, you can still buy one that’s super expensive, but if you want something that’s pretty versatile, definitely do check out a rabbit vibrator.

Now that we’ve gotten the things you should consider out of the way, let’s get on to the reviews!

Pom (By Dame Products)

Dame Pom Rechargeable Soft Touch Clitoral Vibrator

Firstly I would just like to say AMEN.

As a woman with a few vibrator's I can not recommend this one enough.

Not only does it look cute, and come in 2 stylish colors it's also soft and flexible...Oh and did I mention discreet.

Seriously this little gem was as quiet as a church mouse and coupled with its 5 intensity settings it’s perfect. 

You can go from “okay, this is nice” to “Hooooooly Shit” in seconds if you’re not too careful.

Now, the buttons take a little getting used to as once or twice I have unintentionally switch the 

intensity and it was more than a little unexpected.

But once you’ve got the hang of it, the higher intensities can give you an orgasm like no other.

Also, the fact the ‘POM’ is waterproof is a godsend.  Living in a house where you don't always get time to yourself can be frustrating. So being able to just say, “I'm popping for a bath” and nobody is any wiser to the fact that you’re about to have the best orgasm of your life.

Another winning feature is it’s rechargeable. Fully juiced up it can last for a little over an hour and only takes 2 hours to fully charge back up if completely dead.

Which means, once it's good to go, pop it in your bag and take it anywhere you like for some outside fun and games.

So, ladies…

If you are wanting to try a vibrator for the first time, upgrade your old one or add to the collection…My advice…Do NOT ignore this little beauty. OK, but what about the price…

Yes, it's a little more expensive than other vibrators but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and it comes with a 3 year warranty so don't be put off.

 You will not be disappointed.


  • Waterproof for bath time fun 
  • 3 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Quiet as church mouse for sneaky sessions


  • Bit expensive (But the 3 year warranty makes it worth it)

We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator


Where to start...

I'm sure you'll agree, the spark in relationships can go through ups and downs after you've been with someone for a while

(Hey, it happens.)

This is why me and my girlfriend were excited for the Moxie to arrive...

And boy, did this do the job, because this little beauty worked wonders.

(We owe you one WE-VIBE MOXIE)

When I placed my order it only took a few days (2-3) to arrive which was a massive plus as this was one I was looking forward to trying out.

The first thing that impressed me was its quality. It’s so silky smooth and its contoured shape is designed perfectly, allowing it to be worn comfortably at all times. The fact that it is waterproof makes cleaning so easy!  

The moxie has 10 vibration modes. On the lower settings, it’s extremely quiet but if you move up the scale it starts getting pretty loud (trust me).

So if you’re worried about a little noise in your knickers keep that in mind. 

Worried about it falling out?

This is why I didn't just dive straight into wearing the moxie out to bars and restaurants without taking it for a few little test drives first. 

First around the house, and then for walks around the block also just to make sure it was secure and didn’t fall out of my underwear in front of the neighbor’s dog.

I’m pleased to say though it passed! The slip-proof magnet worked like a dream and I even tried it with a few different types of underwear to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colors.

Now, for my favorite feature of the Moxie...

Not only does it come with a remote, it also has Bluetooth which hooks up to your smartphone using the free ‘We-Connect’ app. 

This means your other half can control the Moxie from anywhere, you could be at the bar ordering a drink, unaware that your partner is about to make your panties very wet. 

(And when you’re on your own, you can even customize your own vibes with the app which is fantastic)

It's definitely worked wonders for us. Thank you again MOXIE!


  • Great quality and very comfortable
  • Bluetooth feature so you can have short and long distance pleasure
  • Very secure design so not embarrassing moments from falling out.


  • Could’ve been a bit longer

LoveHoney’s Magic Bullet Vibrator

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

In terms of a budget, first time sex toy, this is probably going to be your best bet. This particular bullet vibrator packs a serious punch, despite being such a small vibrator. 

Because it’s such a simple design, the price is lower while still being a high quality toy. In general, I consider bullet vibrators to be a great intro to sex toys because they’re small. 

If you’re like me and you weren’t all that used to penetration when you first started using sex toys, you’ll really appreciate the thin nature of bullet vibrators. 

The only negative I can come up with is that it could benefit from being a bit longer. 

This particular toy is about the length of the palm of a woman’s hand, so maybe 3-4 inches so depending on your own preference it ‘might’ come up a little short.


  • Great value for the price 
  • Strong vibrations
  • Super discreet


  • None at the moment. Well done Moxie.

Womanizer Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

This is probably one of my Top 3 sex toys I own, but, jeez, did it cost a lot! The Womanizer Premium costs a whopping 200 dollars! But honestly, I can’t really complain too much since it delivers a 200 dollar experience every single time I turn it on. It’s no coincidence  pretty much everyone rants and raves about how great this little toy is. (Especially after the redesign.)

Like, seriously, go look up “Womanizer sex toy ugly” and you’ll find these like, cheetah printed pieces of ugly! 

I’m so glad they went with this new, streamlined design that doesn’t scream “trashy” like the previous design with its fake jewel button and animal print vest. 

I like the deep blue one best which is why I linked to it, but they come in other colors so pick the one you like best and get on your way to orgasm nirvana!


