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9 Best Sex Restraints & Handcuffs – Couples Buying Guide


A little light bondage using sex restraints can go a long way for improving your communication with your sexual partner. They can also help you to understand your own desires.

Whatever your stance, handcuffs and restraints are some of the best ways to add a little spice to your sex life in an environment that’s safe and adventurous. 

Let us help you and your partner with some of the research as we introduce the 9 best sex restraints and handcuffs for couples.

But before we dive into our top picks, first a little background info...

How to Choose Sex Restraints and Handcuffs 

Like any bedroom accessory, choosing the right restraints for you and your partner is essential. You both need to be comfortable with the choice, the way they work, and how they feel.

So, how do you go about choosing your cuffs?

What you’re tying up

This is vital, what exactly do you want to tie? Wrists, ankles, something that connects the two? Furthermore, if you are looking to tie up other parts of the body, bondage tape might be closer to what you’re searching for. 


How do you want the restraints to feel? The most popular choice tends to be leather due to the comfort as well as the versatility it provides.

Synthetic restraints are great in that they are machine washable when things get messy, and are a good decision for this reason. 

Perhaps most importantly, restraints and cuffs that are used for pleasure should have a soft lining that is gentle on the skin and prevents rubbing as well as sores.

how to choose handcuffs

Where you’re tying up

Against the wall, on the bed, in the shower. There are plenty of places where you can have a little fun with power play. But this will also dictate the type of restraint you use. For example, against the wall and in the shower you might choose a pair with suction cups. 

These keep your partner secure while also allowing for flexible fun. Similarly, a bed without bed posts can be a real pain if you want to test out the restraints. Not to worry, some brands will provide all the hardware you need to make that possible.

What you plan to do

What kind of activities are you and your partner planning on once the restraints are on? Think about the positioning and how this will impact the choice you make regarding the restraints you plan to use. 

Little things like wanting to be able to have your partner change positions - tying them to the bedpost won’t work. Or if you want to take a trip downtown and have access to every inch of them, tying their ankles is a less than practical decision.

Things to Look For With Sex Restraints and Handcuffs

While you’re browsing our selection of restraints to ensure maximum pleasure (Or pain) for you and your partner, here are a few of the features you might want to keep an eye out for:


You will want restraints that are completely adjustable to ensure your partner is comfortable and so that you can both play around with the tightness to enhance the level of enjoyment for both of you. 


Many restraint’s offer things like wrist to thigh attachment, or even attaching the wrists and ankles to the back. Choose restraints that offer several different levels of attachment. Things like raising the wrists or ankles higher, allowing you both to discover what you love. 


Under the mattress, bedposts, body only, these various restraints all have different ways for you both to achieve the highest possible gratification levels. Try one, or all of them, exploring every aspect of light bondage to discover what you love the most. 


Choose a material that works for you, ensuring that it is gentle against the skin and easy to get out of if required. 


Play with power a little more, and try this form of restraint if you want to get a little more into domination. These can be attached to the wrist restraints or even nipple clamps, adding to the enjoyment and helping you both to experience something truly sensual. 

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How to Use Sex Restraints Safely

how to use sex restraints safely

Safe sex is the key to ultimate satisfaction for both of you, and when exploring the world of light bondage you need to ensure that you are both communicating at all times. Playing with restraints safely is part of this. Check out our top bondage articles here for more advice.

If you are both new to the game, or even if one of you is, make sure you start small and work your way up.

There’s no rush, and the build-up can be quite the tease (in the best way). Start with one wrist or ankle, then work your way up after making sure your partner is comfortable.

It’s always best to leave each other wanting more than ending the experience feeling as though one person went too far, and if your partner asks to be untied or uses the safe word you have agreed on, ALWAYS make sure you release them and take a moment to talk about it.

When restraining your partner, it is a good idea to ensure that they are able to get themselves out of the restraints quickly and easily should something happen (such as fainting or falling ill) and they need to get out in order to help you. 

This is why many people who enjoy light bondage recommend not tying all four limbs - it makes it almost impossible to escape if needed. However, if you do want to go down the all-fours route, just make sure your partner is able to get out of them without assistance.

Things to Know Before You Start Bondage

Metal and silk can seem like truly adventurous options for your restraints, but in reality, they pose a great deal of risk to your partner’s safety. For starters, silk is a silent predator and can creep up on you unexpectedly.

It has been known to tighten over time, constricting the restrained areas of the body and cutting off circulation. This can lead to permanent damage, including the loss of limbs in the most severe cases. This is part of why checking to ensure your partner is comfortable is so important. 

Metal can rub against the skin and is incredibly rough, causing sores and cuts that are both painful and take a great deal of time to heal properly. Additionally, they can be very difficult to get out of in an emergency situation - especially if you have lost the key. 

Always use restraints that have been specially designed for the task at hand and are adjustable, ensuring that you and your partner are getting the most out of the situation while also remaining safe and comfortable at all times. 

This video is a good place to start if you’re looking to get a little more into the bondage lifestyle with your partner. Just ignore the use of silk and satin, for while it can be pleasing when used correctly it still carries a great deal of risk.

