April 25

9 Best Prostate Massagers In 2023 – For Male Orgasms


More and more guys are dropping their fears of sticking stuff up their butt and discovering what an amazing sensation prostate massagers can offer.  

We review our top 9 in this article. But before we dive into that, first a little background info. So you know how to use them. Best shapes. And the best positions. 

This is one toy you DON'T want to use incorrectly!

How To Best Prepare For Pegging/Prostate Massager

Everybody poops. And it’s no secret that the place we’re looking to put these prostate massagers is where that poop comes from. So it’s no surprise that making sure everything is clean back there is sometimes a concern for those who want to experiment with anal play. 

Anal prep doesn’t have to be complicated, but let’s be serious, it does help keep things clean. And if you’re worried about a mess, prepping will help you enjoy your session more as you won’t have to worry anymore.

So where do we begin? About 72 hours in advance, actually.

No, you don’t have to have some three day routine leading up to your big night (or day!). But you will want to be mindful of the things you eat in the day or two beforehand. Lighter foods that are high in fiber will help you have regular bowel movements, which is what you want.

(You want that even if you’re not planning on sticking something up your butt, for the record.)

how to prepare for prostate massager

This is because when you have an enema, it stretches out the muscles in your butt and can create teeny-tiny microtears inside. Penetration will likely irritate these small tears even more. So be gentle! It also washes away the mucus that lines the inside of your butt, so giving yourself a recommended 3-6 hours between enema and penetration is best.

Having a regular bowel movement the day of your big event is the most important thing. Fortunately for anal lovers, poops aren’t stored in the rectum - it’s stored in the colon. So as long as you have your regular bowel movement, the part of your butt that will be penetrated will be mostly empty.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take any extra precautions. One such precaution is having an enema the day of. That’s right, the day of, not right before. 

So there you have it, a solid poop in the morning and an enema 3-6 hours beforehand, but only if you feel it’s necessary.

As for right before… I went to a pegging workshop at The Citadel in San Francisco many years ago. Someone asked the presenter if drinking alcohol beforehand was a good or bad idea. His answer was “One or two drinks to loosen up a bit is fine, but any more than that and it may dull the receiver's pain tolerance, and you definitely want to be able to feel pain if there is any, because that’s a sign you need to do something differently or stop.”

So if you want a couple of drinks to relax that rectum, go for it. Just don’t overdo it.

And as for right right right before you stick anything in. Lube, of course. Use plenty of high quality lube like this one and massage the outside of the anus to relax the muscles before penetrating. From there on out, you should be good. Real good.

Should You Ask A Doctor Which Prostate Massager Is The Best?

Asking your doctor about your sex life isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it’s definitely worth finding one that’s educated on the subject. Prostate massagers aren’t really recognized by the medical community as much more than sex toys, let alone a cure for any ailment. So right off the bat, the medical community is biased towards looking at things as utilities to treat ailments, not explore new places and new sensations.

That said, some studies have been done on the relationship between prostate massage and prostate health. There seems to be a small positive effect on prostate health with regards to: painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, urine flow issues, and prostatitis. But these are small and need more research to come up with a definitive answer. 

Ultimately, it seems like a well informed doctor would see the potential benefit to the use of prostate massagers. It certainly doesn’t seem like it would have any negative effects, though. Of course, this doesn’t substitute as medical advice and you should always ask your doctor if it’s okay to stick things up your butt.

How To Best Use Prostate Massager

At the most basic level, the best way to use a prostate massager is to relax, warm up your sphincter muscles by gently massaging the outside (with lube!), then slowly start to insert the toy at a comfortable pace. If the toy is bigger than a finger and proving a little difficult to get in, perhaps begin with a finger to warm up.

Beyond that, prostate massagers can be used in any number of different ways your dirty little mind and heart can come up with! 

It can be used and inserted during solo play. Put your prostate massager inside you before jerking off for a whole new take on masturbation. 

Or use it with a partner! Ask your partner if he’s willing to try prostate play while he receives a blowjob. Or use it to prolong an already torturous edging session. Or put it inside your male partner and then climb on top of him and ride him until he experiences the orgasm of his life! 

Or if you have a Dom/male sub dynamic, you can combine a chastity cage with a prostate massager to provide prostate stimulation while preventing him from getting hard.
How to use prostate massager

What Is The Best Position For Prostate Massager

It’s hard to say if there’s a best position for using a prostate massager, because everybody (and every butt) is different. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of positions for you to experiment with to see which is best for you. 