  • Creates mind-blowing orgasms
  • Great design


  • On the pricey side

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Even though Fifty Shades of Grey films aren’t going to go down as Hollywood classics (not for me anyway)...the franchise DID produce some pretty good sex toys, and the rabbit vibrator is no exception. 

While it’s a little big, making it a tad hard to handle, this is a good sex toy if you really like simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. 

Because this toy is both branded and a higher end sex toy, you’re going to have to pay a bit more for it, but not nearly as much as the Womanizer. 

And I do like the black color. Most sex toys come in “cutesy” colors like pink and purple and while there’s nothing wrong with making cute sex toys, it is nice to have something that looks a bit more sleek and stylish.

Like the Womanizer I probably wouldn’t recommend this toy to someone who’s breaking into the sex toy market since you’re not quite sure what you like just yet I’d get one of the other toys on the list and see how you like the vibe life and, if you had fun with those, the Fifty Shades vibrator is worth the investment as a long-term toy.


  • Great for simultaneous stimulation
  • Good design


  • Is a bit too large
  • Pricey

In Conclusion...

I would have to say LoveHoney Magic Bullet Vibrator is the best all round for those dipiping their toes in the sex toy pool…It’s inexpensive, discrete, silent and its small size allows for an easier insertion. I really like this little toy! I think this is a great introduction to anyone who isn’t quite sure where to start in the sex toy world. 

For all you vibe masters out there, I know you don’t want to leave empty handed so if I had to choose only one sex toy to use for the rest of my life, I’d have to go with the Womanizer Premium. So if you haven’t gotten one already, go ahead and pick one up.And yes…

You can Thank me later.

Eroscillator 2 Full Review

The Eroscillator 2 is an awesome sex toy. It provides the most varied solo experience out there in our opinion. Because you have 6 different attachments as well as multiple speeds and angles. It definitely has our stamp of approval. But keep reading to find out if it suits you.

In the UK, According to a study by The Express newspaper, as much as 48 percent of the UK women use vibrators to improve their sex life. It also goes beyond the popular thinking that vibrators are only for single women. Sex toys not only help women and men to improve their sex orgasm, but also improve their mental and physical health.

(So they beat a workout in the gym in my opinion!)

One of the toys that is leading the way as one of the most popular vibrators available in the market is deluxe Eroscillator 2 Plus Massager. It's a favorite across the globe and before we go jump into the review, I, myself have given it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Of course, I’m sure you want to know more so let's look more closely at the Eroscillator 2’s Pros And Cons...


  • Helps people who find it hard to climax during normal intercourse
  • Attachments stimulate several pleasure points on the nipple and clitoris
  • Ribbed, which makes it grip-friendly 
  • Almost silent... even at high speeds


  • Take many attempts to find the pressure
  • Switch is flush with the chassis, so can be hard to locate
  • Doesn’t take batteries

Key Features Of The Eroscillator Vibrator

The Main Chassis Works with Six Attachments

This vibrator has SIX attachments!


You’ve got six different ways they can stimulate the clitoris. Call that comprehensive. 

The attachments are the Golden Spoon, Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb, Ultra-soft Fingertip attachment, French Legionnaires Mustache and Seven Pearls of the Orient. 

The Ultra-soft Fingertip attachment is specially made for vaginal penetration and stimulation while the Grapes and cockscomb has fine bristles that stimulate the clitoris when activated by the power of the main chassis.

You may use ball and cup attachment for nipple stimulation. We recommend coating the head with a generous amount of water-based lube for maximum pleasure. Most users experiment with each head to discover the one that suits them best. However, even with the most favourite, it is recommended that you use others from time to time to vary the pleasure sensations.

Three Intensity Settings

The speed and pressure can be varied in three intensities. This allows users to determine the most pleasurable settings for their use. The highest setting delivers up to 3,600 oscillations per minute for intense pressure. It is easy to vary the pressure settings in the course of using the vibrator. Unlike the conventional vibrators, the Eroscillator has a side to side motion that helps intensify the pressure.

Angled Pleasure

You can angle the vibrator up to 60 degrees to zero to reach the hard to reach pleasure points of the vagina and clitoris. That’s what puts this vibrator in a league of its own in our opinion. Furthermore you utilise any of the three speeds for any angle.

Quiet and Cool

At low and medium speeds it is virtually quiet. However, at the highest speed, it has a low sound that emanates from it. Therefore, it is not a device that would wake your neighbours or family members sleeping in the next room when you would like to have your private pleasure episode.

Sealed and Waterproof

The Eroscillator chassis is waterproof. Therefore, it cannot be damaged by vaginal fluids after intense squirting. In addition, the tip of the massager is splash-free. This allows you to clean it with soap and running water after use. The power cord is ell-sealed at the attachment with the chassis to prevent any accidents from electric shocks when in use.

A Quick Review Of The Eroscillator

This vibrator is unique because of one thing.

That is…


You get multiple attachments. Multiple speeds. Multiple angles. 

Because of that, it’s highly likely you’ll find something you enjoy.

You can even find a few, then adjust then based on your mood, or what fantasy you are wrapped in that day. 

People that find it hard to climax can have success with this. 

Which is why we love to recommend it. 

Check the best price here.

Best Alternative To The Eroscillator 2

The biggest rival to this toy is the original magic wand.