9 Best Sex Restraints & Handcuffs

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist to Thigh Restraint

If you’re worried that restraints will restrict your ability to try new positions and get the full experience, these could be the perfect match. Using wrist to thigh restraint, it remains firm and secure while also allowing for full versatility during sex. 

Your sub’s arms will be kept right by their side, allowing you to take full control while ensuring that your sub is enjoying a pleasurable experience.

You can switch positions in one quick movement, even spooning is possible with a little adjustment, keeping things exciting. 

In the case that you have a partner who has trouble keeping their legs spread when things get too intense, you can even use additional straps to keep their legs open - creating an invisible spreader bar that ensures you have full access. 

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist to Thigh Restraint


  • Comfortable and sensuous
  • Strong leather to keep things secure
  • Completely adjustable for maximum pleasure
  • Great quality for hours of fun


  • Can be a little fiddly to use
  • No D-rings which makes them less versatile

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Restraints Harness

If you’re in search of versatile play that really lets you explore the dom/sub relationship, this could be just what you need to keep things hot. The collar and leash alone enhance the experience, keeping your sub in line and making sure they are under your full control. 

The restraints can be attached to the collar and draped down the front or back of your sub, with multiple D-rings that allow you to raise or lower the wrists as you like, adding to the experience and letting you both explore what gives you the most pleasure

The collar and wrist cuffs are both fully adjustable, ensuring that your sub cannot wriggle free during play. At the same time, they are incredibly gentle thanks to the suede lining, meaning that a little playful struggling won’t result in discomfort for anyone. 

Bondage Boutique Black Rose Restraints Harness

These restraints have a gorgeous and sleek finish that makes them look amazing as well as feel it. Even when you’re tied down, you still want to look great and these restraints really nailed that aspect. Combined with the versatility offered, playtime has never looked so good


  • Comfortable fit with a gorgeous finish that adds aesthetic
  • Made from faux leather that’s soft against the skin
  • Incredibly versatile for multiple functions and experimentation
  • Comes with a leash for maximum control and domination


  • They can take a little time to put on
  • Can be a little stiff to start with

OUR TOP PICK! ⭐ Lovehoney All You Need Bondage Kit (20 Piece)

This is the bondage equivalent of a kid in a candy store, offering you a varied selection that allows both of you to discover the things that turn you on, and those that might be less effective. The best part? There are plenty of little toys and treats for both partners to enjoy. 

The cock ring allows your male partner to feel like the star of the show, enhancing his manhood and really adding to the sexual experience. Plus, the various nipple clamps are suitable for anyone, stimulating you both in ways you never knew possible. 

Rope, ball gags, silky ropes that feel like satin against your skin but without the risk. All of this and more is included in the 20-piece set. The restraints offer full adjustment, including the under-cover bed restraints that add an air of mystery to playtime.

The beginner’s collar allows you to start exploring power play for the first time, while the textured penis stroker helps you to enhance your handjob skills and provide him with an experience he will never forget. It’s time for both your boundaries to be explored.

Lovehoney All You Need Bondage Kit (20 Piece)


  • Great quality items, durable and fun to use
  • Superb selection, allowing for both parties to really let loose
  • Restraints are soft to the touch, providing a sensuous, comfortable encounter
  • Nipple clamps and cock rings to take things next level


  • The cock ring is only single-use
  • Can be a little pricey

Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs

Looking to expand your horizons? A spreader bar can really take things to the next level, heightening the intensity as your partner struggles to close their legs when things become too sensitive. At the same time, you still get full access to every inch of them. 

The ankle cuffs are fully adjustable, made from a synthetic material that ensures comfort at all times. You can rest easy knowing that the restraints remain secure while also ensuring they are easy to get out of once the fun is over. 

The bar itself has three different settings, allowing you to turn things up slowly or suddenly, either option is sure to result in cries of gratification. The quick settings do you all the favours, even allowing you to flip your partner over with a single movement to exert pure power. 

The centre ring allows you to add even more spice, making room for another set of cuffs that could be attached to the wrists or even a link to a collar. Whatever your fantasy, this could be the perfect way to play it out and take things up a notch.

Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs


  • Easy to use with quick settings that will make you gasp
  • Comfortable cuffs that sit nicely around the ankles
  • Centre ring so you can spice things up with extra cuffs and ropes
  • Flip your partner over effortlessly, exuding power and control


  • Thick thighs are less likely to benefit
  • It can be a little noisy when the bar and metal clink

Quickie Cuffs Super-Strong Medium Silicone Restraints

If you’re new to the world of light bondage and other forms of restraint feel a little intimidating, this could be the perfect way to ease yourself into the world of submission and domination. There’s nothing fiddly, they just slip over the hands and remain exceptionally secure. 

The fact that there are no keys or jangly bits also makes them well-suited to travel, especially if your dirty weekend is taking you on a flight to a new location. They are also one size fits most, promising comfort and a smooth fit for pretty much everyone. 

A lightweight feel means there is no pressure, and the smooth silicone is soft to help improve the experience and ensure comfort at all times. Since they are also hypoallergenic, there is no need to worry about allergic reactions either - it’s smooth sailing for everyone. 