  • Doggy style - This is great for ease of insertion and it’s perfect for combining with a hand job or blowjob or spanking if he’s into that.
  • Flat on your stomach - I never know what to call this position, but it’s one of my favorites. You know the one...Flat on your stomach with your legs together. Insert the toy like that and combine any other aspect of play you’d like - massage, spanking, teasing, etc. 
  • Missionary - This is particularly good if you have a partner to help you insert the toy. Otherwise it’s not the best. But if you can get it in, it’s a great position to relax and let the toy (and maybe someone else) do the work. Or if you’re by yourself, get yourself off with masturbation.

What Is The Best Shape For Prostate Massager

The prostate is a “fleshy bulb of tissue” located on the anterior (front) wall of the rectal lining. Some people say it feels like a walnut. Whatever it feels like (use your finger to check for yourself!), it’s located towards the front of your body inside your poop chute. So the optimal shape for prostate massagers is one that’s somewhat curved - similar to the “come hither” motion you might use to finger a girl’s G-spot.

Most prostate massagers do have a curve like this - some a slight curve, some more pronounced. At the very least, some have a bulbous shape that’s designed to put gentle pressure on the prostate once it’s inserted. 

What Is The Best Prostate Massager?

Renegade Vibrating Massager I

Right out of the box, you can tell this was made for pleasure and comfort. The “silky feel” silicone is super soft and just feeling it in your hand you can tell it will be comfortable. 

The shape is great. It’s not very girthy, so getting it in is easy and keeping it in feels nice because you feel the pressure without feeling like you’re being stretched out. The shape of the base is wonderful for taint (perineum) stimulation, which happens to be one of my favorite things, so this is a huge plus for me and I think it would be for you, too. 

Unfortunately, the vibrating egg is located in the base so you get vibrations on your perineum but not so much on your prostate. 

Renegade Vibrating Massager I


  • Super soft material
  • Easy to get (and keep) in


  • Vibrations from the egg don’t reach the g spot part

At first touch with your hands, you can feel the silicone they use is high quality and soft enough to provide a comfortable feel. The shape of it is… interesting, but that can be said for almost all of them. Because of the shape, it’s a bit weird sliding it in, but once it’s in and you’ve adjusted it to the right spot, it’s fantastic. 

The body of the toy is flexible and it does feel like it would contour to fit your own personal anatomy. The part that is right at the entrance to your butt is a bit wide but actually feels good once it’s in, especially with the ribs to provide a bit of extra sensation. 

Tantus Prostate Play Massager

The bullet vibrator is at the base and provides decent stimulation, but perhaps one would want slightly more? Either way, it’s a great toy. 


  • The shape, once it’s in


  • Bullet vibrator could be stronger

This may not be exclusively a prostate massager, but it’s the first product on the LoveHoney site so I took a chance and saw for myself whether it can be used as a prostate toy. It can. 

The look and feel of the stainless steel are a little intimidating, but it’s also beautiful in both shape and finish. 

That said, I did only use the smaller side. The larger end will definitely take some working up to. This toy is ideal if you have a partner, as it requires a bit of movement (and stabilizing) to get the spot right.

The larger end worked perfectly as a handle for my girlfriend to hold onto as she gently moved it around inside me. The shape doesn’t feel as “ergonomically correct” for lack of a better term as other shapes, but it still felt great.

Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo


  • Stainless steel feels and looks amazing


  • Not ideal for solo play 

Right out of the box you can tell this one’s a little bigger than most of the others. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to definitely take note of. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with something smaller. 

If you are somewhat experienced with anal play, however, hooo-boy this thing is good.

The vibration and rotation settings are fantastic. The bulb that rests on your taint provides an amazing feeling during play, too. 

The way we used this was I had it in me and I was in control of the remote as I got a blowjob from my girlfriend and I must say, it was an absolutely mind-blowing (heh...) experience. 

Even though it’s electric, it’s waterproof so it’s easy to clean.
Lovehoney High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager


  • Shape
  • Vibrations and rotation features


  • May be a little too big for a beginner

Every Lelo toy I’ve used is super high quality and has a beautiful finish. This one is no different. The lines on this could make it a piece of abstract art on display in a museum. (A piece of art that one might think “I could stick that somewhere…)It’s a bit large, but the gradual taper of the circumference makes it reasonably easy to insert. Once it’s in, it’s great. The feel is wonderful and the vibrations are good (although some might want it slightly more powerful). 