This is a rechargeable magic wand that has long been used for vulva and clitoral stimulation. The new model is cordless and has a flexible neck, which allows it to be used in various areas of the body. It has variable speeds to enable the user to vary the intensity of the orgasms. By being cordless, it allows women to have quick pleasures in places where they are not connected to mains power. The flexible neck allows it to reach various pleasure zones of the vagina. It can also be used for nipple and thigh stimulation.

Magic Wand Original Extra Powerful Plug-In Vibrator

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Sex Furniture

Choosing the right sex furniture comes down to size, what positions you like and durability. We believe the best piece is a wedge because it's the perfect balance of all those. But we’ve summarized everything you need to know below. So keep reading to find out what suits you.

Sex furniture will make a house a home. Especially if you like to host parties regularly. Or invite people around for some fun. 

It can be expensive though. We think of it more as an investment 😉

A good piece is something you’ll be proud to use and show your friends.

Towards the end of the article we look at what’s on offer. Some items are very imaginative. But first let’s go over the basics.

What Is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is anything that can complement or support sexual activity. Making it more enjoyable for everyone involved!

You can also refer it to as erotic or intimate furniture because it enhances intimacy by way of making secret sexual fantasies real. It also makes it easy to assume some sex positions, especially if you are disabled. 

Guide To Choosing Sex Furniture

There are quite a number of factors that you need to consider while planning to get the best sex furniture. Due to the nature of sex and many other factors, the best sex furniture should have the following features:

Meets Your Sexual Needs

People have unique preferred sexual positions. Hence the best furniture in this case will be determined by the shapes. If you love the doggy style, the best sex furniture for you is that which gives you better angles. A wedge is very good piece of furniture for this.

See the shape?

It’ll prop you up perfectly. Allowing you to stay in that position for longer. 

Think about what positions you enjoy the most. Then choose furniture that supports that position best. Those are the pieces you’ll enjoy the most. 

Appropriately Sized

Some of the best sex furniture are small sized. Making them easy to keep out of sight. Size also matters in terms of the height, weight and shape. You need to pick something that works for YOU during intercourse. 

The best examples of sex furniture that has a great size to pleasure ratio are ramps and wedges. 

Ramps are bigger in size and help support the entire back while executing the doggy style or the advanced high-rise doggy style. 

Wedges are better for the missionary position. Since they allow deeper for deeper penetration.


The best sex furniture has surfaces made of soft yet tough material which makes the surfaces durable. The Bow chair, for example, is one of the most durable sex furniture since it is made of carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components that make it bouncy.

Quick rule of thumb:

  • Choose something higher quality for investment pieces.
  • Choose something lower quality if you just want to experiment with the sensation.

Right material

Good sex furniture should fit your preferred mode of cleaning, be it wiping or using laundry machines. Additionally, if your sex furniture has covers, they should be removable.

Rough sex can be hard on the skin.

So choose furniture that is soft, comfortable, high-quality. 

The best sex furniture materials are waterproof. To protect against lube, and any other liquids.If it’s not waterproof then check to see if it has a liner underneath the covers. 

Ok so now we’ve covered the basics. Wedges and ramps are just the beginning. Let’s look at what else is on offer...

Different Types Of Sex Furniture

Sex chair / love chairs

Sex chairs can be discrete or loud.

There are loads of options on the market. Our favourite is the Tantra chair because of the design. It’s definitely something that stands out. It is a wonderful addition to high-status homes. 

Liberator make a chair called the “Esse” which is very similar. 

A couple reviewed it below…

There are also simpler sex chair options like this position enhancer chair from Liberator.

Sex Swings

If you're not initiated with BDSM, you're probably pretty unsure why you'd want to pick up a sex swing. My vanilla friends always ask me questions about it like...

“Why do you need one”

“How do you use it” 

“Does it really make sex THAT much better”

Well, rest assure my curious friend... sex swings really take your sex life up a notch. 


Your basically having sex with 0 gravity (since you or your partner are suspended). Meaning you can put yourself in positions and STAY there. You can control their body, placement and weight. As things unfold in the bedroom. 

You can work the best spots until the pleasure is coursing through your entire body.

If you struggle with holding certain positions for long periods of time, then swings will help you. 

You don’t have to stay in awkward positions to feel good.  All those hard, difficult to reach positions become quite easy to maintain. 

The Steel Coffee Table

This one is about as discreet as it gets!

It’ll last a long time and add a touch of class to any home.

Use it as a normal coffee table during the day.

Then, lock your partner in it at night 😉

The Fuck Bench

This is from Jim support. It's for people who adore doggy style. It is perfect for gay male couples. 

It comes in various styles such as the adjustable fuck bench, hanging adjustable fuck bench with head rest, and the fuck table. 

Whichever style you choose… you can customize it to meet your romping needs. Some suppliers such as Jim Support sell adjustable models at cheaper prices so apart from enjoy sex you also get to save your money. The fuck bench is available in different materials too. So it's easier to create something that suits you.

Bondage Table’s

This piece of furniture is a table that has windows that allow access to the nipples, genitals, and the face. The word bondage could be used since it is all about tying up a partner during sex. Thus, there are straps which can be used to tie up a female partner during sexual activity. Again this seems to be the best choice for those who love to fulfill their submission fantasies. It’s also very discreet since it can easily be kept out of sight.