Quickie Cuffs Super-Strong Medium Silicone Restraints


  • Comfortable and easy to use, the perfect cuffs for beginners
  • Soft and slim to slip onto the wrist easily
  • Remain surprisingly secure when used
  • Hypoallergenic to ensure they are gentle on the skin


  • The silicone can snag arm hairs if you aren’t careful

Bondage Boutique Black Lace Collar and Cuffs

Not every light bondage look is the same, and this brings a touch of Gothic Victorian to your bedroom activities. The lace is soft against your skin, but it is also a durable material that will stretch gently with your body and provide a snug yet comfortable fit. 

The long chains connect the collar and the wrists, restraining your partner effectively.

At the same time, the chains have enough freedom that they can be wrapped around you as well for an even more sensual experience. 

If two chains aren’t enough, the clip on the collar and the wrists means that more chains can be added or some taken away - it all depends on your mood and personal preferences. The versatility means that your bedroom fun can be truly tailored and enhanced. 

Bondage Boutique Black Lace Collar and Cuffs

Lace is a surprisingly durable yet flexible material that will hug your body perfectly and leave you feeling just a little pressure. They are also secured using velcro, providing you with a quick release when you need it the most.


  • Gorgeous look that brings elegance to the bedroom 
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Long chains that can be used for restraint or wrapped around your partner
  • Versatile so you can add or remove chains as you please


  • Chains are a little flimsy
  • The collar can be a little big

Bondage Boutique White Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint

Turn your boudoir into a den of delight, with this under mattress restraint. It could be just what you need to add a naughty touch to your evening activities. Sliding under the mattress, it is designed to fit any bed and keep both wrists and ankles securely in place. 

A little playful struggle will see the restraints move with your body, and it also allows for spreader-style experiences - keeping your partner’s legs wide open while you retain full access to every part of their body. 

The velcro fastenings are comfortable and gentle on the skin, keeping your partner in place without any pain or discomfort. Leave them vulnerable to your power and completely in your control, fulfilling any fantasies that each of you have.

 It’s easy to set up, which makes it ideal for both beginners and experts alike. With no permanent fixtures or fittings, as well as two colours to choose from, you can tailor your bondage experience to suit both your aesthetic and personal desires. 

Bondage Boutique White Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint


  • Comfortable cuffs that are soft to the touch
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Ideal for beginners who want to try something new
  • Perfect for any size bed


  • They can get a little loose with excessive wiggling

Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Restraints

Sometimes, going back to basics is the best possible choice, as highlighted by these delightful satin restraints. Made to have that silky soft feeling, they are kind to your skin and keep things secure without causing discomfort - increasing the satisfaction for everyone. 

They come pre-looped, making it easier for you to restrain your partner as well as helping those new to the world of bondage ease their way in. The stretching length of material makes them ideal for tying in a number of places, giving you more flexibility when you play. 

You can use them on ankles or wrists, allowing you to tease your partner relentlessly while you both enjoy the experience and try out new positions and restraint forms together. Wherever you go, your sub is sure to follow with these wrapped around their wrists.

Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Restraints


  • Oh so soft and perfectly silent
  • Variety of colours to really spice up the night
  • Perfectly adjustable so that you can find the right tightness
  • Easy to use and also simple to take away with you


  • Can dig in a little if the material twists too much

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter

Rope can be a great tool in the bedroom, and it is a favourite among those who enjoy light bondage. Made with a non-slip finish, it is relatively gentle on the skin to help prevent rope burns and rubbing while you engage in play. 

The thick design means that you get visual appeal from the use of the rope as well as a firm restraint that will keep your partner nice and still while you have your wicked way with them. 

For those who are into shibari rope art, this is the perfect way to practice your skills.

The 10m length means that you can tie your partner up anywhere and any way you like, experimenting with various positions and ideas while the two of you explore what you enjoy. Not to mention it allows for more control, helping you to exert your power and dominance. 

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter

Made from only the best quality cotton rope, it has a luxurious finish and is free from irritants to keep your sexual experience a safe one.


  • Long and easy to to use, giving it versatility
  • Non-slip finish to keep things comfortable
  • Ideal for those who want to practice their rope art
  • Thick and safe to use for firm restraints


  • The rope can start to fray a little at the ends over time

To Conclude...

We know that you will find something here that heightens your ecstasy and creates an incredible experience for you and your partner. But which sex restraints are the best out of all those we have listed? 

It’s a tough choice between Bondage Boutique Black Rose Restraint Harness as well as the All You Need Bondage Kit from Lovehoney. Bondage Boutique offers a truly versatile restraint kit that allows for all sorts of experimentation and play, giving you the chance to explore. 

On the other side, the bondage kit from Lovehoney really does have everything a beginner needs to really get into the art. It includes items for both partners, making things equal and ensuring everyone has the tools to have an incredible time. 

Regardless of which of these you pick, we have no doubt that both of you will open up new parts of yourselves as you explore the world of light bondage. Just remember to stay safe and always keep communication open so that you know how the other person feels.


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