Because of the shape of the external part, it’s great for use with a partner. My girlfriend used this to wiggle around and she judged what movements I liked (all of them, pretty much) from my responses (all of them). It doesn’t take much movement, as it sits inside you pretty well once it’s in, but a little extra stimulation from a helping hand is always welcome.

Lelo Loki Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager


  • Gorgeous design
  • Sits inside you perfectly (at least for me)


  • Not ideal for solo play

This one looks pretty with its clear plastic and ergonomic shape. The biggest difference from the others is that this one is rigid plastic, which has its own pros and cons. It’s stiff, so it’s easy to slide in - no bending or wiggling around. When I read the product description, I thought the “p-tab” (the perineum massager) and the “k-tab” (the kundalini tab) were a bit of a hoaky description. The p-tab was a bit hard and pointed for my liking, but the k-tab did actually have a surprisingly nice feel to it. 

It’s a bit wide if you’re only starting out, and you may want to opt for something with a bit of flex and a bit softer for an intro experience to prostate massagers. But if you do have some anal play experience and want something stiff that’s easy to wiggle around while inside you, this is a great choice. 

Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager


  • Looks good
  • Shape sits inside you nicely


  • A bit big and stiff for beginners

This one sets itself apart from the others by adding the double cock (and ball) ring for extra stimulation. I’m not a huge fan of cock rings so I didn’t have my hopes too high, but after using this, I would highly recommend it. (Particularly with a partner, which is what we did.)

It’s a little complicated to get on, but if you put the cock and ball rings on first, it makes it much easier. Once the rings are on, you can insert the toy just like you would any other. We used this by me wearing it and then laying down and my girlfriend rode me on top and it was unreal. Because the prostate toy is attached to the cock and ball rings, with every move she made, I felt the prostate toy inside me move a little bit and definitely felt like a prostate massage. 

Nexus Simul8 Dual Motor Prostate Massager with Double Cock Ring



  • Ideal for use with a partner (although it can be used for masturbation, obviously)

This one sets itself apart from the rest by including a remote control that’s controllable from an app, which is fun. The actual toy is soft enough for comfortable insertion and the added flexibility it affords is nice for getting it in the right spot.

The perineum massager is pretty big and offers a wonderful feeling on your taint (at least for me, I really enjoy that…) 

The app has pre-programmed vibration patterns that can be chosen for hands-free use or you can decide which to use yourself. Or, you can put it inside you and let your partner control it for you. (I think this is the most fun way of using this particular toy.) 

The toy is a bit wide and the vibrations are very powerful, so it might not be ideal for beginner use, but if you have some experience with anal play, it’s fantastic. 

I would definitely recommend working it into a kink session where the dominant partner has control of it inside the submissive partner. You can take things up a notch by incorporating praise kink as well.

Lovense Edge 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager

That said, the vibrations are quite loud, so if you’re thinking of putting it in your partner and making him wear it in public while you control it, it may be a bit noisy.


  • Super fun for playing with a partner
  • It’s flexible so it’s easy to situate inside you


  • Loud vibrations

Don’t let the “rookie” name fool you, this thing is wonderful. It’s not as wide or “weirdly” shaped as others, but that doesn’t take away from this at all. It’s wide enough to provide some stretching feeling, but easy enough for a beginner to insert. 

The 10 vibration settings offer lots of variety, although the power source is a AAA battery, so if you’re looking for something super strong, you may want something else. But again, this is aimed at “rookies” so it’s great for your first time.  

The ribbed shaft of the toy makes sliding it in and out a pleasure for your butthole and not just your prostate and taint.

Lovehoney Rookie 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager


  • Great for first-time prostate play
  • Waterproof


  • Slips out sometimes in certain positions


For me, the clear winner is the High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager. It’s not ideal for a beginner, but can be used by a butt stuff newbie if they’re adventurous enough. Everything about this is amazing. 

The shape, the vibrating and rotating feature, and it’s remote-controlled so it’s easy for single-hand use (and keeping your other hand free for…Other things) or you can have a partner control it. 

The bulbous taint massager, for me, gave me the most pleasurable feeling on that part of my body and the inserted part was incredible, as mentioned above. It’s easy to clean, easy to recharge, and delivers exactly what you want. 

So, if you want to continue your prostate play journey, this is your best bet, and if you’re just starting out on your journey, this will be a mind-blowing beginning as long as you’re relaxed enough to get it in. 

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