Shower Assists

This is the best sex furniture for people who love getting cozy in the bathroom. If you would love to have sex with your partner in the bathroom, shower assists are the best option to try. The shower assists are available in various designs and you can therefore choose the best furniture that suits your needs from the available options. The shower assists are also very discreet pieces of furniture.


Most of the best sex furniture is very discreet. People don’t talk about them openly or show them off. Which is a shame. We think they are beautiful. Especially some of the more extravagant pieces.

Hopefully we’ve helped you choose your next piece of furniture.

If you are still on the fence then our recommendation is to start small. Experiment. See what you like. And build your collection accordingly.

Let us know how you got on in the comments 🙂

Best Sex Chair Ultimate Guide 2020

The best Sex Chair we came across is the Lovebotz Bangin Bench. It has all the extra toy attachments and has been made with quality in mind. If you think sex furniture is right for you or your partner, this is a great addition to consider. 

What do you get a kinky partner who seems to have all the popular sex toys such as your Magic Wands, your Womanizers, or anything made by Lelo... ?

Well, for the person who has it all, it may be time to invest in some sex furniture. 

Diving into the world of sex furniture can seem a little daunting at first as there are so many different options making it nearly impossible to decide on just one piece. You’d be surprised to find out that sex furniture has been around for hundreds of years!

One such advocate was King Edward the VII.  He was famous for his numerous rendezvous with the women of Paris and it is documented that in one of his favorite brothels, he kept this strange looking sex chair

While the jury’s still out on how, exactly, it works, the going theory is that the woman sits on the ‘top deck’ puts her feet in the stirrups, and King Edward VII positioned himself on the brass foot plates and they did what two consenting adults do. (Of course, that begs the question of what the bottom part is for, but we’re just going to assume it’s for decoration.) 

Now, sex furniture today is much more straightforward compared to this Victorian relic, so don’t fret! Generally, you can look at it and tell what you’re supposed to do. But there’s still so much sex furniture out there that it can be tricky figure out where to even begin picking a piece or two out. 

So today, I’m here to go over some of my favorite sex chairs and help you decide whether sex furniture is for you.

Top 6 Sex Chairs In 2020

What’s a Sex Chair? 

Simply put, it’s a chair, wedge, or couch-like object that makes sex more fun!

Sex chairs are versatile and great for pregnant women or people with mobility issues since they require less movement on the sitting partner’s end, however, even if you’re young and energetic, they’re still great.

A sex chair usually has two wide, elastic bands to support your butt and allow for penetration or oral from below. A sex couch (or wedge) on the other hand focuses more on playing with different angles while having sex. 

If your partner isn’t gymnast levels of flexible, it’s gonna be super hard for them to arch their back for a long period of time, but if you have a sex couch, they can lay comfortably while you ‘do the dirty’ to them. 

How Do You Use Sex Chairs?

My favorite way to use a sex chair is to let my partner sit on it and bounce up and down to their hearts content. The overall energetic nature of this position makes it a whole lot of fun for both of us.

If she feels like dominating me, however, I’ll sit under the chair while she sits in the queening position. But I usually have to use some kind of cushion under my head so I don’t start cramping after a while.

Here's a useful video I found on Facesitting/Queening...

A sex couch is a little more straight forward: let your partner get comfortable and start banging! 

The curvature on most sex couches or wedges allows for either vaginal penetration or anal so you don’t have to switch furniture when you switch positions, which really streamlines the whole process because when you’re in the middle of pounding someone, you don’t want to have to stop what you’re doing to switch to the sex ottoman. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Sex Chair

First, you should consider which positions you’re going to try out. A sex couch is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of positions while a sex chair is really only good for positions where the woman’s on top.

Next, you need to know how much space the chair will take up and whether or not you need to stash it away. 

Some sex chairs look like a piece of furniture and can be easily incorporated into your decor while others clearly look like something you’d have sex on. 

And if you’re planning on stashing your chair away, you need to make sure the chair is easily collapsible and that there’s enough space to store it. 

So, you’ve decided what type of sex chair you’re going to buy and where you’re going to put it. Now, let’s get onto the reviews:

Here’s a sex chair that’s great for solo play for you ladies as the LoveBotz Bangin Bench comes with a dildo mount so you can ride your favorite schlong. 

To use a dildo, just insert it through the hole in the leather strap and grind away! 

I love a little bit of pegging every so often, so I tried this chair out and it didn’t take long for me to understand why my partner loved it so much.

Now me and my partner even take turns using it. Many playful arguments have ensued ever since I started using this chair. 

I also noticed that the elastic has the perfect amount of resistance as well. It didn’t take too much force to reach the dildo, but there wasn’t too little resistance that I was falling on the floor.

Not only that, we were both surprised by how well this chair takes girthy toys. We’re not one for skinny toys, so the fact that this mount can hold all of our thickest toys was a nice touch.

The one thing we DID both hate was how bad the instructions were! It made putting this thing together a pain, but saying that, once you understand how it’s assembled, it’s much easier to take it down and put it back up when you’re ready to use it.


  • Hole to insert dildo is big enough for girthy toys
  • Elastic has the perfect amount of resistance


  • The instructions are maddeningly bad!
Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Up next, we have Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutique Sex Chair. While it doesn’t come with a place to insert a dildo, it’s still lots of fun in the bedroom! 

The build is incredibly sturdy and allows for a lot of rough play without having to worry about the thing breaking.

One night, my girlfriend suggested we try incorporating some sex toys while using this chair and there was plenty of room to use them so I could still have my own fun. 

However, this chair doesn’t come apart easily so it’s hard to store it away. But like many other sex chairs, this one looks like a luggage rack, so if anyone asks any questions, we just use that excuse. 


  • Sturdy build allows for rough pounding
  • Chair gives plenty of room to use other toys while face-sitting


  • Hard to find a good place to store it away

Here’s another sex chair that comes with a dildo holder although I’d be aware there is a weight limit to the straps so if you are too heavy you’re in danger of hitting the floor like a sack of shit.

Now, my partner may not be a size 0, but neither is she a heavy woman which makes this chair all the more disappointing when using it.

Not to mention this was also a pain to put together. Although once we’d worked it out it was nice and sturdy so if you’re part of the small percentage of people who can use it, you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on you.


  • Sturdy build


  • Weak elastic makes it unusable at times
  • Directions were hard to follow

But now, let's look at a sex chair that’s ticks a lot of boxes. The MISSTU Bouncing Stool is a much better option than the VIER Decadence. My partner really liked the handles since she could get a little more support while we were in the moment . Unlike other chairs on the list, this was super easy to assemble and was pretty lightweight.

One thing I should mention is that it’s a bit shorter than other chairs on this list. It was fine for my girlfriend since she’s on the shorter side, but anyone taller than 5’7” will probably find it a little more of a struggle.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight, so you can easily move it around


  • Not for taller people
Liberator Prelude Bench King Black Label

Now let’s move onto the couch-like sex chairs. This particular bench allows for some bondage or impact play without needing to stow it away. 

This is part of the reason I love Liberator’s furniture so much, because it looks like something you’d casually put in your house. Only people who know it’s sex furniture would realize what it is, which is super convenient when you have guests over.

This bench was specifically designed for bondage play and I absolutely love it when my partner ties me up and spanks me whenever I misbehave! It’s comfortable enough to not hurt my back, but restrictive enough that I can’t squirm around.


  • Comfortable material allows for long punishments
  • Beautiful-- yet functional-- design-- looks like real furniture


  • Really expensive
Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

 Unlike some of the other sex chairs on the list, this piece of furniture comes with two pieces so you can rearrange it for the perfect position. You can also attach handcuffs for maximum BDSM fun. 

What I like best about this chair is that it comes with some positions you can use with this chair. My partner and I have tried many of these positions and they feel amazing! 

The different sections are tilted to lift the pelvis which makes it easier for me to get really deep inside my partner. 

The only little issue I found was that the pieces of this chair can slide around a bit. It’s not too much that they fall apart, but it’s a little jarring while you’re in the moment.


  • Soft material allows for extended play
  • Parts can be rearranged

  • Comes with several positions to try


  • Pieces can slide around

In Conclusion…

My favorite product would have to be the Lovebotz Bangin Bench

It’s such a fun piece of furniture (even if my partner and I have to share), and it supports either of our weights. The dildo mount is great at holding your toy, even if it’s on the girthier side. Even though I didn’t like the instructions, I still think this is a great piece of furniture regardless.

But if money is no object and you want something incredibly fancy, check out the Liberator Prelude Bench King. Yes, it costs as much as a super nice couch, but that price is well deserved. It’s completely revolutionized my sex life between my partner and me. 

Whichever piece of furniture you decide to go with, know that sex between you and your partner won’t quite be the same ever again. 

Best Cock Ring – Ultimate Guide 2020

If you're looking for the best cock ring out there, for me, it's the Lelo Tor 2: Luxury Rechargeable Cock Ring. As well as boosting the erection the vibrating can boost your partners (and your pleasure to) to a new level.

However, if you've never heard of this particular sex toy, then read on and I’ll explain from the beginning...

When it comes to making your sex life better, using sex toys from time to time can bring more pleasure than you can imagine and can be just like a perfect seasoning for your favourite dish or as the most delicious chocolate topping on your ice cream. 

Luckily for all of us, the market offers different types of toys, of all shapes and sizes which offers great pleasure for both partners. One of which is the ‘cock ring’...Now, even though the name suggests otherwise, cock rings belong to a group of sex toys that will bring satisfaction to both men and women. In simple terms, they are designed made to restrict blood to the shaft of the penis, which helps in maintaining a stronger erection and brings more sensitivity to the tip, which means more time to enjoy the wonders of sex on both sides of the bed. 

Now, if you don't know where to start, don’t worry as I did a little bit of research and found some of the best cock rings out there...

The Best Cock Rings In 2020

But before the reviews, I realized I might be rushing ahead, so for you who still have questions about cockrings, let's put them to bed first...

What Are Cock Rings?

The cock ring, in its regular, basic form is a simple round band that gently wraps around the base of the cock, with just enough pressure to fulfill its main goal - to trap blood in the penis. This can give a bigger erection that'll last longer. It has such a strong effect on the erection that the rings can even be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Cock rings are available in all different shapes and from different materials - rubber, silicone, plastic, even metal or leather! This easy-to-use sex tool will also help in delaying ejaculation, giving you more time to appreciate all the wonders that come with sex. 

As a bonus this way of erection regulation can also bring more sensitivity to the cock resulting in more powerful orgasms for men.

Types Of Cock Rings

Before choosing the one that's just right for you, you might want to learn more about what's available. Here are some of the most popular rings on the market.

Simple silicone cock rings

Silicone rings are the most common and very popular among men. They're stretchy and easy to use. They'll also adjust to your penis as your erection grows, so they're very safe and beginner friendly.

Adjustable cock rings

An adjustable cock ring is also a great toy for beginners as you can adjust the pressure and control the size of a loop which means you can get used to the sensation of constriction. (Which can feel a little odd at first) If you're new to this, this might be the one for you.

Vibrating cock rings

This type of cock ring is for those who as well as want to keep their erection standing too attention and also want to spice it up with the added sensation of a vibrator. But that doesn't mean your partner gets all the fun. It can also help men achieve strong orgasms by shaking their cock's shaft down to the prostate.

Rings for couples

Cock rings can bring pleasure to both partners, and there are some rings that are specifically designed for couples, for example, a ring that vibrates and has rabbit ears is a great toy to bring pleasure to both partners. (A perfect valentines gift if you ask me...)

Metal rings

This type of ring is usually the first choice for those men who are already familiar with sex toys and all the wonders of using them. Due to the material this ring is made from, there's no flexibility and this ring will firmly grasp the cock, giving you the maximum amount of pressure.

How To Choose The Right Cock Ring?

Now, here's the important bit…

When thinking about what's the best type of ring for you, you have to think about several different things. 

First, think about ‘stretchability’ (I think it's a word…) and decide if you want to try something which is adjustable and soft or something that has the maximum grip you can find. Choosing the right material will probably bring the right tightness for your liking. 

Texture can also be very important - If the ring has some bumps or nubs, this can increase your pleasure.

And of course don't forget about those vibrate rings. If you're looking to maximize your erection you might as well get some vibration with it.

Well, I hope you learnt something new, and if you didn't, no worries as it's now time for the reviews…

Cock Ring Reviews

To help you explore the world of cock rings, we made a list of some of our favorites.

Tantus: Super Soft C-Ring

If you are looking for a cock ring that's simple to use and has a great function - search no more. This silicone ring stretches with your penis giving you just the right amount of pressure with the unstretched diameter of 1.5'' and stretched diameter of 4.75''. 

It's made out of soft, hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone and you can use it in three different ways.

  1. At the base of the penis in front of the testicles

  2. At the base of the penis behind the testicles

  3. Simply, just over the testicles

And, as an extra bonus you can also purchase this ring with the built-in vibrator in two different colors, while the regular one can be bought in three different colors - black, purple and red.


  • This ring is beginner-friendly
  • It's easy to clean
  • It is made out of silicone that's safe and comfortable
  • Offers multiple uses


  • This ring is not as advanced as other cock rings on the market

Lelo Tor 2: Luxury Rechargeable Cock Ring

Lelo Tor 2 Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

Similar to the Tantus above, this one is a bit more advanced and offers more while still keeping it easy to use. This ring is made out of smooth silicone that helps in achieving greater pleasure by hugging the penis perfectly and providing a tight yet comfortable fit that'll boost your erection. 

There are two different ways to use it - as a vibrator on the top of the shaft or below it. It has six different vibrating modes that are easy to control by a simple "plus" and "minus" button to ramp up the pleasure when you're in the mood.


  • It's rechargeable and waterproof
  • This ring has 6 different vibrating modes
  • It's soft and stretchy


  • It's a bit on the expensive side
  • Offers fewer ways to use it than a regular cock ring

IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring - Waterproof Rechargeable Penis Ring Vibrator

This strong yet silent vibrating cock ring has a dildo shaped end that can be used for g-spot stimulation or as a clitoris stimulator when it's used as a cock ring. 

Size is also no issue as It's made out of silicone that can stretch so it fits comfortably no matter how big the ‘recipient’ is.  

It has a powerful little motor with seven different speed modes which keeps you in control at all times and don't worry about batteries as this vibrating cock ring is USB rechargeable so it can give you hours of mutual satisfaction.


  • The vibrating ring is made for mutual pleasure
  • It's silent and powerful
  • It's soft and stretchy


  • Limited when it comes to ways to use it for men while targeting specific zones for women

Lovehoney Get Hard Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring Set (3 Count)

Lovehoney Get Hard Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring Set (3 Count)

This cock ring is tight but still comfortable on the skin. It comes as a set of three different adjustable cock rings which offers the possibility of various ways of playing with it. 

The texture is wonderful. Provides taught pressure which can result in a harder erection that'll last longer.


  • Ring is beginner-friendly

  • It's comfortable and easy to wear
  • Comes as a set
  • Gives you more pleasure due to the texture


  • This ring is not as advanced as some other rings on the market

Dominik: Stainless Steel Doughnut Cock Ring

DOMINIX Deluxe 1.9 Inch Stainless Steel Donut Cock Ring

This ring is made out of stainless steel that's smooth and will slide onto your penis effortlessly, with a diameter of 1.75'' and weight of 163g. It's designed to be used behind the testicles and with its sleek and round edges it won't pinch your skin and cause you to scream in pain. (Always a bonus I think!)

This ring can be used by those who are advanced with sex toys or those who are just beginning.

Which Has The Title Of ‘Best Cock Ring’ On The Market?

Without any hesitation, the Lelo Tor 2: Luxury Rechargeable Cock Ring is the winner in my eyes. 

This toy does what it's supposed to be doing but with a twist - it gives an opportunity for mutual pleasure. And when it comes to pleasure, you always want to share it with your partner.

This soft, yet tight, cock ring with a vibrator will give you an erection you want while stimulating your partner to.

Not to mention it’s from a great company like Lelo you know it's going to last for a lifetime of fun which for me means it's worth the extra expense.

Not to mention, this ring has tons of positive reviews that prove that it'll do what's promised and even more. This gives it a gold medal so if you're looking for the best cock ring out there.

Best Sex Swing Positions

Using a sex swing can really hot things up when it comes to your sex life, especially with all the new postions you can try out. My personal favorite is the ‘Absolute Submission’ as it leaves me shaking with anticipation as I don’t know what's coming next.

You, I’m sure, will have your own ‘front runner’ so let’s find out which one it is.

Just so you know though, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to sex swings…

So, for those of you who are just getting on the horse, let's start with how do you use one exactly...

Now, take it from me, sex swings are A LOT of fun. They do however require a bit of skill to get the most out of them.When my partner and I (well, ‘ex’ partner actually )first tried to use a sex swing, there was a lot more aimless swinging and fumbling around than there was actual sex.

And honestly, we were a little disappointed at first. We had spent all of this money and time setting the damn thing up and for what? Some lackluster humping and a lot of unsexy grunting…I hope not. Which asks the question what SHOULD you feel when you are using a sex swing?

Well, for a start, you’re definitely going to feel the restraints, that’s for sure. If you’re not much into bondage, this may seem jarring at first, especially if you’re used to ‘getting busy’ in a bed. 

Once you get used to the restraints, you’ll probably become hyper-aware of the fact that you could fall at any minute. Of course, you won’t if your partner is there holding onto you, but those worries will still nag at the back of your mind. 

Like anything in life though, once you get moving around in your swing, you’ll start to become more comfortable while in it and start to really appreciate how arousing it is to be suspended in midair, completely at the mercy of your partner. 

Before I explain how you go from awkwardly struggling, to a sex god, I’ll give you the low down on what a sex swing actually is…

And Ironically... 

A Sex Swing is Exactly What it Sounds Like

Simply, it’s a swing that you bolt to your ceiling that adds that little more spice to your sex life by being a position-enhancer.

(There are some free-standing swings as well, but for the most part, we’re going to focus on the former.)

People (like me) who enjoy using sex swings get incredibly aroused by how freeing it feels to seemingly, defy gravity. 

The weightless feeling you get on a swing allows you to focus completely on your partner screwing the life out of you. 

I put it down to the laser focus which seems to make every little sensation stronger and every little touch more arousing.

What if I’m New to Sex Swings?

Well, my best piece of advice when delving into the world of ‘anti-gravity’ fun would be, maybe dip your toe in the water first...

That's why I'd definitely reommend going for a door swing since they’re a great way to try out a sex swing without going broke. And if you enjoy using your low-cost sex swing, then you can upgrade to one that’s more expensive and unlock some new, exciting positions.

(Here’s one from Lovehoney that’s less than 50 dollars)

Ok, so now you have your new toy,you’re probably going to need to spend some time fiddling with it to figure out how it works. 

When my partner and I first got our sex swing, we tried to look online for any tutorials on how to use it. Most of the resources we found were a bunch of sex swing position ‘listicles’ (much like the one I’m writing right now).

That didn't give us any real experience though.

So my advice to you…The best way to get the hang of a sex swing is to make like Tarzan. Get in it and go!

Like I said earlier, it may feel awkward at first, (there was a lot of flailing), but it didn’t take long for us to start enjoying the benefits of zero-gravity sex. 

Should I get a Door Swing or a Hanging One?

This completely depends on how new you are to using sex swings as well as whether or not you want 360-degree rotation. 

A door swing is more limited than a hanging one, but much less expensive. These have a bit less of a learning curve which is another reason I recommend them for when you are starting out.

Saying that there are still plenty of great positions you can try out with a door swing so it’s not like you’re settling by not getting a hanging swing.

If you’ve used a door swing before and you’re ready to upgrade, here’s a good hanging sex swing where you can try out a variety of different positions that just aren’t as easy to pull off (or even possible) without one.

Which leads us on nicely to all the positions you can get into.Let’s take a look, shall we…?

Best Sex Swing Postions

Zero-G Doggy

This is one of the easier positions on this list. If this is your first time this is the best position to start with. If you’re the one in the swing, just lay on your stomach and let your partner hold onto your hips as they screw you ever so sweetly. 

The most comfortable swing to have for this particular position is a hammock swing like this one. A hammock swing allows for maximum comfort while the person laying down is being penetrated.

The Weightless 69

To achieve this position, one person sits in the swing and leans back with their face between their partner’s legs. While you’re eating your partner out (or giving a blowjob), your partner will do the same. 

This position is pretty fun and will definitely give your back a good workout since you’re leaning back in the swing.

If the person in the swing doesn’t have something to brace their back on, laying down in mid air can really start to hurt your back and I usually have trouble staying in this position for long periods of time for that very reason. Sayin that, it doesn’t make the sex any less heavenly when you’re in the position.

Mind-Blowing Missionary

So my partner and I bought our sex swings in reverse order. We first purchased a hanging sex swing and then one for our door. We would’ve just stuck with 1 swing, but after a little research, we found a few positions that were easier to achieve with a door swing.

(If you’re using a door swing, chances are, you’re more likely to use this position first.)

The person sitting in the swing has their wrists and ankles bound while their partner has their way with them. While this sounds like a pretty simple position, it feels oh so amazing! 

The zero-gravity aspect of the swing allows for you to achieve different angles that aren’t necessarily available while having actual missionary sex on a bed. 

(And who knows, you might even be able to hit the fabled G-spot first time.) 

Double Team

Why should only one person get to sit on a sex swing? 

For this position, your partner (with a penis or strapon) sits down and then you sit facing them and insert themselves inside you and let the swing sway or move in whatever way you like and watch as it brings you and your partner to an amazing orgasm.

The one thing I should mention is to make sure your swing can support both you and your partner’s weight. 

Pretty much every sex swing provides its maximum weight on the package or the item description online. Make sure everything is properly secured or there might be a trip to the Emergency Room on the cards.

Absolute Submission

Here’s a slight variation on the Mind-Blowing Missionary position. Find a swing that comes with wrist and ankle restraints, put on a blindfold and let your partner have their way with you. 

For me, absolute submission is so fucking hot because I love it when I have no idea whether my partner’s going to touch me tenderly or smack my ass. 

This position works best with a door swing since this is a more stationary position, however, that doesn’t make it any less satisfying. 

Any time I use this particular position with my partner, I’m left quivering with anticipation as I beg for them to let me cum. That’s some powerful shit right there, let me tell you. If you’re into dom/sub sex, this is definitely the position for you to try out!

Zero-G Oral

The beautiful thing about Zero-G Oral is the fact that not only are you at the mercy of your partner, they’re also able to use the swing to move you around and better explore your sensitive areas. 

Sex swings are position-enhancers and this position proves this fact thoroughly. 

Whenever I’ve had a bad day at work, it’s such a treat to be able to sit in our sex swing and let my partner eat me out. I do have to admit, however, that I began to have more “bad days” once we got a sex swing and sometimes I just say I’m upset so I can get some mind-blowing oral. 

(But let’s just keep that a secret from my partner, okay…)

Spin Me ‘Round Like a Record (Or Fidget Spinner…)

With this position, you sit on the swing with your butt sticking out over the strap and (after you apply some lube) lower yourself onto your partner’s penis or strapon. 

While they lay there and spin you around any way they please, you’re free to enjoy this truly unique sensation.

Seriously, I didn’t fully appreciate my sex swing until I tried this position out with my partner. I can confidently say that I have never felt anything as amazing as I did with this position!

I do feel like it’s important to mention that you’ll have to have a hanging swing that spins 360 degrees around. 


Much like the previous position, this requires your partner to sit on their back while you angle your pussy above their face. At this point, your partner will then begin to eat you out. 

The great thing about using a sex swing with this position is that you can begin to sway side to side or back and forth as quickly or slowly as you like to make your orgasm even more amazing!

If you or your partner is a guy, you can instead have them sit on the swing while you lick their balls. Like with face-sitting, your partner will then be able to adjust the swing to get different angles or coverage of their balls. 

Flying Solo

If you find yourself on your own then dont let that stop you because you can still use your sex swing. 

Whether you have a penis or a vagina use the leg straps to support your thighs and ankles while you rub one out! 

I personally like to use a door swing when I masturbate because I don’t have a partner who can provide some extra support. 

That, and I’m always super paranoid that I’m gonna fall back, smash my head open and end up some clickbait on reddit talking about how I was injured while using my sex swing. 

At least it would make an interesting talking point at parties though!

Sit up Straight, Soldier

I’ve never fancied being in the military but for this position I definitely stand for attention.

For this use the leg straps as footholds and stand in a squatting position in your swing. Hold onto the wrist restraints to further steady yourself. Your butt sticks out and allows for easy penetration from your partner and once inside you, your partner can then kiss you in your favorite places or use their free hands to explore all the different areas of your body. 

While I have to say this is one of the more advanced sex swing positions on this list, it’s still a great one to try out once you get the hang of it.

My partner loves this particular position because they can get a lot more intimate as they move all over my body.

(Just a note though, I would recommend you use a door swing for this particular position since you need some extra stability.)

Laid Back

And for the last position on the list...and probably the laziest!

All you have to do is lay down with your legs on your partner’s shoulders for easy penetration. 

I’ve also found this is a great position for deep-throating since your head and throat are perfectly 

aligned. All you have to do is tilt your head back while you’re laying down and shove that hard cock down your throat…

Okay, that was a little graphic, but regardless, this is a great position for oral as well as a great way to receive amazing penetration. 

In Conclusion…

There are a variety of different positions to try out regardless of whether you have a door swing or a hanging one. 

Ever since I bought my first sex swing, I haven’t regretted the purchase once. I love feeling like an erotic acrobat and getting to feel all of these different parts of my body touched and played with in new, exciting ways. 

If you’re on the fence about buying a new sex swing, I definitely think you should purchase one of the swings I mentioned above. 

I love using a sex swing to spice up my bedroom life and once you overcome the learning curve, you’re sure to have a whole lot of zero gravity fun!

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